Hot Breakfast

The fastest moving breakfast show on any dial, the original \'Hot Breakfast\'

Live Lunch

The liveliest local lunch, filling & fulfilling the \'Live Lunch\' with interesting guests local music & a comprehensive what\'s on diary

Extra Live Lunch

More tasty morsels from our guests on the \'Live Lunch\'

Power Hour

We play an hour of non-stop hits no DJ just great track from a given year, but what\'s the year, the clues in the songs

Home Run

Travel information, what\'s going on, and great songs to help you home

Afternoon Spin

The \'Afternoon Spin\' provides the ideal bridge between the hectic morning\'s \'Hot Breakfast\' & busy \'Live Lunch\'

Through Midnight

The programme that plays the surprising tracks: Radio, film themes, offshore classics and tracks form your misspent youth!

Night Ride

The nicest ladies of the night bring you pleasure through great music

Red Sands Radio Cafe

Guests, features, what\'s going on, outside links & broadcasts

Saturday Brunch

Birmingham Boy escapes \'Costa Calida Radio\' in Murcia Spain brings the bacon butties in for a tasty Red Sands Radio \'Saturday Brunch\'

Coastal Towns Gallery

Finger on the pulse for everything happening in the area with Coastal Towns Manager Chris West in the chair

Steves Saturday Night

Stand by for something a little different, in the music, wit and friendly charm

Music Scene

Spotlight on local artists and unsigned bands, with a county gig guide

Bob\'s 60\'s Splash

Bob\'s 60\'s Splash - Great memories & gems from perhaps the most influential of musical decades

70\'s Magic

Top show with loads of fantastic 70\'s tracks & yet again more of the songs you don\'t hear anywhere else

80\'s Power

The very best of the 80\'s & not the same tired old songs you always hear

Sunday Soul

Sunday Soul - The mighty tracks from Stax, Atlanta & Motown. Best 90\'s - Songs a few facts and a bit of fun from the 90\'s

Red Sands Rocks

The Power House Roger Dilley with Classic Rock, Unsigned & Local Rock, trax n fax - Miss Sunday evenings Red Sands Rocks not on your Ozzy Osbourne!

Rutters Red Monday

Makes Monday evening bearable with tripple plays of number 1\'s, Disco Classics, featured album and fun music facts

Steam Packet & Old Whitstable

History of the Red Sands Radio Harbour studio building at the Old Steam Packet Inn the Whitstable, now Whitstable & District Angling Society

Close 2012

Final day Friday 27th July 2012 and aftermath

Preparation & Launch 2012

2012 season preparation

Red Sands Radio 390 Two

The Red Sands Radio 2012 as the station fires up the original Radio 390 equipment

Red Sands Radio Launch

The official opening of Red Sands Radio on Saturday 2nd July at 10am


Getting kit ready for the 2011 broadcast

Red Sands Forts

The Sea Forts out in the Thames Estuary built to defend the sea reaches to London & East Coast, once abandoned became homes for 60\'s Pirate stations & later Red Sands Radio

Who Knows Where Competition Week 1

First weeks \'Who Knows Where\' competition photographs with a Classic Roberts DAB Radio up for grabs worth around £38

Who Knows Where Competition Week 2

Week two of the \'Who Knows Where\' competition with more images to puzzle over with a \'Cloud Nine Hairdressing\' voucher for the winner valued at £30

Who Knows Where Competition Week 3

Week three of the \'Who Knows Where\' competition, does it get harder or easier? Week 3\'s photographs with Wheatsheaf \'Hungry Horse\' Meal voucher worth £25 to win

Who Knows Where Competition Week 4

Week four & the final week of the \'Who Knows Where\' competition, more local photographs with a Roberts Retro DAB Radio portable valued at around £160 for the winner