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 One of the most popular Red Sands Radio shows with the man himself Bob Le-Roi, if this does not wake you up, nothing will! Local stories, local ‘tit bits’ and things to make you think. Great songs and news reports and local weather, sprinkled with a mixture of Whats’ On, Travel & Traffic information. Copied but never bettered this is the ‘original’ one & only ‘Hot Breakfast’

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Fort Antenna Wed 07/02/18

The ferocious gales of early 2018 have brought down the second of two antennas built by Red Sands Radio. The fist single dipole mast proved inadequate shearing at the base insulator during erection over two weekends. Whilst only designed for the 2007 broadcast, the popularity of the station encouraged a return the following year

Sourcing a fibre glass lattice mast, a second antenna was erected and has since been fully maintained. Unfortunately, unauthorised boarders made a fire on the top of the G1 Tower, resulting in damage to the lattice base and weakening several insulators. This damage was hastily repaired, and in April 2017 new stainless guys and several new insulators fitted

Exposed to the rigours of the weather and prevailing westerly winds, funnelling down the Thames Estuary, it’s understandable why the Forts have deteriorated to such an extent. To give an indication, I recall in 1965 we lost galvanised steel buckets filled with sea water, and even a small boat overboard!

Red Sands Radio came ashore in 2009 and broadcast from Whitstable Harbour until 2014. But we’d always hoped to make further broadcasts from the Fort. Sadly the high winds of 2018 were the final straw for the antenna which had stood for over ten years. Finally, it’s testament to designer Guy Maunsell who said with proper care the Forts would stand for 200 years. However, built by largely unskilled labour in 1943, and without structural maintenance since 1958 it’s remarkable that the Forts have stood so long

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"; } ?> New Features October 2017 Sun 01/10/17 is back with another mammoth website update

SS Southern Buoy 1969 3a

‘Scrapbook’ has a new Radio City feature with transparencies (slides) taken of Shivering Sands in the late 1960’s

Much lengthy research has produced a fairly comprehensive list of programme and DJ theme tunes from all of the stations that have broadcast from the Red Sands Fort

Whilst on the Oxford Canal earlier this year we took a stroll to the Old Clifton Hall at Clifton-Upon-Dunsmore, home of Reg Calvert’s 1960’s ‘School of Rock & Roll’

Catching up with John Edward aka Johnny Flux at the 50th anniversary of the 60’s Offshore Stations, we’ve finally completed a feature on Johnny’s long and interesting career

Whilst across in the ‘Personal Pages’ by request pictures of the inauguration of Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Plus a leisurely look around the Crich Tramways Museum, woodlands walk, memorial grounds and tower

This times ‘One Subject One Link’ has a contribution that talks about the many new small community stations coming on-air and the quality of some presenters

Enjoy your visits to

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"; } ?> Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration Sun 01/10/17

Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration …

Vattenfall Inauguration

Guests & Vattenfall Staff aboard the MV Balmoral

The Swedish Power Company Vattenfall invited guests to the offic1al inauguration of the Kentish Flats Windfarm that had been extended from 30 to 45 turbines

Sailing from Ramsgate on 1st Junbe 2016 around the North Foreland to the eastern edge of the windfarm and afterwards to Whitstable Harbour

For the full feature visit

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"; } ?> Histomentary Thu 17/11/16


Herne Bay Through Time CD Sleeve

Herne Bay Through Time

We’ve released the ‘Histomentary’ –  ‘Herne Bay Through Time’ 

Commissioned by ‘The Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower’ funded by National Lottery Grant

The Red Sands Radio produced programme takes in history of the town through the eyes of  long term local residents, and how the Clock Tower has always been at its centre

Being made available for historians, researches, tourists & locals on various platforms

Release information via

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"; } ?> Pirate Alley Mon 11/07/16

Whitstable has always been a Pirate Alley!

 From May 1964 the town played unlikely host to the strange goings on of Screaming Lord Sutch. Parading from offices at ‘The Record Centre’, 20a Oxford Street to the harbour in his top hat & purple cape, he certainly turned a few heads as boarded Fred Downs‘s ‘Harvester II’ to go out to the abandoned WWII Army Forts on Shivering Sands from where Radio Sutch broadcast. Later that year David Sutch passed control to his manager & the station became Radio City

A Walk Round Pirate (Radio) Alley Poster

In June 1964 Radio Invicta had launched from the adjacent Thames Estuary Forts at Red Sands. They too were serviced from Whitstable by Vic Davis’s fishing boat ‘The Mallard’ serviced the Fort throughout its manifestations as Radio KING & Radio 390

When Offshore Pirate Radio was outlawed in 1967 the town ‘helped out’ supply the last remaining 60’s station Radio Caroline, a relationship that endured until the sea act became law in 1990

From 1983 unbeknown to most in the town ‘The Punch Tavern’ in Harbour Street was coordination base of Laser 558

A number of the town’s flats were billets for Lasers American crew, engineers, & DJ’s. Service runs were made to the Laser ship ‘The Communicator’ up until early 1987 when it closed as Laser Hot Hits

Pirate Alley wasn’t lost completely as in 2007 the Red Sands Fort was re-equipped for broadcasts by Red Sands Radio. Coming ashore the station broadcast from studios at the harbour

Come along for a nostalgic walk around ‘Pirate Alley’ at 10.30 AM on Wednesday 27th July 2016

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes Wed 06/07/16

We’ve had a number of enquiries about the Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes so here;s the information:

The Red Sands Radio Themes & Fillers

The Red Sands Radio Station Opening Theme Tune used from 2007 – 2014 is by the French Band ‘Air’ entitled ‘La Femme D’Argent’ (The Silver Woman/The Money Girl)

This comes from their album ‘Moon Safari’ recorded in Paris between April – June 1997 & released on the 19th January 1998, in the UK by Virgin Records: 7243 8 44978 2 8

I was given an advanced copy by Fiona at Virgin when running Medway FM where we promoted the track ahead of it becoming popular to a wider audience. It was included daily during the ‘Medway FM Café Live Lunch’

Red Sands Radio Closedown Theme Tune is by ‘Franck Pourcel’ entitled ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’. The track from the Musical of the same name was composed in 1929. ‘Robert Goulet’ also recorded it in 1965 for his ‘On Broadway‘ LP which Offshore Radio Essex used as a Tender call

Red Sands Radio Fort

We played it in tribute to the original Radio 390 theme, which was a KPM library piece by the ‘Telecast Orchestra’ called ‘Sentimental’, sounding very similar & often confused with ‘On A Clear Day’ There’s no evidence, although many think Frank Chacksfield recorded the track

The late French Orchestral leader ‘Franck Pourcel’ recorded the track originally in 1965 with vocals for the ‘Overture’ LP

Re-recorded, it appeared again in France on a 1977 compilation Music Cassette called ‘Unforgettable Melodies’ featuring the orchestras of Franck Pourcel, Ron Goodwin, Geoff Love & Manuel & His Music Of The Mountains

‘Unforgettable Memories’ on CD was released in UK on the EMI Music for Pleasure Label: CD-DL-11- 1120 in 1991 & Readers Digest included it on ‘Melodies Moods & Memories’ an 8 vinyl LP set in 199 GMMM-A-215

Both tracks, as well as the 30+ Red Sands Radio fillers were edited to suit, & remixed with ‘live’ atmospheric recordings of the resident Fort Seagulls, the Redsands North Buoy, & waves lapping around the Forts legs

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 13/07/15

Red Sands Radio 2015 …

RSR Antenna

Red Sands Radio Antenna

With many people disappointed that Red Sands Radio isn’t on-air for what would have been our 9th year, we reiterate the reason(s) we’re not on-air as usual this summer

Whilst we’ve sighted a shortage of competent professional presenters: Press Release #2 2015

In tandem we have a deficiency in funding with both KCC (Kent County Council) & CCC (Canterbury City Council) no longer contributing towards the project

In the background the Local Authority have plans to redevelop our harbour studio building so we’ve had to vacate the premises

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Around Town Sat 11/07/15

Pictures from around the Coastal Towns, July 2015 …

Seaview Cafe

Seaview Cafe at the ‘Priest & Sow’ Tankerton-on-Sea

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach looking towards Swalecliffe with the Isle-of-Sheppey beyond

Character Front Door

Character Front Door, there are a few in Whitstable

SW Winds at Harbour

South Westerly Winds across Whitstable Harbour Entrance

Remember if it’s going on Locally it should be in the Coastal Towns Events Website from Red Sands Radio  

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 11/05/15

Red Sands Radio 2015


Red Sands Radio

Thanks to everyone for your views and comments regarding Red Sands Radio. We were encouraged by the many positive remarks and support for your truly local station

A huge thank you also for all the kind offers of help, we have noted everyone’s contact information for future broadcasts

Our original mission statement was that Red Sands Radio would always be ‘live and local’ and therefore the notion of programme sharing, pre-recorded and voice tracking is just not an option

Sadly we do not have the resources  to broadcast this summer, but never say never again!

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"; } ?> Stormy Sarah Thu 29/01/15

Whitstable girl & Red Sands Radio night-time presenter Sarah Weller & her band release a new album


Storming onto the Jazz-Scene the 10 track album with a couple of dance mixes ‘Stormy’ is a blend of Swing, Samba, Bossa & Fusion featuring  Sarah on vocals, Simon Golding Guitar, Duncan Hayes Piano & Rhodes, Ross Stanley on Hammond Organ, Arthur Lee Piano, Jules Jackson Bass & Simon Pearson Drums  

Sarah & her band will be at Ronnie Scott’s performing songs from the Daisy Dog Production album on Monday 2nd & Tuesday the 3rd March

Daisy Dog Productions

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"; } ?> Happy Christmas 2014 Sat 20/12/14

Red Sands Radio wish all our sponsors, advertisers and listeners a very Happy Christmas

Red Sands Christmas Card

& a healthy and prosperous new year

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"; } ?> Canterbury Harriers Le Touquet trip Fri 01/08/14

Canterbury Harriers running club have been visiting Le Touquet by coach for over  20 years to participate in the annual 10K road race in the town


Local Scene – Yacht Club Beach Oyster Festival (Sunday 27 July 2014)

If you would like to join them with picnic & hypermarket stops on Saturday 16th August, the cost is only £40 including race entry 0r £33 for non runners

For further details simply email

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"; } ?> Vintage Chic Fri 01/08/14

The term “vintage chic” or “shabby chic” was created by The World of Interiors magazine in the 1980s

vintage chic 3b

Warehams Whitstable (Amiee Hawkins) … 

The style started in Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country houses where there are worn and faded old chintz sofas, curtains, and faded paintwork


… specialise in French shabby-chic furnishings & antiques (picture Kim Ifill)

Shabby chic items are often heavily painted through the years, with many layers showing through obviously time-worn areas

The style is created by painting then “distressing” by sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats

vintage chic 10a

Whitstable Interiors (Amiee Hawkins)

They specialise in traditional bespoke furniture made using reclaimed materials by their own Kent Carpenter

vintage chic 2a

The Clothes Horse – Whitstable (Amiee Hawkins)

vintage chic 4a

The Clothes Horse – Whitstable (Amiee Hawkins)

The vintage chic style of dress applies where clothes are used and are often bought from second hand and charity shops

Originally popular among the hippies  of the late 1960’s, this fashion movement resurfaced during the 1990’s with the growing popularity of such music and style influences such as the grunge band Nirvana; Kurt Cobain’s style included uncoordinated and non-brand-name clothes that created the look of a carelessly cool grunge rock star

The vintage look often uses old t-shirts, flannel ‘lumberjack’ shirts, and torn jeans. This laid back look became fashionable but was originally worn as a protest against the exploitation of third world child workers. Today, reusing clothing is considered environmentally friendly because it makes use of material that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill

Entering the 2000’s, items that became popular for indie girls included; flowery cotton dresses, cardigans and vintage t-shirts worn with luxury goods like leather jackets and tweed sports coats.

With the stock market crash of 2008, shopping at thrift stores became widely accepted, and bragging about how expensive an item was, to how little something’s cost

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"; } ?> Whelks – Give ’em a go Fri 01/08/14

Duncan tried fresh Whelks for the first time from the beds off our coast yesterday evening, he decided they weren’t for him …


Whelks on the advertising schedule

… he  went on to say he’s not even a fan of our World famous Oyster!


Patrick Ambergen at West Whelks

Luckily Patrick Ambergen from Groningen in the Netherlands visiting Whitstable & one of the army of overseas Red Sands Radio listeners loves them


Patrick Ambergen on the end of the West Quay

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"; } ?> Barn Finds Thu 31/07/14

The discovery of two fabulous American limousines in Swanley had Beltinge resident Steve Marlow’s blood rushing …

Steve Marlow & Son

Steve Marlow & Son

… the 1939 Ford (right) came from Malta and remarkably escaped devestating WWII German bombing. the other model is a 1935 Chevorolette 

Owed money on an old debt, the cars were covered and stored in a scaffolders lock up, tired of them being in the way and the owner offered them to Steve for £5,000 a piece. New distributors, plugs, points, a flush of cooling and engine oils, both vehicles sprang into life

Totally original in every respect other than a thorough clean and knocking out a couple of ‘dinks’ from scaffold poles they’re in remarkable condition. The bottom line is the very rare Chevrolette is valued at £30,000 & the Ford £20,000 not bad

A massive lot of 180 classics were discovered in a Portugal Barn

Several priceless Mercedes were found in a scrapyard in Los Angles

A 1960’s classic rare sports car was discovered buried in someone’s back yard, the Dino 246 had remained buried until discovered & was on the police register of stolen vehicles

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"; } ?> Old Whitstable & Old Herne Bay Wed 30/07/14

Whitstable & Herne Bay are both seaside towns based on the North coast of Kent

Tankerton Convalescent Home 1916 a

Tankerton Convalescence Home in 1915

Situated approximately 2 miles from each other, they both lie south of the Thames Estuary

Whitstable is most famous for it’s oysters, which have been collected in the area since at least the Roman times

It’s rich maritime history makes it popular with tourists, with an annual celebratory Oyster Festival that begins with a parade through the town

The town was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086

Kings Hall Herne Bay 1

The Old King Edward VII Memorial Hall (Kings Hall) around 1913

Herne Bay began as a small shipping town, and rose to prominence as a seaside resort during the 19th century

Up until 1978, Herne Bay had the second-longest pier in the United Kingdom, which dated back to the late Victorian period, severe North Easterly damaged the pier at beyond economic repair

Herne Bay took its name from the neighbouring village of Herne, a mile or so inland from the bay. The word herne, meaning a place on a corner of land, evolved from the Old English hyrne, meaning corner

Your favourite parts of the Coastal Towns:

Sharon says Whitstable Harbour of course

Trevor like the stretch between the Old Neptune & West Beach Huts

Cushings View has to rate says Kev

The Downs at Herne Bay says Stan

How about Neptune’s Arm a great walk any time of year says Stuart

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"; } ?> Oyster Festival Roots Tue 29/07/14

The Whitstable Oyster Festival is a colourful celebration packed with food & drink, music, parades, competitions, barbecues and  many other great events, and is a modern revival of an ancient holy festival dating way back to Norman times

Then, local fishermen and dredgers held annual ceremonies of thanksgiving for the success of the harvest and survival at sea

Being practical, and so as not to interrupt their busy seasons, the Whitstable Fishers held these celebrations during slack periods of oyster harvesting

Archaeological finds indicate that the Whitstable area was inhabited during the Iron Age with oysters harvested in the area in Roman times, remains of a Roman building have been found in the centre of the town

Oyster Dredging Boats Whitstable 1908 a

Oyster Dredgers in 1908

Whitstable was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, Saltworks were opened  around the turn of the 14th century, and a sea wall was built  in 1325 to prevent coastal flooding

In 1790 the local manor was sold to private landowners, and three years later the rights to harvest the oyster beds were bought by the  Oyster Company of Free Fishers and Dredgers

The modern Whitstable Oyster Festival has been running since 1985, traditionally opening with the Landing of the Oysters ceremony, when oysters are brought ashore, blessed by clergy & distributed from a 100 year old Oyster Cart, the opening parade is on the nearest Saturday to St James’ Day

When Christianity first began to spread, St James  was assigned the task to watch over oysters and those who fished for them, and so communities whose lives depended on oysters began to celebrate his feast day on 25th July

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"; } ?> Happy Traffic Wardens? Mon 28/07/14

Spreading happiness is welcome any time …

They’ve been around over 50 years but with a busy Whitstable Oyster Festival upon us & parking at a premium, will the local Traffic Wardens be having a field day, or dancing in the street?


Oyster Parade  Traffic Wardens

In Newtown, Connecticut, lifelong resident & Traffic Warden of the town Sandy Hook, Kathy Holick, known affectionately as Kat helps protect kids and direct traffic at Newtown High School

But in addition to keeping kids safe, the 47-year-old grandmother is known to break into dance while on the job

Stand in the middle of Berkshire Road, directing traffic and grooving along to tunes

She said she added dancing to her repertoire because ‘it brought laughter and smiles to people’s faces’

‘I’ll dance to any kind of music’ “Big band is one of my favourites because you actually get a little hip action going”

According to a survey ‘Traffic Warden’ is the most hated job UK job!, just ahead of Bouncers, Estate agents & Motorcycle Couriers

41% of people are suspicious of Car Parking Fines the RAC say “Councils should be compelled to report where the money raised from parking goes, giving drivers assurance that it is being ploughed back into road and transport improvements, rather than just plugging budget holes elsewhere”

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"; } ?> Food Fair Final Mon 28/07/14

Final look at the fabulous Whitstable harbour Food Festival

Catching up with a word from Colleen of R.T.T Catering specialising in Hot Hog or Turkey Roast baguettes


The R.T.T Team

R.T.T Catering Bedfordshire

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"; } ?> Off Went The Juice Fri 25/07/14

Half way through a spoken link in the final hour of last nights Home Run ‘Off Went The Juice’

Whatever Duncan said it was enough to cut power to most of the town, computers servers re-set, link transmitters restarted & a trip to the main transmitter site we were back on-air within 20 minutes


Who turned out the lights?

 Last nights few moments loss of power was probably a temporary fault on a power line, with power automatically restored once the fault is cleared

In August 2003 two faults following one another perplexed the National Grid in Wimbledon, which effected South London & parts of Kent when a power transformer failed, further exasperated by the wrong rated back-up part failing seconds later

Puff Light

Pull Lamp?

Everyone knows water & electricity don’t mix, yet so many people are blasé about electric kettles, carelass filling them, leaving pools of water close to mains sockets

You expect your Washing Machine, Dishwasher & Tumble Drier to work but think about it, they routinely run mixing two mortal enemies Electricity & Water

Now of days homes are fitted with R.C.D (Residual Current Devices) which are sensitive enough to trip before a disaster

Almost all causes of minor domestic Electrical failures are attributed to appliances that have a water connection

Clock and Light

Most of Whitstable was affected by the power cut last night

Power cuts generally are a nuisance, but 620 million people were effected by the largest power cut ever

The first was in January 2011 & a prelude to the estimated loss of 32 gigawatts of generating capacity in July 2012 across 22 states of India

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"; } ?> Go Gorrell Go Thu 24/07/14

With the controversy of the Gorrell Tank Car Park closure here’s a little history …

The holding tank beneath the Car Park is at the end of the old Gorrell Stream which is now pumped into the harbour

The stream source is near the top of Borstal Hill

it meanders down the southern side of Duncan Down, behind Sydney Road & Millstrood Road, reaching the appropriately named Stream Walk footpath through the centre of town emerging under Tower Parade & previously into the sea at Long Beach, approximately where the ski club have a ramp

Gorrell Tank Work

Repairs within the Gorrell Tank

The ‘Backwater’ was an open reservoir which emptied through sluice gates into the harbour

In the 1960’s the holding tank & pumping station were built stop the frequent flooding of the area

Gorrell Tank

Hot Breakfast News: Today there’ll be a survey, if safe the Gorrell Tank car park will be opened for up to 100 vehicles (capacity 278)

In addition  from Saturday there are now extra car parking spaces for up to 200 cars at St Alphage School

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"; } ?> Old Rope Wed 23/07/14

We’ve heard the stories of short lengths of scrap rope selling for silly money in on-line auctions

Red Sands Radio’s heritage is well documented , nautical on Forts & at Whitstable Harbour

A stroll around our immediate vicinity revealed a few miles of rope!

I spent a few moments snapping some pictures of rope around the harbour & foreshore


There’s a suggestion that  the phrase “money for old rope” dates back to the days of public hangings in England

The hangman was responsible for his rope & was obliged by law to keep it

However, macabre souvenir hunters were willing to pay a good price for pieces of a used noose, so the hangman would cut it up into pieces & sell it, hence the phrase


How much rope do I need?

For sailing boat Halyards: Add the height of the mast, plus the length of the headstay, plus the distance to the winch, plus about 10′ for a tail


For Jib & Genoa Sheet you need just slightly more than the length of your boat for each sheet


For genoas, figure 1 1/2 times boat length



It could have been worse! In

Queensland, Australia, as well as kilometres of ropes and nets, 4,696 flip flops had washed ashore & were collected during a five-day clean up effort by a marine conservation group


Salvage rights may earned through Maritime Law by who throws & accepts the rope when a boat is in distress?


Long Playing Rope

As the Foo Fighters sang “Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m hanging on you”.  Poetic eh?

There are Websites with bargain money for old rope holidays

Books titled ‘Money for Old Rope’

Roads & Alleyways; how about ‘Old Rope Walk’ in Poole, Dorset & one in Haverhill, Suffolk

There’s an ‘Old Rope House’ right by St Edmunds Church in Southwold, Suffolk

Old Rope one way or another there’s plenty to go round

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"; } ?> Flotsam & Jetsam Tue 22/07/14

On 13 February 1997, the container ship ‘Tokio Express’ was hit by a wave described by its captain as a “once in a 100-year phenomenon”, tilting the ship 60 degrees one way, then 40 degrees back

62 containers were lost overboard about 20 miles off Land’s End, one of them was filled with nearly 4.8 million pieces of Lego, bound for New York


Lego Afloat by Tech Brick

No-one knows exactly what happened next, or even what was in the other 61 containers, but shortly after that some of those Lego pieces began washing up in both the north & south coasts of Cornwall

They’re still coming ashore today!

On a serious note …

Every time Martin Dorey visits his local beach, he spends a couple of minutes picking up rubbish that has been washed ashore

He said ” It’s a simple idea, what if everyone did the same?”

Using social media to spread the idea #2minutebeachclean started appearing on Twitter and Instagram around the World

To prove his point Martin took a journalist to a beach at Bude in Cornwall to see how much rubbish could be gathered in two minutes

Beached Lego

In a few minutes here’s what I found yesterday evening …


Plastic Beer container

Quite often find broken glasses & bottles!


A pair of swimming trunks

In fact not unusual to find clothing, we’ve seen trousers, shoes & all manner of underwear!


Car Tyre

Quite costly & difficult to dispose of, this one had holes so had been used as a boat fender


Disposable lighter

But why just throw it down?


Fence posts

Strange indeed, fencing off some of the beach?



How did they get washed up there!

Hey there’s even a website for Flotsam & Jetsam

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"; } ?> Spied – In The East End of Whitstable Mon 21/07/14

We were in the ‘Black Dog’ micro-pub on a Saturday when Max Browning (Jake Wood) from TV’s ‘Eastenders’ walked past – Shirilee & Paul from Whitstable


The Black Dog

Tankerton Beach (11)a

Foreshore by Beach Street in the Edwardian period 1901-1910 with East Quay & East Harbour Pier head 

Ross Kemp (Grant Mitchell) had a gaff here for a time, his on screen brother Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) is often in town – Ed

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"; } ?> Cute Seaside Cottages Mon 21/07/14

Famous for it’s oyster beds, which have been cultivated for over two millennia, Whitstable is a picturesque town with many a story to tell


Cottages at West Beach

Something that adds to it’s quirkiness and rich maritime history are the cottages that stand around the town, some of have stood since the early 1900’s


Har Har Me Hearties!

Whitstable was a smuggler’s haven during the Napoleonic Wars, and there are quite a number of narrow alleys leading down to the sea that were once used by smugglers, that stand between the rows and rows of quaint homes


Fairly new cottages in Terry’s Lane

Many of the cottages around the town have been refurbished to a modern interior but have kept their original features


Whitstable in the Wind

Some are used for holiday homes by the sea, but back in the day they were used by families with nautical ties  like fisherman that trawled & netted shrimps


Myrtle Cottage Harbour Street

Send us your cottage photographs

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"; } ?> German Visitors – On Their Bikes Fri 18/07/14

Hello Radio-Team In 2009 I spent my holiday in Kent  travelling with a friend
St Margarets Bay 1a
St Margaret’s Bay – Site of one of the Ship Wrecks Bob talked about on the Tuesdays’ ‘Hot Breakfast’
On 24th of July, we stayed in the Hotel ‘The Marine’ in Tankerton for two days, and were lucky to visit the Whitstable Oyster Festival
St Margarets Bay 3a
Cycling fans at St Margaret’s Bay
And in this time I caught your radio station on our car radio, since then I always listen to Red Sands Radio, here are some photos of our holiday trip
Feel free to place my story on your website: Best regards – Michael Hegemann (Germany)
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"; } ?> We’re Big On Bikes Fri 18/07/14

The crew of Red Sands Radio all have bikes: Bob’s has what’s known as an understated Global, with megga bright lights

He cycles to the studio quite often, when not charging about in the Red Sands Radio Nissan Leaf sponsored by Bailey-Nissan

James Day is often seen frantically peddling along the route between Deal & Walmer Castles


David & Aimee

David borrowed’ Duncan’s flyer, and Aimee nips around on a Dutch style wheeler


Peddle Power at Bruce Williams, Cushing’s View

Stephen Wright has his Grandmothers old Sit-Up-And-Beg’ Black Riley complete with a wicker shopping basket

It’s rumoured that Chris West has purloined a former Post Office bike?


Duncan’s Red Sands Radio flyer

See Duncan & hear him ‘Shop Watch Live’

Paul Rutters has a silver Mountain Bike which he uses to get a little exercise, not sure if he takes it aboard the ships he works on to ride round deck

Bicycles like everything else can be collectable, get into collecting the bikes from the 1970’s most went to the landfills literally by the truckload

Sought 1980’s models like Colnago Master are much sought after

The precursor to the bicycle was the 1817 Draisine, invented by Karl von Drais

The two-wheeled machine lacked pedals, so were christened ‘Swift Walkers’

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"; } ?> Drone On Thu 17/07/14

Aerial footage of the Red sands Radio studios, Whitstable Harbour and foreshore taken from a Drone flown by Koolwebs are now published in our Video Gallery



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"; } ?> Lie-Ins Thu 17/07/14

Having a crafty lie-in at the weekend doesn’t make up for the lack of good quality sleep in the week, research shows if you burn the candle at both ends it’ll catch you up

 Having a lie-in at the weekend just makes you more tired when Monday morning comes around, leading sleep expert Gregory Carter has claimed


 Kids & Lie-in’s – Lovely drawing darling, but we’re slightly hungover, we’d love you to tiptoe downstairs and play nicely, instead of appearing eerily at our bedside at dawn, jabbing us in the ribs until we cycle through all 80 TV channels to find you a cartoon?

 University Students – Accustomed to strange hours try without luck to top up sleep with a Sunday lie-in, they reckon a dive back into bed at 11am – 3pm is a ok

There’s a duo called ‘Death to Lie Ins’ they are  Michael Stevens who plays guitar & writes the songs, and Ruan van Vliet on drums, ‘Death to Lie Ins’ describe their music as heartfelt balladry

All depends who is with you I reckon – Nick

Always do a weekend lie-in – K

Yeeeeessssssss – Joe Wood

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"; } ?> Harbour Street – I Dig It Wed 16/07/14

Tuesday evening a number of HGV trucks arrived in Harbour Street, promptly the road closed from the Cromwell junction with Harbour Street & the Oxford Street mini-roundabout


Road Crew

Amazingly providing a premier travel & traffic information service for the Coastal Towns we were completely unaware of what turned out to be road repairs


Tarmacadam being tipped


Harbour Street to Western Harbour Entrance

By morning the work had been completed, shame our travel providers weren’t told!

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"; } ?> Beach Huts Wed 16/07/14

Quirky English love their sheds, and what finer upmarket shed can there be than a Beach Hut

Originally little sheds were perched close to the sea for people to change into swimwear, early huts sometimes known as Bathing Huts or Beach Cabins, were on wheels & rolled into the water so the occupants could slip into the sea for a dip modestly

photo 1

Hut at Cushing’s View

Over the years they evolved with fitted furniture, small cookers, sinks, even electric light

photo 2 (1)

Hut behind Oyster House B&B

Prices commanded locally are typically £12,000 for what is no more than a shed, even the better ones costing £5,000 from suppliers sell for double their cost once sited, simply to secure the pitch


West Beach Huts

Spread along our North Kent shore line from Seasalter to Herne Bay

The local authority have erected more huts at West Beach in Whitstable, and there’s controversity over new hut sites at Beltinge in Herne Bay, as demand still outstrips supply


West Beach Huts

Much sought after locations such as Walton-on-Naze see the little huts fetch £35,000

photo 1 (1)

Hut on legs – Reeves Beach

But top of the pops goes to the sale of a pre-war hut in Dorset which sold for a staggering £216,000 a staggering price

They represent little pleasure oasis’ loved by every age

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"; } ?> Shipwrecks Tue 15/07/14

There was some confusion at Whitstable Yacht Club after its committee boat ‘Slotty Dawes’, slipped her moorings early morning of Sunday 29th April 2012


‘Slotty Dawes’ (Photo by Kenny Maclean)

The fibre glass vessel came ashore at Wave Crest & was a total loss


In Dover, a solo sailor was lucky to be alive after his luxury yacht ‘Egretta’ smashed onto rocks at St Margaret’s Bay

Rounding North Foreland in a stiff, west south westerly gale on the 8th June 2014, the sailing boats genoa was flapping badly before the vessel disappeared from view

Scrambling ashore the owner was treated for concussion, the ‘Egretta’ faired less well & was left to break up after valuables had been removed


Did you know the small buoy at the Western Harbour entrance marks the wreck of the ‘Spanish Prince’, marked by a North Cardinal Buoy, which with the ‘Livonian’ (removed) were sunk as blockades in 1915

If you’re walking the White Cliffs by the Coast Guard Station take the long path & steps to the bottom of the cliffs, you’ll find the keel of a wreck close to the shore


The River Medway is littered with wrecks, abandoned Lighter around the Darnett & Hoo Forts, there are a number of wooden hulks & I’ve noticed a fairly modern small cargo ship appeared a few years ago


Graveyard of ships the Goodwin Sands off Deal, estimates to have literally 100’s of wrecks from wooden sailors, warships, submarines & pleasure craft


Two divers have been fined more than £60,000 for taking valuable items from shipwrecks off the Kent coast 

David Knight and Edward Huzzey, both from Sandgate in Folkestone, used explosives and cutting gear to remove items worth more than £250,000

 The pair began their secret salvaging in 2001, taking cannons, propellors, lead and tin ingots from German First World War submarines and a 200-year-old East India Company wreck


Another wreck from the River Medway, the rusting hulk of World War One U-Boat can be visibly seen stationary in a remote area of mudflats on the banks of  River Medway in Hoo, Kent


A rusting monster … (Photo Invicta Kent Media)

image002 (1) a

… Is a WWI UB-122 submarine (Photo Invicta Kent Media)

The German UB-122 was thought to have carried up to 10 torpedoes, but was stripped off all it’s internal engines to be used for scrap metal after the war


The forts on Hoo & Darnet Islands in the Medway estuary were built on a Royal Commission’s recommendation in 1859


Darnet Fort & Lighter Hulks (Bob Le-Roi)

SS Richard Montgomery was an American Liberty Ship built during World War II, one of the 2,710 used to carry cargo during the war.  


SS Richard Montgomery (Bob Le-Roi)

The ship was wrecked off the Nore in the Thames Estuary in 1944 with just over 1,400 tonnes of explosives on board – which still continue to be a hazard today


Visible masts of the Richard SS Montgomery wreck  (Bob Le-Roi)

These pictures show how close to shore the Richard SS Montgomery is with Red Sands Forts to be seen in the distance

More on the SS Richard Montgomery

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"; } ?> New On Board Mon 14/07/14

Joining the Red Sands team today is our volunteer Aimee Hawkins, graduated from Falmouth University a year ago & has been residing in St Ives working for a design agency, she has just moved back to Whitstable

Aimee Hawkins

Aimee Hawkins

She is going to be spending the summer in Whitstable freelancing & pursuing other ventures such as jewellery making, and long term is looking to travel & gain some more design experience further afield

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"; } ?> Attic & Loft Finds Mon 14/07/14

Attic finds are common of course Jewellery of every description, Clothes, Dolls Houses, Glass, Silver Wear, Hats, Coats, Walking Sticks

But a genuine story: I remember a guy I lived next door to in the middle of the Whitstable years ago came out of his front door ashen faced

Dick I said’ What’s the matter’ he said ‘My blasted son Brian’ what Dick, whatever is it’ ‘He’s he’s put a car in my attic!’

Turns out to be true whilst his father was out the guy had secreted best part of an elderly American car into his roof!

Valuable find: A guy found a 1920’s Ice Cream Bicycle in his roof

What about this for a terrifying find …


Skull & Cross Bones

Technician David acquired this from where we know not, perhaps Ken with his metal detector helped?

NO  It was a 60th birthday Present!!!! – David the Technician

Another tale: ‘A friend of mine moved into a new house. Looking into the loft with a torch, there at the end of the loft standing bolt upright was a Tomb Stone!’

Clearing the loft of my Mothers house when she moved we found a stainless steel bath rack .. complete with half a bar of used soap!’ – Ghastly

Beat this, a German boy found an Egyptian Mummy in his Grandmothers attic, yet to be authenticicated

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"; } ?> Hot n Tasty Fri 11/07/14

On a day like this …


Friendly body fuel, thank you Mission Control (for the picture)

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"; } ?> Arty Crafty Fri 11/07/14

There's a swimming pool in the middle of the Mojave desert, created by Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia that's sponsored by a Callifornia Gallery

Alfredo Barsuglia social pool mojave desert

To find it, you need to get map details and coordinates, full of clean blue water, whose appeal under the fierce sun in the middle of the desert must surely be amplified hundreds of times

Set in a white, modern structure with pool-cleaning equipment supplied so you can leave it as you found it. You are also asked to bring water to replenish the pool


A hidden painting has been found by scientists beneath the brush strokes of 'The Blue Room', a 1901 Picasso artwork

Pablo Picasso acknowledged as one of the 20th Century's greatest artists

Experts use infrared technology on the masterpiece, revealing a bow-tied man with his face resting on his hand

Picasso created both works in Paris during his famous blue period between 1900-1904


Families are invited to explore Bolton Museum and find its hidden secrets on Saturday, July 26

'Super Saturday' will have an archaeology theme to celebrate the annual festival taking place at the same time

Children and their families can take part in a free family museum trail, crafts, storytelling, object handling and more

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"; } ?> Recoil & Shakes Thu 10/07/14

We’ve all experienced the shakes along our coast from the going’s on at the Shoeburyness ranges

The sandy East Beach is squashed between the lovely named MoD Pigs Bay & the old Artillery Barracks


The range operated by the MoD today covers a staggering 7,500 acres & an additional 35,000 acres of tidal area

The Shakes felt along the coast here are from range firing trials & ordnance destruction

When we broadcast from the Forts, in strong winds the Gun Towers ‘shook’ by design to absorb the recoil of the 3.7″ A-A Guns

Army Gun Towers

Thames Estuary Army Forts off Whitstable & Herne Bay 3.7″ A-a Guns from Searchlight Tower

The big 3.7″ Hydropneumatic Recoil’ guns on the Forts off our coast date from 1937 different improved models being produced until 1951

Shake Shack

How about ‘Shake Shack’ they sprouted from a Hot Dog Stall in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, quite the success with fans lined up daily for three summers

The ‘Shake Shack’ chain now boasts outlets in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington DC & New Jersey

Less pleasant are medical related tremors or shakes

Milk Shakes

What about Milkshakes … Strawberry, bah there’s loads of choice, see 150 Flavours for a few ideas!

Today our Harbour studios ‘shake’ as a result of HGV’s passing close by sometimes well in excess of the 20mph limit!

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"; } ?> Mystery Accidents Wed 09/07/14

Road Cops dashed to the scene of a car crash following a report from two motorists that saw a car, headlights blazing spin off the road and crash on the A3 in Burnham

An extensive search of the area found a long dead man in dense undergrowth

The man had been reported missing 5 months earlier

In July, 2006, a bouncy castle, with 30 people inside, broke free from its moorings and took off into the air in a freak gust of wind

It flew 50 feet, turned over, and travelled 150 feet before landing on the ground, seriously injuring 13 people and killed two others

An eye-witness said “I heard the snapping of tent pegs and a lot of screaming, then the inflatable castle flew up into the air and bodies were dropping from it”

The sole survivor of a small plane crash claimed that another passenger smuggled a Crocodile in a sports bag a onto the plane

The Croc’ escaped, scared the flight attendant so much that she ran to the front of the plane screaming, which caused the passengers to panic and run up with her causing the plane to lose balance and topple to earth

He of course dispatched the Croc’ with a machete?

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"; } ?> Fishy Stories Tue 08/07/14

Mesmerising pictures have appeared  showing thousands of Koi carp swimming around an abandoned Bangkok shopping centre


After losing its roof the and abandoned in 1997 the Bankbook New World Mall became a haven for mosquito’s 

Since the fish find them a delicacy, local community decided to introduce a few Koi carp to the water as a way of dealing with the mosquito’s

After fishing, walking from a pier carrying a bucket containing two brown trout, a guy’s approached by a Water Conservation Officer who asks asked to see his fishing license

In reply the guy say’s ‘I wasn’t fishing, they’re pets. I come down to the water everyday and put these fish into the water then walk to the end of the pier and back, I whistle and they jump back into the bucket and we go home

The officer, unimpressed reminds the guy it’s illegal to fish without a license

The fisherman turns to the warden and says, ‘If you don’t believe me then watch,’ he throws the trout back into the water

The warden says, ‘Ok now whistle to your fish and show me that they will jump out of the water and into the bucket’

The fisherman turns to the officer and says, ‘What fish?

Fishy Facts

The more sardines that are placed in a can, the greater the profit as sardine oil costs more than the sardines

Fish can get seasick when kept aboard a rolling ship just as much as people

All the sturgeon the fish from which Caviar comes caught in British waters are property of Elizabeth II, Queen of England

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"; } ?> Fay Ripley on Red Sands Radio Mon 07/07/14

Fay Ripley interviewed on the Red Sands Radio  ‘Hot Breakfast’ Monday 7th July at 09.30am

Fay & Bob Interview

Fay Ripley with Bob

From children’s entertainer, to star of top TV series ‘Cold Feet’ & the new unscripted TV drama ‘Suspects’

Fay’s third cook book, ‘100 Delicious Recipes To Impress With No Stress’ is out now

Fay & Bob

A big fan of  local shops Fay shops her to cook for her family whilst at her 2nd Whitstable home

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"; } ?> Open Sesame Fay! Sat 05/07/14

English actress and accomplished recipe book author Fay Ripley will officially open Red Sands Radio at 09.30am on Monday 7th July 2014

Fay Ripley

Fay Ripley

Revealing all from her career begun as a children’s entertainer, to star of top TV series ‘Cold Feet’

 Now filming a second series of the unscripted drama ‘Suspects’ and promoting her third cook book, ‘100 Delicious Recipes To Impress With No Stress’

 Fay will no doubt be expounding the delights of her second home and Whitstable’s local shops

You can hear Fay on Monday 7th July 2014 on ‘The Hot Breakfast’ (Monday-Friday 07.00 – 10.00)

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"; } ?> Play the Game Wed 18/06/14

Launched by Red Sands Radio in association with Tankerton based Website designers ‘Kookwebs’

Thames Army Forts

Play the game ‘Defend the Forts’ from the Home Page

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"; } ?> Press Releases Tue 03/06/14

Red Sands Radio returns broadcasting from the centre of Whitstables historic Harbour from 7th July 2014

Whitstable Sunset RSR

Times Gone by Whitstable flats looking north

For the latest information see our Press Releases & updates on social media 

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"; } ?> Star Wars in Reculver Tue 31/12/13

Spotted by keen birdwatcher & photographer Bo Beolens C3PO casting his line for align fish off the promenade at Reculver, Herne Bay, Kent

C3PO Fishing at Reculver

The item made was reported on Tuesday 31st December 2013

Perhaps! the Herne Bay story contrived but it made the National Press & appearing in the Mail Online

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"; } ?> Canadian TV Thu 19/09/13

Tuesday & Wednesday 17th & 18th of September 2013 saw a Canadian TV delegation arrive in Whitstable to film for a bi-lingual programme for TV show being televised in Quebec

Tamy, Claudie, Emilie & Bob
Tamy, Claudie, Emilie & Bob

The Canadian TV crew pictured above Presenter Tamy Emma Pepin, Production Co-ordinator Claudie Gravel & Director Camera person Emilie Ricard Harvey with Bob Le-Roi filmed at our studios, and out at the Fort

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"; } ?> Royal Visit Mon 29/07/13

Prince Charles & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited Whitstable this morning

Charles & Camilla

Charles & Camilla by Sandy (Mission Control)

Met by a delegation they walked the South Quay tasting oysters at the Harbour Garden Cafe & West Whelks before a brief call into the RNLI Lifeboat Station

Charles at Harbour Garden Cafe

Charles at Harbour Garden Cafe by RG

Charles hesitates

Charles at Harbour Garden Cafe

Charles at Harbour Garden Cafe by RG

Before trying his first Whitstable Oyster of the day at the Harbour Garden Cafe

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"; } ?> Finale 2013 Fri 26/07/13

Here are a selection of photographs of our area …

Night Harbour

Night Harbour

Tranquil Whitstable Harbour after hours …

Sun goes Down

Sun goes Down

… tide out but still an amazing sight …

Sea of Mud

Sea of Mud

… Red sunset at least the shepherds will be pleased …

Bay Flats

Bay Flats

… to the west the Whitstable Bay looking towards the Isle-of-Sheppey …

Tangle of Masts

Tangle of Masts

… Masts at Whitstable yacht Club … 

Beached Boat

Beached Boat

… beached boat at the old Horsebridge stone Ramp …

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"; } ?> On a Clear Day Fri 26/07/13

In the song they sang ‘On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) once told those onshore it was ideal to send a tender to the Knock John Fort, Radio Essex

On a Clear Day

On a Clear Day

There are days from the Whitstable shoreline the Essex and the buildings of Southend Essex look deceptively close

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"; } ?> Paranormal Whitstable – Amanda Byram Fri 26/07/13

Reported early in the week on Red Sands Radio, the ghostly happenings at Michael Knowles ‘Whitstable Nutrition Centre’ see Ghostly Whitstable

Hearing the reports we were called by Television Producer Stuart Andrews  about the new programme being produced about occurrences in small towns in England

Presented by Amanda Byram most recently of TV’s ‘Total Wipeout’, in the planned visit to Whitstable we met Amanda and the TV crew on the deck 

Amanda & Bob

Amanda Byram

Amanda vox-popped locals and visitors to hear about their ghost stories and experiences of the paranormal

We're watching you, watching us!

We’re watching you, watching us!

The lively interview covered various experinces including the haunted Bofors Gun Tower on Shivering Sands , which none of the radio DJ’s on Radio City liked to venture

A couple of people suggest the ghostly voice we have on our hour buffers qualifies

John says –  ‘The man on the bench up Borstal Hill – that was young Barnacle Bill that was’!

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Smiling Faces #15 Fri 26/07/13

Visiting Whitstable for the first time …



… Tien from Bankok

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"; } ?> Performing Driving Fri 26/07/13

Come on be honest have you answered your mobile whilst driving?

What about taking a drink, probably!

Hot Breakfast – Top 20 things not to do behind the wheel

Frighteningly seen many 44 ton HGV drivers using mobiles scares me to death – Selwyn

Kim in Faversham, I’ve seen people reading driving most often maps!

Unprintable from Mr Rogers!

Middle lane morons, Slip lane entry not giving way just pulling straight out, Lane changers with no signal changers at last minute causing you to brake hard, Pushing in lane at last minute when blocked ahead, Overtakers who then cut across to use exit slip lane

No acknowledgement after giving way to someone, common courtesy, No brake lights, One headlight, Not cancelling indicators, No indicator, HGVs who pull across and block roundabouts deliberately when they see you coming, Women stopping flow of traffic to drop their lovely urchins off at school and cant be bothered to park safely – Mr A

Comment on Facebook posts! – Phillipa

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"; } ?> Sounds Around Town #6 Thu 25/07/13

Well a throbbing engine in the ‘Hot Breakfast’ & ‘Home Run’ quite fitting but who’s engine is it

Guesses so far:

David – A Bus idling at the Horsebridge

Ann – It’s one of Bretts Lorries

Royce – With a name like mine hardly a Roller

Andy Stewart – Says ah that be Barnacle Bills boat

Roy – Duncan’s father driving home in a Tank

Cliff engines of the Greta

Answer it’s the  fishing boat ‘Jacqueline’ F63

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Traffic Jam Thu 25/07/13

With news of a potential partial ban of traffic through Harbour Street and stories of driving horrors, here are a couple of photographs of Whitstable High Street on a normal day …



… needing no comment …

High Street

High Street

but perhaps a curse or two from bus drivers who are known to have taken more than 30 minutes to travel from Cromwell Road to the Horsebridge

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #14 Thu 25/07/13

Brother with their Dacia Dusters …

Paul & Graham

Graham & Paul

… Graham former Whitstable Port Controller pictured with brother  Paul at home in East Riggs

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"; } ?> Ice Cream Burger Thu 25/07/13

A Beef Burger with ice cream made first in New York from half a cup of vanilla ice cream 2 pounds of minced beef,   roasted red pepper, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and breadcrumbs.

Another quarter cup of vanilla ice cream mixed into pesto for the burgers topping

The Hot Breakfast asks for your ice cream recipes?

Why can’t you buy Tutti Frutti anymore ? I heard it was an EU thing, I miss it – Nick

Spiced Hot Banana flavour excellent – Sian Lloyd

Agree with that one bit of a bite – Stephanie

Only one place for me Ben & Jerry’s – Collette

Whitstable’s best hut for Ice Cream’s has to be  Chris & Gemma Conway and all those great flavoured cones!

I used to love Neapolitan when it was strawberry, vanilla and pistachio,  Used to get snickers ice cream as well in Malta but not anymore and a wrapped snickers cone, like the Italian flag, but not now it’s strawberry, vanilla and chocolate – Brenda

But I bet you liked the Maltese Cisk beer Bob? – Tony

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Smiling Faces #13 Wed 24/07/13

No longer at the Marine Hotel …

David Feasey

David Feasey

What retire?  After 40 years in the trade, David Feasey now runs the ‘Hampton’ with wife Glynis and their partners Tony & Jo

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"; } ?> Horse Take-Away Wed 24/07/13

No not another horse meat story …

This week in Whitfield Police issued a ticket to a woman accused of bringing her horse into a McDonald’s when she was refused drive-through service

The Greater Manchester Police, Whitefield Division, said they received a call Saturday from workers at a Whitefield McDonald’s about a woman on a horse

The workers said the woman attempted to order at the restaurant’s drive-through, but she was refused service due to a company policy, so she brought the horse inside

Police said – he horse “ended up doing his business on the floor”

The sight and smell of the horse’s business “caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members,”

The woman was issued a fixed penalty notice for causing alarm and distress to customers and workers at the restaurant

A horse in a restaurant – Hot Breakfast asks have you seen animals in improper, unfamiliar or wrong places?

Dogs are a pain in out door cafe’s, some of their owners treat them like people, different rules cause outside, but a pain never the less – Pete

Bronzeback Snake

Bronzeback Snake

We found a bronzeback snake living in a small irradiator machine in Malaysia. Its the fastest I have ever seen our ‘Sparks’ move – Nick

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Smiling Faces #12 Tue 23/07/13

Caught this mannequin in summer dress, she dresses as the seasons change …



… but where is she?

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Snake Bite Tue 23/07/13

We’re not talking about the concoction of Beer & Cider but the genuine thing

A man in Israel was rushed to hospital after he’d been bitten by a snake and suffered minor injuries The man told emergency workers he went to the toilet to relieve himself and suddenly felt a strong burning sensation in his gentleman’s equipment. One of the paramedics told him the snake was very small! The man stayed calm and even had a laugh with workers at his own expense, luckily the snake wasn’t poisonous

Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive!

It’s ‘snake season’ in the Middle East, among the most dangerous are the black snake or desert cobra, the horned desert viper, the Palestinian viper which is the most common poisonous snake in Israel, the saw-scaled viper, or the false horned viper

Tell us about bites you’ve received?

I remember several bee stings, one on my neck, another on my thumb, unprovoked

Sally in Herne Bay had a bumble bee sting pruning back a border, just didn’t see it!

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Barnacle Bill Story Mon 22/07/13

The mystery began on Saturday 20th July …

Has anyone seen Barnacle Bill?  He’s not been heard from since Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock.  No one has seen him on ‘Herne Bay’s Heritage Trail’ either, it’s a real mystery

Mind you, we heard through the grapevine that he was seen messing around with some old diving gear.  Is this Bill? Perhaps he’s gone diving for treasure?  Doubt he’ll find much, other than a few old munitions and shell cases off our coast!

Barnacle Bill?

Barnacle Bill?

Oh that reminds me … there was a large explosion in Herne Bay last week, apparently a Second World War parachute mine was caught in a fisherman’s net.  The Royal Navy bomb disposal unit blew it up, with plumes of water rising more than 5 metres in the air. Was Barnacle Bill caught up in the blast?!

Herne Bay Bomb Explosion

Herne Bay Bomb Explosion

No, on second thoughts that was last Thursday.  Oh well, guess we’ll hear sooner or later… Hopefully a terrible catastrophe hasn’t befallen our Bill …

Have You Seen Barnacle Bill?

Those old diving suits are dodgy, drownd – Grant

Those Reculver Towers are right near the edge, I hope he didn’t get too close! – Sandy

He’s run off with a Fisher Woman – Brenda

I was last person to see him on my show! – Kevin ‘Cafe’ White

Maybe he got hit by one of those bouncing bomb, mind you it’s been a while since Baaaaaaarns Wallace fired one of them in the area

Perhaps he’s gone shopping in that diving suit. I’m sure I saw a bag like that somewhere? (New Whitstable Chamber of Commerce)

 Barnacle Bill Latest – Bubbles!

Bubbles from Bill?

Bubbles from Bill?

I saw these bubbles off Long Rock, did Bill cause the  problem at ‘The Brook’ see What’s that Pong – Philip

Barnacle Bill Latest – Clothes!

Bills Jacket!

Bills Jacket!

During Wednesday’s Home Run, a startled swimmer found a Sou’wester and fleece that we believe belong to salty sea-dog Barnacle Bill.  They were washed up by Whitstable Harbour, fuelling concerns that the Herne Bay legend could be lost to the sea he so loved

Many of you have now joined the search for Barnacle Bill

Think we might need to contact M9 and get John Drake on the case. Anyone heard any random playing’s of the Blue Danube or seen the silhouette of a submarine! – Dean Arney

Was it you Bill, steering the Astrid around the Soveriegn Islands, I told you that you didnt know your port from starboard…or your a… from your e…lol

Shopped Barnacle

Shopped Barnacle

Snapped in Whitstable, High Street could it be, no as confirmed by the owner his fate remains unknown

Reports that the old chap was at sea over the weekend apparently in a Kayak …

… listen to the closedown 2013 in the Catch up Player for the full story

Thursday 22nd August 2013 a sharp eyed photographer snapped this picture …

Bill Spied?

Bill Spied?

… could it be that Barnacle Bill has returned from the Canary Islands? 

Like Barnacle Bill at

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Smiling Faces #11 Mon 22/07/13

This is Melanie Rogers, Mel’ to her mates

Mel' Rogers

Mel’ Rogers

Mel is Local Communications Officer for Vattenfall, who built and maintain the Kentish Flats and Thanet Offshore Windfarms

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"; } ?> David at Budgens Mon 22/07/13

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth …

Training with Dave

Training with Dave

Duncan being trained by Dave at Budgens

Dave “Does Duncan he really work for Budgens” – ‘No he failed the training his level of concentration being poor, but then you know that’ ‘

They say he’s a 3 second memory span like the gold fish pictured in last weeks ‘Pet of the Week’

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Can’t even boil an egg! Sun 21/07/13

With the advent of an ultra easy boiled egg, we ask is this a step to far …

White Egg

… can’t boil an egg, lets find out who can and can’t cook

This is madness it only takes 5 minutes to boil an egg!! – Sylvia

Hard boiled egg in your lunch box good enough why do I want to have a dippy egg? – Dale

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Smiling Faces #10 Fri 19/07/13

Ah caught you …

Liz Crudgington

Liz Crudgington

… Whitstable & Herne Bay Times reporter Liz Crudgington tucks into a Live Lunch at Elliotts

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Moonlighting 3 Fri 19/07/13

I wonder how long it’ll be before Duncan realises we’ve sussed him …



… here he is getting stuck in

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Kids Pack-Up Lunches Fri 19/07/13

Lunch Box – Kids eye view – Crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks salty biscuits

Mums n Dads have alternative ideas, nice wholemeal sandwich, fruit, portion of fruit, washed down with water, fruit juice or low fat milk drink

What’s in your kids lunch box?

My grandson’s favourite item in his packed lunch box – ketchup sandwiches!! – Sue

Sugar sandwiches, dripping sandwiches with lots of salt. That’s what we grew up on – John

(Yep, my sister and I had sugar sandwiches, I can still remember this crunch! No wonder I have so many fillings in my teeth!!)

Give them some choice let them help put together a partially healthy lunch – Amanda

We’re encouraged for kids to have school lunches but they aren’t up to much! – Fiona

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"; } ?> At Your Con-squeeze-ience! Thu 18/07/13

We’re onto Duncan, you know

He doesn’t realise we’ve been out and about gathering more incriminating evidence of his secret double-life working at Whitstable Budgens

Squeeze Gut

Squeeze Gut

This afternoon, spotted ‘boxed-up’ by one of his colleagues in the stock room … or so we thought.  It actually turned out to be down Squeeze-Gut Alley

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"; } ?> Boxed by Budgens Thu 18/07/13

Away from the ‘Home Run’ today so what’s happened to Duncan?

Boxed by Budgens

Boxed by Budgens

… boxed up by Budgens to keep him at his day job!

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #9 Thu 18/07/13

You can find her below stairs …

Carolyn Parry

Carolyn Parry

… in the hub of things at Parry Law

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"; } ?> Bus to Tankerton Thu 18/07/13

On Monday we talked about the new Airbus 380 the largest commercial passenger aircraft conducting trial flights out of Manston which commenced on Monday 15th July 2013

Airbus 380 over Tankerton

Airbus 380 over Tankerton

This shot caught of the aircraft over Tankerton

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"; } ?> Hot Hot Breakfast Thu 18/07/13

Thanks to Binny of Budgens for the marvellous hot Breakfast freshly made in store and delivered personally

A very kind gesture and much appreciated

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"; } ?> Fishy Business Thu 18/07/13

Swimming out from the harbour ramp the other day, I happened across Mike Weir, our Harbour Master. As we swam along together we discussed a whole range of things including setting up radio interviews.  It struck us both how surreal it was!   Have you ever conducted business in an unusual location?

I once agreed a contract while queuing for a roller coaster in the USA – Mike

I signed up whilst in a hot tub – Steve

Did the very same thing last week, splashing about in the warm water of Barcelona beach talking fee’s ,,,,,,  someones gotta do it eh  – Keith

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"; } ?> Roll Up! See Woolley’s fabulous Pedoscope! Wed 17/07/13

Woolley’s of Whitstable have found an original 1950s Pedoscope!

A what-o-scope you ask?

Pedoscopes were x-ray machines installed in shoe shops from the 1920’s until about the 1970’s

Woolleys Pedoscope

Woolleys Pedoscope

This one was put into the shop by the late Culver Woolley, now Brother and Sister Colin Woolley, Frances Williams & Collins partner Karen  have unearthed the one they had in their shop and it is now on display in all its glory!

Woolley's Sale Time

Woolley’s Sale Time

Woolley’s Shoe Shop at Sale Time pictured in the early 1980’s 



A child would place their feet in the Pedoscope opening provided and while remaining in a standing position, look through a viewing porthole at the top of the fluoroscope down at the x-ray view of the feet and shoes

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster

Two other viewing portholes on either side enabled the parent and a sales assistant to observe the child’s toes being wiggled to show how much room for the toes there was inside the shoe

X-Ray Fitting Poster

X-Ray Fitting Poster

The bones of the feet were clearly visible, as was the outline of the shoe, including the stitching around the edges

Were your young feet ever x-rayed in Woolley’s?

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"; } ?> Budgens Part Timer Wed 17/07/13

Another photograph arrived showing Duncan at work …

Beer n Cider

Beer n Cider

… stocking the shelves at Budgens with beer n cider

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #8 Wed 17/07/13

Hot off the Press or hold the front page …

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Whitstable & Herne Bay Times Editor Rebecca Smith 

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"; } ?> Smooth Advertising Wed 17/07/13

A Texas entrepreneur has launched an advertising service using bald headed men as advertising space

You get £200 a day for being a ‘Bald Logo’

Would you do it?


What’s in it ? Where do I sign? is it an 8 hour day?!!!! – Edna

OK I will do it – Brenda

But I’m not available for a hair products I’m afraid! – Seaside Rock

Like it! – JoJo

Well with two other hair challenged members on our team, would I do it?

Course you would – Dan

Think you would – Sheila

I wouldn’t – Bob

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #7 Tue 16/07/13

They say with the best panoramic views of Whitstable Bay …



… here’s Phillipa of the ‘Waterfront’

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"; } ?> The tooth and nothing but the tooth…. Tue 16/07/13

Cleaning my teeth the right way, electric toothbrush, interdent brush, floss: Ah what’s this hard bit in my mouth, oh a bit of filling …

… ever happen to you?

Toothy Thompson facts:

The enamel on the top surface on your tooth is the hardest part of your entire body

Your mouth produces over 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, that’s enough to fill two swimming pools. Saliva has many uses, including assisting you with your digestion and protects your teeth from mouth bacteria

If you get a tooth knocked out, put it in milk and hold it in your mouth—this will help your tooth to survive longer and see a dentist right away

Dolphins jaws have no muscles, they can’t chew and only use their teeth to grasp

The 20th of September in China’s an official holiday called “Love your teeth day”

In Germany, in the Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was the only treatment for painful teeth

The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles about 8 times a day!

The snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but it can have over 25,000 teeth!

Since fake teeth weren’t very advanced during the 1800s, the English ate privately before attending formal dinners to avoid being embarrassed by their dentures falling out

One of the reasons mice seem to chew on everything is because their teeth never stop growing. If they didn’t keep gnawing, their teeth could end up being longer than the rest of their body

You should not keep your toothbrush near a toilet. The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet. Yuck!

In 1994, a prison inmate in West Virginia braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall and escaped

Floss your teeth or miss around 35% of your teeth’s surfaces

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"; } ?> Master Control Mon 15/07/13

Caught by a cameraman producing a snap shop of Budgens Whitstable, Duncan in the stock control room …

Stock Control

Stock Control

… he’ll have to admit he works at Budgens soon!

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #6 Mon 15/07/13

Happy greeting from Trina ..



Receptionist at Parry Law

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"; } ?> Obsessive Foodies? Mon 15/07/13

Hearing of the man who ate 23,000 burgers over 36 years, the ‘Hot Breakfast’ asks are you slightly addicted to any particular item of food?

Mike B says he’s too hooked on the old Big Mac! (But not obsessive)

WO Rochester – says he’s a bit obsessed with chilli

Grant thinks he has a problem, being ever so slightly addicted to fizzy orange drinks like Fanta, Tango & Orangina

Hot food, Oooh! Ya not wrong! We make a chicken Phal that’d turn ya head! Loving the show, as ever! 😉

Dave Gilbee says fruit cake

David Britnall, rice, chicken, red and green pepper, onion, crushed garlic and Italian seasoning

 Asparagus, sugar snap peas and prawns – my family love it!  says Maria Theresa-Webb

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #5 Fri 12/07/13

Always cheerful …

Marion Ware

Marion Ware

… must be because she’s married to Steve

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"; } ?> Moonlighting 2 Fri 12/07/13

Just received this photograph of Mr Muscle …

Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle

… Duncan replenishing the cleaning agent shelves

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"; } ?> Fishing by Phone Fri 12/07/13

When a mans mobile was swept into the sea he thought that was that, but a week later a call was received from his mobiles number

Apparently a fisherman had hooked a large Cod and found the mobile inside the fish, drying out the SiM he found the owners number and rang him

Reuniting the phone with its owner, a few new parts later the mobile worked perfectly


A few years ago I had mine nicked at Herne Bay Market, wasn’t so worried about the phone but the data, luckily thief ripped out SiM which I’d blocked immediately

When I worked for a radio company we used to get lots of stories of hand held Walkie Talkies getting lost and turning up again. My favourite was where an elephant eat one. It’s was recovered a few days later……still working! – Jon

I’m always loosing my mobile, have to get my wife and mates to ring my number it turns in up normally – Carl

In you 8am news – With the whistling Milkman being banned for being a happy chappy, reminds me there’s a whistle attachment to help find your misplaced keys, why not something similar for mobiles – Nick 

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"; } ?> Moonlighting 1 Thu 11/07/13

It’s long been suspected Duncan’s been working somewhere in Whitstable …



… we sent out a photographer and snapped him working in Budgens, no one at the store will admit he’s on the staff but the evidence is fairly conclusive, let’s see how long it takes before he knows we know his secret!

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #4 Thu 11/07/13

Train bound for fun …

Tracy & Lisa

Tracy & Lisa

Tracy & Lisa take journey to the City, mischief no doubt

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"; } ?> Money for Nothing Thu 11/07/13

In the light of a Euro Civil Servant being employed for over 20 years yet did nothing for his salary, the Hot Breakfast asks do you really work for your money?

Em we know someone who did a simple 15 minute roof job, stayed up there resting in the sun for another 30 minutes – Anon

Lots of people like to make you think their job is really difficult and you’re simply not up to understanding their black art – Alf’

Don’t talk to me about I.T people! – Grant

John says self employed people earn every penny they get

Dentists charge and make too much money, yes they’re qualified but so’s a mechanic and a whole host of other people, so how come dental work can be more than a new car engine – Kevin

I think this is an extreme example, I know that 99% work hard. The question is “do we work productively?” – Martin Daly

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #3 Wed 10/07/13

Found behind the bar at ‘The Smack’ in Middle Wall, Whitstable



19 year old Emily attractively pulls a pint 

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"; } ?> Strange Technology Wed 10/07/13

Seaside town Boscombe in Dorset has introduced solar powered big bellied waste bins which store and compact 800 litres of rubbish, 8 times more than a standard bin

When full they send a text asking to be emptied

There’s a new device that captures you favourite aromas and stores them

PairASight lets two people see the same thing at the same time adapted spectacles transmit imagery to a 2nd person

There’s a torch that’s powered by surplus body heat



More on spectacles – DropShades have a microphone built in that provides a coloured moving light show to shutters on the lenses

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #2 Tue 09/07/13

Some happy faces to be found at the Hungry Horse, Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe

Jo, Gary & Becky - Hungry Horsers

Jo, Gary & Becky – Hungry Horsers

This is Gary who knows his place in the company of Jo & Becky

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"; } ?> Strange Food – Doggy Drinks Tue 09/07/13

On today’s ‘Hot Breakfast’ we talked about the woman who drinks petrol (not recommended)

What other oddly named food, or doggy drinks have you happened across?

Pack of Pocky

Pack of Pocky

This strangely named sweet delight loved by Tai people has an off putting name …

Regards the Petrol drinking woman – Wayne asks ‘what’s her mpg like?’

Kim says, Ginger Nuts for Ginger Biscuits is a strange name!

What about ‘Baba Ganoush’  sounds good, it’s a Middle Eastern Aubergine dip – John
How about the people of Puru, they eat Guinea Pigs says Jack
Some people probably like the stuff, tentacles I would worry that your food might actually eat you or grab you by the throat, Nick
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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #1.1 Mon 08/07/13

Clearly in Whitstable not …

John & Sue Allen

John & Sue Allen

… John n Sue in the sun of foreign climes

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"; } ?> Smiling Faces #1 Mon 08/07/13

Everyone loves a welcoming face, be it at a pub, bar restaurant or shop we share some smiling faces with you …



First up listening on-line Cassie, Manager of the ‘Flying Saucer’, Hempstead 

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"; } ?> Alarming! Mon 08/07/13

Frantic Hot Breakfast start, phone alarm failed to go off  ‘again’

Ever happen to you?

Smart Phone!

Tom had to get up for an important early meeting at 5am. He had a 40 minute drive to get there, old fashioned wind up clock alarm failed, he woke up at 7am – threw clock across room in disgust!

Son says Grandchildren Frec & Felix don’t know what an alarm is Granddad they’re up at 5am

Kim says never bothers with alarms, she can always wake up on time without one

Tony in Medway says Regular thing if you own an iPhone !!!!

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"; } ?> First Guitar Fri 05/07/13

Final song on todays ‘Hot Breakfast’ ‘My Sweet Lord’ by the late George Harrison who’s first Fender Stratocaster came from Grimwoods Music Shop in Whitstable which was on the corner of Gladstone Road & the High Street

Thanks to Phil Hadler for the information

Have a look at this link you might be able to help Grimwoods

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"; } ?> Sticky Stuff Fri 05/07/13

Sharing the tale of a New Zealand woman who’d accidentally Super-glued her lips together, we asked you about your sticky situations

I’m hopeless, using impact adhesive or that builders glue you apply with a gun, never remember to wear gloves, takes forever to get off your fingers!

Zupa Glue

Seaside Rock on Twitter – I glued myself to a floor! Shorts on, kneeling down, laying flooring adhesive, glued the length of both shins

Buzz 4 Wool on Twitter – I once stuck a sticky sock label across my forehead to make my Sister laugh, and then had to have my eyebrows cut to get it off!

Brian says Sticky Wickets

Radio Windy in Australia – Found a tube of super-glue in its packet on the floor of a Tesco car park. Picked it up and put it in the bag with the ‘Orangina’. Started driving round the car park to leave and reached into the bag and picked out the ‘Orangina’ and put my arm through the steering wheel to hold  the wheel  and undo the top. The super glue was broken hence it had been thrown away and i ended up stuck driving around the car park with my arms stuck through the steering wheel. Had to peel the skin off my fingers to escape! 

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"; } ?> Wild Life Thu 04/07/13

More Urban Wild Life – Out taking photographs on Wednesday night at 21.30, pictures here

Did a double take as a wild rabbit ran across the West Quay into one of the compounds!


What does it eat, where’s its burrow?

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"; } ?> Breakfast Bribes Thu 04/07/13

What have you done to get the last sausage, have you swapped your egg for the bacon, or just been plain naughty to get that cherished item of breakfast grub?

Sally says Remember the ‘Candid Camera’ TV programme sketch, man eating someone else’s breakfast

Carol in Herne Bay says daren’t tell you what I did for the last egg!

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"; } ?> Barge Trippers! Wed 03/07/13

Thames Sailing Barge Greta leaves Whitstable Harbour with some happy trippers aboard

Barge trippers!

Barge trippers!

Greta sails daily from Whitstable Harbour for a voyage around the wind farm and local coastal areas of interest

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"; } ?> Wheelie’s Wed 03/07/13

A prickly subject at the moment in the Coastal Towns with a large number of people hating the new 6 tier system

The old original Grey bin for general waste, the 2nd bin on the block was the Green Bin for garden cuttings, grass & small branches

The New boys, the Blue-Mauve Top for plastic, cans, bottles with an internal paper container, then the Silver Grey kitchen food waste box & its bigger brother for emptying the former.  So the long and short of it is we have 6 bins

We’ve investigated & believe it or not there’s no common code between authorities, and there are other colour to add to the confusion

Wheelie Bin


Do you like the new system?

Have you room to store the bins?

Can you manage to deal with the confusing array of bins?

Do you think that the recycling is good or bad?

Replies so far:

6 lorries banging out fumes how can it be green – Stuart

Does it really get re-cycled or shipped abroad then thrown in land fill, that’s not in the slightest green or good for the environment – Kay

The large Wheelie Bins cost up to £96 each, work out the cost to tax payers – Simon