Live Lunch

Sponsored by: Connaught Bingo

What’s going on sponsored by: Parry Law

With Live n Local  at 10.40 & 11.40 the daily showcase of Local Bands & Unsigned Artists

Guests on the deck at 12.30 & 13.30 see photographs below

James Day’s in the Hot Seat with great music and ‘live’ interviews & ‘live’ performers at 12.30 & 1.30pm out on the Red Sands Radio deck

The liveliest lunch in town not to be missed with unsigned artist & local band spots makes it a great listen to find out more about the North Kent Coastal Towns

Photographs of guests published on site soon after appearance on-air Like to appear? Mail us

James Day

James Day


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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Fort Antenna Wed 07/02/18

The ferocious gales of early 2018 have brought down the second of two antennas built by Red Sands Radio. The fist single dipole mast proved inadequate shearing at the base insulator during erection over two weekends. Whilst only designed for the 2007 broadcast, the popularity of the station encouraged a return the following year

Sourcing a fibre glass lattice mast, a second antenna was erected and has since been fully maintained. Unfortunately, unauthorised boarders made a fire on the top of the G1 Tower, resulting in damage to the lattice base and weakening several insulators. This damage was hastily repaired, and in April 2017 new stainless guys and several new insulators fitted

Exposed to the rigours of the weather and prevailing westerly winds, funnelling down the Thames Estuary, it’s understandable why the Forts have deteriorated to such an extent. To give an indication, I recall in 1965 we lost galvanised steel buckets filled with sea water, and even a small boat overboard!

Red Sands Radio came ashore in 2009 and broadcast from Whitstable Harbour until 2014. But we’d always hoped to make further broadcasts from the Fort. Sadly the high winds of 2018 were the final straw for the antenna which had stood for over ten years. Finally, it’s testament to designer Guy Maunsell who said with proper care the Forts would stand for 200 years. However, built by largely unskilled labour in 1943, and without structural maintenance since 1958 it’s remarkable that the Forts have stood so long

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"; } ?> New Features October 2017 Sun 01/10/17 is back with another mammoth website update

SS Southern Buoy 1969 3a

‘Scrapbook’ has a new Radio City feature with transparencies (slides) taken of Shivering Sands in the late 1960’s

Much lengthy research has produced a fairly comprehensive list of programme and DJ theme tunes from all of the stations that have broadcast from the Red Sands Fort

Whilst on the Oxford Canal earlier this year we took a stroll to the Old Clifton Hall at Clifton-Upon-Dunsmore, home of Reg Calvert’s 1960’s ‘School of Rock & Roll’

Catching up with John Edward aka Johnny Flux at the 50th anniversary of the 60’s Offshore Stations, we’ve finally completed a feature on Johnny’s long and interesting career

Whilst across in the ‘Personal Pages’ by request pictures of the inauguration of Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Plus a leisurely look around the Crich Tramways Museum, woodlands walk, memorial grounds and tower

This times ‘One Subject One Link’ has a contribution that talks about the many new small community stations coming on-air and the quality of some presenters

Enjoy your visits to

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"; } ?> Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration Sun 01/10/17

Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration …

Vattenfall Inauguration

Guests & Vattenfall Staff aboard the MV Balmoral

The Swedish Power Company Vattenfall invited guests to the offic1al inauguration of the Kentish Flats Windfarm that had been extended from 30 to 45 turbines

Sailing from Ramsgate on 1st Junbe 2016 around the North Foreland to the eastern edge of the windfarm and afterwards to Whitstable Harbour

For the full feature visit

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"; } ?> Histomentary Thu 17/11/16


Herne Bay Through Time CD Sleeve

Herne Bay Through Time

We’ve released the ‘Histomentary’ –  ‘Herne Bay Through Time’ 

Commissioned by ‘The Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower’ funded by National Lottery Grant

The Red Sands Radio produced programme takes in history of the town through the eyes of  long term local residents, and how the Clock Tower has always been at its centre

Being made available for historians, researches, tourists & locals on various platforms

Release information via

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"; } ?> Pirate Alley Mon 11/07/16

Whitstable has always been a Pirate Alley!

 From May 1964 the town played unlikely host to the strange goings on of Screaming Lord Sutch. Parading from offices at ‘The Record Centre’, 20a Oxford Street to the harbour in his top hat & purple cape, he certainly turned a few heads as boarded Fred Downs‘s ‘Harvester II’ to go out to the abandoned WWII Army Forts on Shivering Sands from where Radio Sutch broadcast. Later that year David Sutch passed control to his manager & the station became Radio City

A Walk Round Pirate (Radio) Alley Poster

In June 1964 Radio Invicta had launched from the adjacent Thames Estuary Forts at Red Sands. They too were serviced from Whitstable by Vic Davis’s fishing boat ‘The Mallard’ serviced the Fort throughout its manifestations as Radio KING & Radio 390

When Offshore Pirate Radio was outlawed in 1967 the town ‘helped out’ supply the last remaining 60’s station Radio Caroline, a relationship that endured until the sea act became law in 1990

From 1983 unbeknown to most in the town ‘The Punch Tavern’ in Harbour Street was coordination base of Laser 558

A number of the town’s flats were billets for Lasers American crew, engineers, & DJ’s. Service runs were made to the Laser ship ‘The Communicator’ up until early 1987 when it closed as Laser Hot Hits

Pirate Alley wasn’t lost completely as in 2007 the Red Sands Fort was re-equipped for broadcasts by Red Sands Radio. Coming ashore the station broadcast from studios at the harbour

Come along for a nostalgic walk around ‘Pirate Alley’ at 10.30 AM on Wednesday 27th July 2016

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes Wed 06/07/16

We’ve had a number of enquiries about the Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes so here;s the information:

The Red Sands Radio Themes & Fillers

The Red Sands Radio Station Opening Theme Tune used from 2007 – 2014 is by the French Band ‘Air’ entitled ‘La Femme D’Argent’ (The Silver Woman/The Money Girl)

This comes from their album ‘Moon Safari’ recorded in Paris between April – June 1997 & released on the 19th January 1998, in the UK by Virgin Records: 7243 8 44978 2 8

I was given an advanced copy by Fiona at Virgin when running Medway FM where we promoted the track ahead of it becoming popular to a wider audience. It was included daily during the ‘Medway FM Café Live Lunch’

Red Sands Radio Closedown Theme Tune is by ‘Franck Pourcel’ entitled ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’. The track from the Musical of the same name was composed in 1929. ‘Robert Goulet’ also recorded it in 1965 for his ‘On Broadway‘ LP which Offshore Radio Essex used as a Tender call

Red Sands Radio Fort

We played it in tribute to the original Radio 390 theme, which was a KPM library piece by the ‘Telecast Orchestra’ called ‘Sentimental’, sounding very similar & often confused with ‘On A Clear Day’ There’s no evidence, although many think Frank Chacksfield recorded the track

The late French Orchestral leader ‘Franck Pourcel’ recorded the track originally in 1965 with vocals for the ‘Overture’ LP

Re-recorded, it appeared again in France on a 1977 compilation Music Cassette called ‘Unforgettable Melodies’ featuring the orchestras of Franck Pourcel, Ron Goodwin, Geoff Love & Manuel & His Music Of The Mountains

‘Unforgettable Memories’ on CD was released in UK on the EMI Music for Pleasure Label: CD-DL-11- 1120 in 1991 & Readers Digest included it on ‘Melodies Moods & Memories’ an 8 vinyl LP set in 199 GMMM-A-215

Both tracks, as well as the 30+ Red Sands Radio fillers were edited to suit, & remixed with ‘live’ atmospheric recordings of the resident Fort Seagulls, the Redsands North Buoy, & waves lapping around the Forts legs

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 13/07/15

Red Sands Radio 2015 …

RSR Antenna

Red Sands Radio Antenna

With many people disappointed that Red Sands Radio isn’t on-air for what would have been our 9th year, we reiterate the reason(s) we’re not on-air as usual this summer

Whilst we’ve sighted a shortage of competent professional presenters: Press Release #2 2015

In tandem we have a deficiency in funding with both KCC (Kent County Council) & CCC (Canterbury City Council) no longer contributing towards the project

In the background the Local Authority have plans to redevelop our harbour studio building so we’ve had to vacate the premises

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 11/05/15

Red Sands Radio 2015


Red Sands Radio

Thanks to everyone for your views and comments regarding Red Sands Radio. We were encouraged by the many positive remarks and support for your truly local station

A huge thank you also for all the kind offers of help, we have noted everyone’s contact information for future broadcasts

Our original mission statement was that Red Sands Radio would always be ‘live and local’ and therefore the notion of programme sharing, pre-recorded and voice tracking is just not an option

Sadly we do not have the resources  to broadcast this summer, but never say never again!

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"; } ?> Happy Christmas 2014 Sat 20/12/14

Red Sands Radio wish all our sponsors, advertisers and listeners a very Happy Christmas

Red Sands Christmas Card

& a healthy and prosperous new year

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"; } ?> Bay Rock Spot Sat 02/08/14

Chris Birch hopes people will join him At the End of the Pier in time for his appearance at this year’s Herne Bay Rocks competition

Chris came third last year in the band ‘Numbers Up’


Only Pier in town the Eastern Quay End

Hit by the bass guitarist & drummer leaving He plans to record himself playing bass and drumming to use as a backing track for his live guitar vocals in a heat at the Divers Arms on Saturday, 23rd August 2014

Hear Chris Birch – At The End of the Pier’ on Red Sands Radio

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"; } ?> Whitstable Castle Fri 01/08/14

Whitstable Castle underwent a massive restoration and refurbishment

Supported by a £2 million Nation Lottery Grant over three years the structure and gardens have been much improved


Hayley Radford

New general manager Hayley is upbeat about the Castles future, we caught up with her setting up one of the many summer weddings booked at the venue

Whitstable Castle

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"; } ?> Tower Tea Garden Fri 01/08/14

Part of the Whitstable Castle Grounds the Tea Gardens is an attractive welcome oasis


Jan & Sue

Surrounded by a mature garden with plenty of sunny corners or shade it’s an ideal spot for families to gather

Whitstable Castle

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"; } ?> Brian Hitcham & Janine Knell Fri 01/08/14

Whitstable Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1919 had largely been inactive until resurrected by the “Save Whitstable Shops” campaign, which started on social media

President Brian Hitcham of Chamber of Commerce and and Treasurer Janine Knell of  have positive and viable ideas for the future

Brian and Jeannine

Brian Hitchen & Janine Knell

One of their first successes last year was the Christmas lights for the town, although they had an anxious wait for them, they’re in store ready to make a bright Christmas 2014

Oxford Street Books : Pure Indulgence by the Sea

Whitstable & District Chamber of Commerce, 20a Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1DD

01227 281 727 :

Chamber of Commerce

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"; } ?> Live n Local #20 Fri 01/08/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Ben Reel – Fill Me Up, Peter Green – Summer Ain’t Long


 Local Scenes – Pearson’s Yard

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"; } ?> Baileys-Nissan – Green Leaf Future Thu 31/07/14

Sponsors of the Red Sands Radio Traffic & Travel, Baileys-Nissan presented us a head turning unmissable Nissan-Leaf, is this the future of motoring?


2014 Nissan-Leaf


Nissan-Leaf  in radio station branding


Go green in a Nissan-Leaf

Bailey Nissan Leaf 2a

 Baileys-Nssan Director Brian Smith hands over the keys


Brian Smith with a pair of Leafs, or is that Leaves?


More Nissan News …

Our Roy & his son Mark drove a fair distance in the Mojave Desert earlier this month in a Nissan-Murano

USA 2014 185a

Reports despite the hideous temperature it did not get at all hot and bothered even with air-con running flat out!

USA 2014 215a

We all think the Radio Car the Nissan-Leaf is great

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"; } ?> 78’s a Go Go Go Thu 31/07/14

Before the humble 45 rpm 7″ single, let alone the 12″ 33 1/3 rpm album, music was pressed on shellac, these records played at the phenomenal speed of 78 rpm

Delicate and easily broken, 1000’s of old and rare recording have over the years been lost, Andy Briggs is a self confessed collector of old gramophones and 78 records


Andy Briggs

Heard on Red Sands Radio since 2007 local band the ‘Trouser trumpets’ have taken much of their inspiration from 78’s

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"; } ?> Live n Local #19 Thu 31/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Max Lisa – One Way Train, Flawless Carbon – Hollywood


 Local Scenes – West Quay

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"; } ?> Whitstable Swimming Pool Wed 30/07/14

An active leisure & social facility for the general public extensively used by both locals & visitors


Sculpture outside entrance to Whitstable Swimming Pool

Francis Smith the general manager spoke about the participation events taking place during the Oyster Festival

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"; } ?> Liz Cruddington Wed 30/07/14

Talking News today …


Liz Crudgington

Oyster Parking, new wet fish shop in Herne Bay, Blessing of the pets, & Whitstables own Tube!

The Whitstable & Herne Bay Times are available throughout the Coastal Towns

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"; } ?> Trevor Thomas Wed 30/07/14

 Talking local events from the June Fun Day to the Christmas Fayre, already booked


Trevor Thomas

Readily recognisable Trevor has been active as a local events organiser since his time with Whitstable Lions


Whitstable Business Club Members at the Beach Cafe

More information at Whitstable Business Club

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"; } ?> Live n Local #18 Wed 30/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Fat River Band – Why Can’t I Fall For You, Jazz Police – Girl From Ipanema


Local Scenes -Floral  Harbour Street

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"; } ?> St Augustine’s Tue 29/07/14

St Augustine’s Fish Market & Restaurant is based in the heart of Whitstable, right on the harbour


Peter Bennett with their Oyster Grotto

They have an upstairs restaurant, The Crab & Winkle, which has a beautiful view over the harbour, serving locally caught fresh shellfish, fine lobster and crab, oysters and more

Downstairs there are two intimate restaurant rooms & for outside dinning the appropriatly named Engine Yard

A magical grotto dipicts Oysters & Pearls represented by colour glass globes & a cascade water feature 

Peter & Elizabeth Bennett, have a wet fish & seafood outlet St Augustine’s Whitstable Fish Market

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"; } ?> Dan Lockyer Tue 29/07/14

Dan runs a seemingly unusual business from the centre of Whitstable – Late Sail specialises in yacht charters in perhaps more exotic locations than our own fair shores


Dan Lockyer

Late Sail, 70b High Street, Whitstable, Kent, Ct5 1BB – 01227 479 900 LateSail

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"; } ?> Live n Local #17 Tue 29/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: We The Ghosts – Broken Sky, Debbie Reynolds – Here I Stand Alone


Local Scenes – Whitstable Harbour

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"; } ?> Dave LA Mon 28/07/14

Originally fr0m Liverpool  Dave worked as a window cleaner, amongst his customers was Phil Hadler he saw Phil tuning a guitar, the conversation naturally turned to all things guitar and an impromptu jam session

Dave absent from the music scene for sometimne stage lacked the confidence to perform live, convinced he had the talent to play live gigs Phil and others encouraged him to begin ‘gigging’


Dave LA

Since Dave has become a firm favourite on the local music scene and has extensively toured Europe

Dave performed a faultless rendition of ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of Whitstable Bay’ which we’ll be playing again

Dave LA pronounced La as in ‘la la la’ bio’ and Gig Guide at

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"; } ?> RNLI New Boat Photo Feature Mon 28/07/14

This week our local RNLI station, their boat house at the Eastern end of the Harbour took delivery of a new Tractor and Launch Carriage (Trailer) on Tuesday 22nd and new Atlantic 85 Class Lifeboat christened ‘Lewisco’ (B-877) on Thursday 24th July

We spoke to Dave Parry prior to today’s launch training for both the shore and boat crews 

Boat Crew: Dave Parry, Ash Harmen and Richard Curtis 

Tractor Driver: Tony Martin Launchers: Rob Judge and John Skinner


Atlantic 850 Starboard Side

One of the B class series these high speed RiB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) are the successor of the Atlantic 75



Two powerful water cooled 4 stroke 115 Horse Power that give it a speed of 35 knots (40mph)


Tony Martin

It’s a tight squeeze …


Carriage Caterpillar

Tracks tracks help launching over the soft foreshore


Tractor Cockpit


Carriage negotiates boat house door

A few inches to spare, training gives the confidence to make the manoeuvre



The rear ‘face’ of the tractor


Final adjustments to personal kit


Guiding ‘Lewisco’ from the Boat House


Outside the Boat House


Boat Checks

Radio checks, fuel engine health all checked before the boat’s launched


Pre-launch, engine’s running

Ensuring the beach is clear & safe the tractor launches the boat swiftly, once the engines are in the water they are started, and engine condition instruments checked



Once the helmsman gives the ‘thumbs up’ the boat is free to exit the carriage



Fitted with a compliment a state of the art radio, crew intercom, guidance and radar, inversion proof engines … 


… the boat is able to work in greater safety & can even beach without sustaining engine or steering gear damage


‘Lewisco’ sets off at speed …


…towards the Pollard Spit Buoy

Whitstable Lifeboat Station

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"; } ?> Roger Annable Mon 28/07/14

Once on the team at Whitstable Castle Roger is ‘Leader of the Giants’ befriending ‘Sam the Whitstable Giant’


Roger Annable

Captain Sam was ‘born’ at Whitstable Castle in 2007, he’s 5 metres tall champions & represents Whitstable, its harbour, heritage, fishing & traditions

Sams aquamarine clothes with oysters & fish nets reflects the Sea, he gained his name in a local children’s ballot: Sam, Dan & Bobbin were also in the running


 ‘Sam the Whitstable Giant’

In mediaeval times most towns & villages had a giant but were banned in the Reformation, Sam goes to Festivals & Carnivals throughout Kent and abroad

There are more than 200 giants in Northern France

Sam’s girlfriends are Lily from Herne Bay & Flora from Singleton & he’s taken a shine to Liverpool’s Giant ‘Jude’

Help Sam

You can apply to book him for your event

Contact ;


Herne Bay’s Lily Blond Giantess?

More Oyster Parade Photographs

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"; } ?> Live n Local #16 Mon 28/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: The Dog Roses – 1973, Beggars Belief – Love


Local Scenes – West Beach

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"; } ?> About Trees Fri 25/07/14

Wayne Elwell is certainly enthusiastic about trees and their care

He started “About Trees” 7 years ago, with wife Vanessa  (the brains behind the business) and together they’ve developed the company into one of Kent’s premier arboreal specialists

Wayne Ewell

Wayne Ewell

“There is no such thing as a bad tree” says Wayne – and he believes that passionately. He certainly knows what he’s talking about, have served a 2 year apprenticeship to learn his craft

Trees just need the proper care and attention, particularly when purchasing young trees to plant  yourself 

For more advice and help, visit their web site: About Trees

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"; } ?> Whit Lit Fri 25/07/14

Victoria Falconer runs Whitstable’s Literary Festival – Whit Lit – which takes place every May

With live events and workshops covering a vast spectrum of all things to do with the written word it has become well known in the arts world


Victoria Falconer

This year’s Whit Lit special event was a play at The Horsebridge – “Mr Maugham at Home” – a celebration of Somerset Maugham’s connection with Whitstable

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"; } ?> Live n Local #15 Fri 25/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Akasa – Return To Our Innocence, Leigh Lloyd – Forever, Forever 


Local Scene – Early morning a deserted Terry’s Lane

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"; } ?> Kent Limos Thu 24/07/14

Kent Limo’s, is a Whitstable based company, with many years experience in the chauffeur driven car hire business


Norman Neal

Kent Limo’s offer their clients a comprehensive chauffeur driven car hire service providing a selection of luxury saloons and MPV’s for airport/cruise terminals, special occasions, weddings and business travel


American Tow Van & Power Race Boat

Picking up the ‘nick-name’ Stormin’ Norman his passion has always been high speed power boat racing, his new American Day Van the ideal tow vehicleNor

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"; } ?> Whitstable Car Show Thu 24/07/14

The Whitstable Classic Motor Show is in a lovely setting over looking the sea on Tankerton Slopes with over 700 vehicles on display

Local man Martin Emsworth a member of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club set-up in 1984 with 80,000 members world-wide

Martin told us that the Kent South Region Club are exhibiting 27 vehicles at the Whitstable Show, something of a record, see Martins Cars


Chris West event organiser with Martin Emsworth

For the first time there’ll be a two Lancaster Bomber from the Memorial Flight one of only 8 Nationally & the first time that two Lancasters have been flown togther

Classic Music & Motors is organising the event for the Herne Bay & Whitstable Lions

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"; } ?> Oyster Singers Thu 24/07/14

The Oyster Singers is a community choir based in Whitstable with a mixed choir of approximately 40 people, singing mostly in four part harmony

The Oyster Singers sing a wide variety of music from pop, rock, and soul to traditional


Greg Davidson, Cookie the dog & Mandy Broughton

The choir formed in 2003 with the name “The Lindley Singers”

Since that time they have performed many concerts, raising money for charities and supporting local organisations 

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"; } ?> Live n Local #14 Thu 24/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Masque – Last man Standing, Roxanne (Chesner-Brazier) – I’m Losing You


Local Scenes – Showing Their Colours


High Street – Whitstable Nutrition Centre

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"; } ?> Pat Todd Wed 23/07/14

Pat Todd is Chairman of the Whitstable Harbour Board which looks after the most famous attraction in the town.

It’s a varied and interesting job, from overseeing the Oyster Festival, starting this weekend, to looking after commercial interests such as fishing and cargo movements, to managing the sheer numbers who visit through the summer


Bob on the deck with Pat Todd

Pat also spoke about the long term plans for to repair and renovation to the South Quay – due to take place this winter. An old friend of Red Sands Radio, Pat is a keen angler, when he has any spare time!

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"; } ?> Nick Wilty Wed 23/07/14

Nick Wilty is a Whitstable resident  who has been a star of the comedy world for a few years now

Known as a Oyyster Comedy Club organiser, he’s performed many times in Edinburgh, Glastonbury, as well as in America, Australia, Hong Kong & South Africa

Nick Wilty

Nick Wilty

  Aside from a busy solo career, he now runs The Comedy Club monthly event which recently moved to The Lounge in St Annes Road, Tankerton – full details here

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"; } ?> Live n Local #13 Wed 23/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: John Carr – How In The World, Alister Atkin – The Ghostline Carnival


Local Scenes – Harbour Street Terrance Cottages

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"; } ?> Tractor for James Wed 23/07/14

James had a bad start on Tuesday his journey to the studios delayed several farm tractors


RNLI trailing new Lifeboat Trailer

Last night manoeuvres at the Whitstable RNLI station we snapped this altogether suitable Tractor for James, he’ll explain!

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"; } ?> David Roberts Tue 22/07/14

One of the well known local builing family Stroud & Roberts, David has been working with the Whitstable Oyster Festival for 6 years


David Roberts

Raised in Whitstable he’s a great supporter of the town, his father Peter now aged 94 & still independent lives in the centre of town & often shares his memories of the old days

This session we talked about the forthcoming attractions of this years Whitstable Oyster Festival which are detailed on our What’s On Pages & read by the Red Sands Radio presentation team 

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"; } ?> David Holmes Tue 22/07/14

We’re always happy to support Charities across the County Demelza House do exceptional work with sick Children & their families


David Holmes

Locally based in Bobbing outside Sittingbourne, fund raiser David Holmes came to talk about two crucial forthcoming days


Pooches on the Prom at Minis Bay on 3rd August 2014

Take any pedigree, mutt & four legged friend for a stroll it promises to be a fun day with something for everyone

Call David Holmes direct on 07824 490 102


Demelza House Open Day

Pop along on 27th September 2014 at Rook Lane, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8DZ

01795 845 288 & see Demelza House Website

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"; } ?> Live n Local #12 Tue 22/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Mel Harris – Matchbox, Kaleiphone – Mr Davala


Local Scenes – Harbour Street Mural

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"; } ?> Farmer James Tue 22/07/14

By the skin of his teeth James appeared at our Whitstable harbour studios late and somewhat perplexed

The journey from his home town of Deal hampered by a procession of tractors

Woolleys Menswear

Woolley’s Menswear

Well if you can’t beat them, James ventured into Woolley’s for a stylish pair of Green Wellington Boots 

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"; } ?> Colleen & Eric Ashwin-Keam Mon 21/07/14

Active members of the community Colleen has been behind both ‘Herne Bay in Bloom’ and the ‘Giant Picnic’


Colleen & Eric Ashwin-Keam

Meanwhile Eric is an active member of Herne Bay Rotary Club, this year (2014) sees them both become presidents

Tower Gardens Herne Bay (2)a

Flashback – Herne Bay Tower Gardens in the 1950’s

More at Herne Bay in Bloom : The Giant Picnic : Herne Bay Rotary Club

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"; } ?> Granny Smiths Mon 21/07/14

Mark Witts has been running Granny Smiths in Whitstable High Street for over 14 years

Taken over from his father the shop provides the very best quality fruit & vegetables sourced locally & from the major centre Covent Garden


Mark with assistants Claire & Cloe

Mark makes the trip to London up to three times a week leaving at 11pm & returning at 4am

Not surprising the shop thrives in the face of fierce supermarket competion

Granny Smiths, 91 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AY, 01227 273 233

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"; } ?> Ship Centurion Mon 21/07/14

The Ship Centurion is very much a traditional public house on High Street, Whitstable …


Jan & Roland Birks

Talking about the role of pubs in society we talked about how the business has changed over the years in the face of fierce opposition from the chain

Listen out from Saturday 26th July for a chance to win a meal for two with wine at ‘The Ship, Centurion, 111 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AY, 01227 264 740

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"; } ?> Live n Local #11 Mon 21/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Brad Pittance – Minnie The Moocher, Peter Malik-Morad – Yours Forever


Local Scenes – Whitstable Yacht Club

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"; } ?> Brockmans Farm Produce Fri 18/07/14

With demand for the best farm produce never higher thanks to a constant stream of cookery programmes on TV, Brockmans Farm is at the forefront of supplying organic produce from their operation in Kent

From supplying local businesses to delivering boxes to individual houses, farmer Paul Vesey-Wells certainly has a busy life, but his enthusiasm for all things fresh and organic certainly shines through!


One of Brockmans “Veg Boxes”

Visit their on-line shop and see what you could be eating soon: Brockmans Farm

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"; } ?> Royal Naval Reserve Fri 18/07/14

The Royal Naval Reserve Pub has long been one of Whitstable’s proper “old fashioned” pubs, with good beers and fine food, but once a month they host a “Taste of India” night


Chef Clive Chambers with partner Zena

Chef Clive spoke enthusiastically about marrying English produce with Indian herbs, spices and cooking techniques


The Royal Naval Reserve

28/30 High Street, Whitstable 01227 272 068

A Taste of India – Every other Thursday – next Date 31st July

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"; } ?> Sue Souster Fri 18/07/14

Glioblastoma – a long medical word for a particularly aggressive brain tumour. Tony Souster was diagnosed with this in November 2010.

In site of the best care, Tony sadly passed away in January 2012.

Sue Souster

Sue Souster

His widow Sue decided to start a Charity in his name to offer support to both sufferers and their families through what was for them a difficult and harrowing time.

She’s an active fund raiser, with a Treasure Rally organised this Sunday in Herne, and a Concert at The Theatre Royal in Margate on 31st August. 

To find out more about Tony and Sue, visit their web site

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"; } ?> Live n Local #10 – 2014 Fri 18/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Nev Willis – Atelier, Atlantic Currents – Through The Gates


Local Scenes -Sundea Sundae Ice Creams Harbour Street

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"; } ?> Copperfield of Whitstable Thu 17/07/14

It’s well documented that the site of Copperfields of Whitstable goes back to the 1800’s as a premises for Hardware

Originally it was a hardware store,owned by Maurice May in the 1960’s, selling items like hinges, buckets, net curtain cleaners, kettle de-scourers and silver cleaning materials

It later “modernized” itself concentrating on kitchen bins, dustpan and brushes


Gemma & Kim Foster

It was around the eighties that they moved into china ware and cut glasses,under the ownership of Alan & Carol Tadman

Following on from the Tadmans, were Roy and Dawn Reading, moving towards gifts and fancy goods whilst still maintaining the traditional kitchenware

Kim Foster with daughter Gemma acquired the business in late 2013 and has since spruced up the shop which he and have plans to incorporate the first floor 

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"; } ?> Temple Foods Thu 17/07/14

On the deck with John Allen of ‘Temple Foods’ explaining how over the last 12 months the business he runs with Wife Sue has changed


Whitstable Harbour during the interview

You’ll have heard John ‘The Buxton Boy’ on Wednesday’s ‘Afternoon Spin’ as a guest presenter 

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"; } ?> Drone On Thu 17/07/14

Aerial footage of the Red sands Radio studios, Whitstable Harbour and foreshore taken from a Drone flown by Koolwebs are now published in our Video Gallery



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"; } ?> Live n Local #9 – 2014 Thu 17/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Frank Mullins – Taste Your Body


Local Scenes – Duke of Cumberland Hotel Stable Gate Courtyard Entrance

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"; } ?> Whitstable & Herne Bay Times Wed 16/07/14

Senior Journalist Liz Crudgington pops in for her weekly look at the local papers

Liz Crudgington

Liz Crudgington

Leading stories: A great regatta but traders sales down, Dog Food Deli in town, A-Level budding artists shows work  an old mattress, with 60’s icons & condoms attached, and a Book Shop writers competition for kids

Pick up your free Whitstable & Herne Bay Times available throughout the area

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Maxine Miles Wed 16/07/14

Maxine Miles is a Therapist at her own Seasalter based business – Beach Haven Therapy

Maxine Miles

Maxine Miles

A fully qualified nurse Maxine has over 30 year experience, and has worked extensively here and over sea using holistic therapies

Maxine is an active member of Whitstable Business Club

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"; } ?> Live n Local #8 – 2014 Wed 16/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Ben Russell & the Charmers – Always Summer Somewhere, The Strumbums – I’ll See You In My Dreams


Local Scenes – Whitstable Marine Building

N.B The Old Horse Stables that pulled the freight trucks around the Whitstable Harbour terminal of the old Crab & Winkle railway

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"; } ?> Andrea Moorhouse Tue 15/07/14

Andrea talked about St Andrews playgroup which was established nearly 30 years ago and runs from St Andrew’s  church hall on Grimshill Road in the centre of Whitstable


Andrea Moorhouse

Their mission is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment  to enable all children to learn and grow to their full potential

Andrea is a qualified teacher and is one of 6 staff.  The playgroup is Ofsted registered and a member of the Pre School learning alliance

Classes run from 0930 to 1230 and they accept children from the age of 2 1/2. The facilities include a spacious play area, a  hall for quiet activities and a fenced garden

Contact details: Telephone 07979 092 993 or online

St Andrews Playgroup

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"; } ?> Mark Woollard Tue 15/07/14

Woollard and Kent are an independent family owned Funeral Directors based in Whitstable


Mark Woollard

In addition to running his own company, Mark is also the National President of the trade society, SAIF, which represents independent firms like Woollard and Kent.

Mark, 41,  is is married to Mary and they have a 21 month old son, Jack.  As if family life and running a business  were not enough to keep him busy, Mark recently undertook a charity run on behalf of CRISIS, a charity which looks after single homeless people and, just to make sure he was sufficiently challenged, he didn’t do any training beforehand!

To demonstrate that his line of business can provide some unusual occurrences, Mark recalled one client who wished to be buried with his trombone. This would normally be quite a challenge as a coffin can be quite a tight fit but in this case the problem was not as difficult as the deceased only had one leg!

Contact details: Telephone 01227 772300 or online 

Woollard and Kent 

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"; } ?> Pocahontas Vessel Tue 15/07/14

The Princess Pocahontas vessel visited Whitstable yesterday on a day trip, fully loaded with passengers.


Measuring in at 110ft, The Princess Pocahontas

The Princess Pocahontas was built in 1962, and named after the famous Indian Princess buried at Gravesend. She can hold up to over 200 people


MV Princess Pocahontas in Whitstable harbour yesterday afternoon

After stopping at Whitstable, she then left at 3.00 pm and went on to birth at Gravesend

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"; } ?> Live n Local #7 – 2014 Tue 15/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Telephone Bill & the Smooth Operators – You Send Me, Sur Les Docks – Wild Rover


Local Scenes – Christian Fellowship Church, Harbour Street

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"; } ?> Alister Atkin Mon 14/07/14

A secret performer himself,  Alister Atkin is most well known for his craftsmanship of beautiful guitars

Alistair Atkin

Alister Atkin

Alister studied guitar making whilst at The London School of Furniture Design, and has gone on to create some instruments for the likes of Elbow, Kate Walsh, Ronan Keating & Richard Hawley

After returning to his home town of Canterbury, he established and built up a guitar making business of such reputation that his name became synonymous with fine acoustic guitars

Contact details: Telephone 01227 719933 and online 

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Koolwebs Mon 14/07/14

Koolwebs are local web design maintenance company based in Tankerton looking after over 50 local sites


Bob Spreadborough and Kimmy Robson

Everyone associates websites with high cost, but it is possible to have a professional help you at a very reasonable cost

Contact on 01227 280 507 and online

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"; } ?> Live n Local #6 – 2014 Mon 14/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton – Good Joke, Terry Harrett – Forevermore


Local Scenes – Around the Alleys Poster

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"; } ?> Robinsons Solicitors Fri 11/07/14

Sandra Worth came in from Robinsons to talk about her life in the legal world. She now mainly deals with family law, including Wills & Probate, giving advice to more mature clients

She mentioned that she has a varied life away from the Law – she took time out to raise a family of three daughters, and is an active member of the Whitstable Business Club

Sandra Worth

Sandra Worth

Robinsons Solicitors, Canterbury – 01227 762 888 & their Website 

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"; } ?> The New Inn Fri 11/07/14

New publicans at the New Inn are no strangers to the town

New Inn

The New Inn

Roy Johnson and his wife Rebecca have run the New Inn since last year. A Whitstable “boy”, Roy worked in The Oyster Cinema, and The Duke of Cumberland before moving to London

Roy Johnson

Roy Robinson

When the New Inn became available, they leapt at the chance to return home. Back in 1860 it was the first ever purpose built pub in the town, and they have tried to return it to being one of Whitstable’s finest traditional hostelries

The New Inn Woodlawn Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1HG 01227 264 746

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"; } ?> Live n Local #5 – 2014 Fri 11/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Scarlet Rae & the Cherry Reds – Soulfull Boulfull, Southbank Duo – I’m Yours


Local Scenes – Harbour Street Artwork

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"; } ?> Beach Cafe Thu 10/07/14

Set in Beach Walk the ‘Beach Cafe’ has been in a number of hands over many years in the days of ‘Jacques Arcade’ it was ‘The Sisters’ run by sisters!

Beach Walk 1965

Beach Walk in 1965 (Red Sands Radio Archive)

Showing left the Snooker Club, ‘The Sisters Cafe’ with ‘Jacques Arcade’ opposite, now ‘The Waterfront’ at the Tower Parade end you’d have found the smaller ‘Jimmy’s Arcade’

Caroline & Matt Allom

Caroline & Matt Allom

Now in the hands of  Current owners above

Whitstable Business Club

Whitstable Business Club

Regular group clients such as the Whitstable Business Club who meet at the Beach Cafe every Thursday morning at 07.00 am

The Beach, 3 Beach walk, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1JQ 01227 282 167

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"; } ?> Live n Local #4 – 2014 Thu 10/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Nightwatch – Maybe Tomorrow, Rocky & the Natives – Oyster Girl


Local Scenes – Model Boat, Sundae Sundea Harbour Street

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"; } ?> Liz Crudgington’s Bike Ride Wed 09/07/14


Well done to Liz for completing  a 25 mile bike ride for charity last weekend

We’re not sure this is the actual bike, but it could have been!


Taken at Cushing’s View

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"; } ?> Tracey Blackman Wed 09/07/14

Tracey is a “Personal Travel Consultant” – tell her your travel dream, and she will (on most occasions) make your dream come true! Including one happy man who is going to drive around America in a Ford Mustang! 

Tracey Blackman

Tracey Blackman

And the personal service even extends to helping with problems during and after holidays – one lady left her false teeth on a plane! Tracey managed to return them to her.

Got a dream, or just a special family holiday? Contact Tracey on 01227 806220, or visit her web site.

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"; } ?> Marion Ware Hypnotherapy Wed 09/07/14

Marion Ware spoke about the basics of treatment by hypnosis, the effects and benefits, particularly in treating addictions like smoking, and helping worried mothers through childbirth.

She’s particularly concerned about the current high levels of obesity in children and adults, something that hypnotherapy can help to control.

Marion Ware

Marion Ware

She’s a relative newcomer to Whitstable, having  moved her practice here from Bristol a few years ago, after falling in love with the town when here on holiday.

More about Marion and her practice can be found on the Marion Ware Hypnotherapy web site: 

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"; } ?> Live n Local #3 – 2014 Wed 09/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Masque – Radio, Midnight Crew – Secret Paradise


Local Scenes – Yacht off East Quay Harbour Head

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"; } ?> Mike & Jill Shaw – Whitstable Regatta Tue 08/07/14

 Whitstable Lions 221st Regatta (2014)

Was first held in 1792 this year moved from August to 12th & 13th July

Mike & Jill Shaw

Mike & Jill Shaw

Being held this weekend Saturday 12th & Sunday 13 July along the slopes at Tankerton

New this year Owls about town, named after politicians!

The RV8tors remarkably fast aerobatic light aircraft display with powerful smoke

Sea King Helicopter supported by Whitstable & Margate Lifeboats

Along with the traditional fair, performing arts and bands, a must attend family event

Whitstable Lions 221st Regatta (2014)

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"; } ?> Gary Everson – Utility Warehouse Discount Club Tue 08/07/14

Visiting the ‘Live Lunch’ today Gary Everson of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club helps lower consumer bills

Gary Everson

Bob with Gary Everson

Run locally with wife Emma the club guarantee to save you money, typically £500 per-annum

Call Gary direct on 075 1000 1555 or Emma on 07908 228 910

There’s more at www.LowerBillsWith.Us

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"; } ?> Live n Local #2 – 2014 Tue 08/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: John Clarke & Katie Whitehouse – Dreamboat, Martin Fairbrother – Sway


Local Scenes – Lisa K

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"; } ?> Deborah – Whitstable Seaside Ltd Mon 07/07/14

Deborah Mylcrist explained the transition from the old Hillcross Estates to her new company, Whitstable Seaside Ltd, representing house owners (currently 51) who rent their properties to holiday makers in and around Whitstable

Deborah is an active member of the Whitstable Business Club, who meet regularly to promote the town.


Deborah Mylcrist

Many different nationalities are now coming to the area, attracted by the varied local amenities, shops and food, and the demand for rented accommodation has never been higher

If you want to know more, look at her web site –  Whitstable Seaside Ltd

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Ed the PC Guy Mon 07/07/14

Sharing over 26 years experience in helping clients with computing difficulties, faults and frustrations across East Kent from his base in Herne

DBS checked to work with the elderly and vulnerable and donates one day a week to AgeUK.  Training has become a big part of the work, especially for the over 60’s (silver surfers).  Working with home and small business users

Ed Barnard

07967 493856

01227 741284

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"; } ?> Live n Local #1 – 2014 Mon 07/07/14

Red Sands Radio local & unsigned music spots: Bringron – Dada, John ‘Dadio’ Clarke – Offshore Bedroom Tax


Local Scenes – Sky Fires over Tankerton


Local Scenes – Sky Fires over Tankerton

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"; } ?> New Voices for 2014 Wed 02/07/14

With a number of the team indisposed Red Sands Radio has some new voices

Reculver Camp

Times gone by Reculver Camp from the air

Coming aboard for the first time Willie Morgan with his infamous box of singles from the top of his wardrobe, pays ‘70’s Magic’ on a Sunday morning from 10.00

It’s welcome back to Kent to Willie who cut his teeth on Invicta’s Coast AM Rock Show from the Earl Street, Maidstone Studios, before moving on to the Chiltern Supergold

Last heard on Red Sands Radio in 2009, Glyn Richards makes a welcome return to share ‘Sunday Soul’ from 16.00. Herne resident Glyn’s an old hand at nautical radio!

Talking Offshore Radio, former Radio London 266 (Big L) Ian Damon man who lives in Counties Capital, Maidstone will also be on ‘Sunday Soul’

Finally, Southampton’s Simon Carter, one of the original Medway FM presenters retruns to Kent to cover the Red Sands Radio Café show on a Saturday from 13.00

The new voices of Red sands Radio, we hope you’ll like them

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Times Gone By Reeves’ Beach Wed 11/06/14

Red Sands Radio returns broadcasting from the centre of Whitstables historic Harbour from 7th July 2014

Reeves Beach

Times Gone by Reeves’ Beach Whitstable

For the latest information see our Press Releases & updates on social media

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"; } ?> Live n Local 2013 Fri 10/01/14

Live n Local – On the ‘Live Lunch’ the showcase spot of Local bands & unsigned artists

Week # 1    Scarlett Rea & the Cherry Reds, Rubber Biscuit, Screaming Cherry, Frank Mullin, Left of the Dial

Week # 2    Blacksundown, Cockney John, Go Eskimo, Chas Chandler, Chas Rigby,

Week # 3    Fecks, Al Morrison, Chris Gordan, Electric River, David Shepherd

Week # 4    Brad Pittance, Colin Newton, Kamakazi, Keytones, Junior Turner, Fireflys & exclusive 1st play of the first of four new EP’s which make an album by the Trouser Trumpets we play ‘Close to Moi’ 

Also see more artists featured in ‘Red Sands Music Scene’

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"; } ?> Finale 2013 Fri 26/07/13

Here are a selection of photographs of our area …

Night Harbour

Night Harbour

Tranquil Whitstable Harbour after hours …

Sun goes Down

Sun goes Down

… tide out but still an amazing sight …

Sea of Mud

Sea of Mud

… Red sunset at least the shepherds will be pleased …

Bay Flats

Bay Flats

… to the west the Whitstable Bay looking towards the Isle-of-Sheppey …

Tangle of Masts

Tangle of Masts

… Masts at Whitstable yacht Club … 

Beached Boat

Beached Boat

… beached boat at the old Horsebridge stone Ramp …

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"; } ?> Paranormal Whitstable – Amanda Byram Fri 26/07/13

Reported early in the week on Red Sands Radio, the ghostly happenings at Michael Knowles ‘Whitstable Nutrition Centre’ see Ghostly Whitstable

Hearing the reports we were called by Television Producer Stuart Andrews  about the new programme being produced about occurrences in small towns in England

Presented by Amanda Byram most recently of TV’s ‘Total Wipeout’, in the planned visit to Whitstable we met Amanda and the TV crew on the deck 

Amanda & Bob

Amanda Byram

Amanda vox-popped locals and visitors to hear about their ghost stories and experiences of the paranormal

We're watching you, watching us!

We’re watching you, watching us!

The lively interview covered various experinces including the haunted Bofors Gun Tower on Shivering Sands , which none of the radio DJ’s on Radio City liked to venture

A couple of people suggest the ghostly voice we have on our hour buffers qualifies

John says –  ‘The man on the bench up Borstal Hill – that was young Barnacle Bill that was’!

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"; } ?> Mark Dance Fri 26/07/13

Kent County Councillor Mark Dance, long-term supporter of Red Sands Radio popped in today to chat the next generation of young people going into work from college & schools and Mark stressed the importance of them having a work-ethic instilled in them, and how this is  being encouraged in Whitstable. 

Mark Dance - Kent County Councillor

Mark Dance

He also discussed Sandwich Science Park and how the site has just had a multi-million sea defence put in place so that it is now insurable

And a subject close to everyone’s heart in Whitstable – Harbour Street and the idea of  traffic restrictions and the proposal of a future park & ride scheme for the town which will have parking for up-to 300 vehicles.  In the meantime the possibility of using Whitstable Football Ground in the summer as a park and walk scheme to bring people down through Oxford Street into the town has been cited

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"; } ?> V.C Jones of Whitstable Fri 26/07/13

Artist Natalie Kay has teamed up with Matt Jones of V.C Jones Fish Restaurant & Takeaway to produce a special artwork in celebration of their 50th year trading at the heart of the community

The London based artist has regularly visited the popular eatery making drawings of staff, patrons and the venue’s interior

VC Jones Shop

VC Jones Shop

The limited edition ‘chip shop paper’ will be launched in the Whitstable Oyster Festival from 27th July 2013 and will remain in use whilst stocks last, free to customers purchasing a takeaway meal or as
collectible place mats

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

The family run V.C Jones of Whitstable was established in 1962) as a traditional fish and chip restaurant situated in the heart of Whitstable, serving fish and chip luncheons and suppers for over 50
years it currently encompasses three generations of the Jones’ family, who along with their predecessors have earned a loyal customer base and reputation for quality products and service

For more information on VC Jones:

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"; } ?> Mike Shaw Thu 25/07/13

Mike told us about the 220th Whitstable Regatta on 10th & 11th August …

Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw

… two days of traditional nautical fun and action, including the sailing barges, a Coastguard Helicopter, and the fantastic Firework Display that regularly attracts a crowd of up to 25,000

Whitstable's 220th Regatta Programme

Whitstable’s 220th Regatta Programme

Support by local business, with as all proceeds from the event going to The Lions charitable, make sure you’re there

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Colleen & Liz Thu 25/07/13

Colleen Ashwin-Kean spoke about this year’s Herne Bay in Bloom, and Herne Bay’s Giant Picnic in the Park on Saturday the 4th August. Colleen’s been involved with these projects since retirement, and their popularity is a testament to her hard work

Colleen Ashwin-Kean and Liz Crudgington

Colleen Ashwin-Kean & Liz Crudgington

Liz had a few interesting news stories this week; plans to restrict cars from Harbour Street at weekends, and the new craze of “Tombstoning” off Herne Bay Pier, involving jumping from a height into the sea

We think that’s what might have happened to Barnacle Bill, and he got stuck in the mud!

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"; } ?> Traffic Jam Thu 25/07/13

With news of a potential partial ban of traffic through Harbour Street and stories of driving horrors, here are a couple of photographs of Whitstable High Street on a normal day …



… needing no comment …

High Street

High Street

but perhaps a curse or two from bus drivers who are known to have taken more than 30 minutes to travel from Cromwell Road to the Horsebridge

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"; } ?> Ghostly Whitstable Thu 25/07/13

Brought to our attention yesterday, a ghost in Michael Knowle’s shop Whitstable Nutrition Centre

Or see Utube video here Whitstable Ghost

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"; } ?> The Trouser Trumpets Wed 24/07/13

Hailing from Whitstable, The Trouser Trumpets are an original musical comedy troupe and dance-band straddling the gap between Jazz, Music Hall, Vaudeville and Stand Up comedy. It sounded as if they rode into town on a horse

Steve and his coconuts admired by Bob

Steve and his coconuts admired by Bob

Steve on vocals (and coconut), Jelly Jim on guitar & I J on the slide whistle causing chaos at The Harbour Garden Cafe

To call them edgy and unexpected is an understatement! They performed their own “off the wall” version of ‘Hey Jude’

Trouser Trumpets on the Deck

Trouser Trumpets play Live on Red Sands Radio

 The Trouser Trumpets will be performing on Sunday 28th July @ 13:00hrs in The Harbour when the Oyster Festival will be in full swing.   Listen out for them, you won’t be able to miss it!

Steve Graham, Jim and Eric

Steve Graham, Jelly Jim and I J 

They have released a 4 track 10″ vinyl EP which will be available to buy (with free MP3 download included).

“To describe The Trouser Trumpets is slightly more difficult than painting the taste of water” 

For more information:

Listen to the 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

 from the Trouser Trumpet’s ‘A-Team’!

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"; } ?> Matthew Green – Vattenfall Kent Coast Windfarms Wed 24/07/13

Vattenfall, the European energy company, owns the Kentish Flats Wind Farm just off the coast of Whitstable and Herne Bay. A small group of technicians who look after that operation are based in Whitstable Harbour

Vattenfall Logo

Vattenfall also own the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm further along the coast, one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. Project Manager Matthew Green, a specialist in Offshore Construction, spoke about the schemes

Matthew Green

Matthew Green

Each wind turbine has a design life of 20 years, and regular service checks make sure repairs are carried out with the minimum disruption.  The electricity is brought ashore by 4 cables buried in the mud, delivering energy that is green but expensive at the moment. Matthew stressed that it’s an investment for the future, in fact they have just agreed a plan to add a further 17 turbines to the area

Vattenfall are also involved in investigating other forms of “green energy” such as hydro & offshore tidal projects. For more information on Vattenfall and the Kentish Flats Wind Farm, take a look at their website:

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"; } ?> Memories of World War II at Whitstable Harbour Tue 23/07/13

The West Family, Derek, Jean and Graham came in to talk about Derek’s experiences as a young boy in Whitstable during the War

Graham, Jean and Derek West

Graham, Jean and Derek West

Do you remember Flame Throwers at the Harbour entrance fueled from tanks built into the Quayside, the Air-raid Shelters, & the Gun emplacements?

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Kent Enterprise Trust Tue 23/07/13

On the deck today Phil Lennard & Nicky Raeburn from the Kent Enterprise Trust, part of Social Enterprise Kent, organisations working for a social purpose, based in Herne Bay and working across Kent

Phil Lennard and Nicky Raeburn from the Kent Enterprise Trust.

Phil Lennard & Nicky Raeburn

The Trust provides help and information for young disadvantaged people, whether physically or mentally who need support in finding – or returning to employment. More information on their web site –

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"; } ?> Barnacle Bill Story Mon 22/07/13

The mystery began on Saturday 20th July …

Has anyone seen Barnacle Bill?  He’s not been heard from since Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock.  No one has seen him on ‘Herne Bay’s Heritage Trail’ either, it’s a real mystery

Mind you, we heard through the grapevine that he was seen messing around with some old diving gear.  Is this Bill? Perhaps he’s gone diving for treasure?  Doubt he’ll find much, other than a few old munitions and shell cases off our coast!

Barnacle Bill?

Barnacle Bill?

Oh that reminds me … there was a large explosion in Herne Bay last week, apparently a Second World War parachute mine was caught in a fisherman’s net.  The Royal Navy bomb disposal unit blew it up, with plumes of water rising more than 5 metres in the air. Was Barnacle Bill caught up in the blast?!

Herne Bay Bomb Explosion

Herne Bay Bomb Explosion

No, on second thoughts that was last Thursday.  Oh well, guess we’ll hear sooner or later… Hopefully a terrible catastrophe hasn’t befallen our Bill …

Have You Seen Barnacle Bill?

Those old diving suits are dodgy, drownd – Grant

Those Reculver Towers are right near the edge, I hope he didn’t get too close! – Sandy

He’s run off with a Fisher Woman – Brenda

I was last person to see him on my show! – Kevin ‘Cafe’ White

Maybe he got hit by one of those bouncing bomb, mind you it’s been a while since Baaaaaaarns Wallace fired one of them in the area

Perhaps he’s gone shopping in that diving suit. I’m sure I saw a bag like that somewhere? (New Whitstable Chamber of Commerce)

 Barnacle Bill Latest – Bubbles!

Bubbles from Bill?

Bubbles from Bill?

I saw these bubbles off Long Rock, did Bill cause the  problem at ‘The Brook’ see What’s that Pong – Philip

Barnacle Bill Latest – Clothes!

Bills Jacket!

Bills Jacket!

During Wednesday’s Home Run, a startled swimmer found a Sou’wester and fleece that we believe belong to salty sea-dog Barnacle Bill.  They were washed up by Whitstable Harbour, fuelling concerns that the Herne Bay legend could be lost to the sea he so loved

Many of you have now joined the search for Barnacle Bill

Think we might need to contact M9 and get John Drake on the case. Anyone heard any random playing’s of the Blue Danube or seen the silhouette of a submarine! – Dean Arney

Was it you Bill, steering the Astrid around the Soveriegn Islands, I told you that you didnt know your port from starboard…or your a… from your e…lol

Shopped Barnacle

Shopped Barnacle

Snapped in Whitstable, High Street could it be, no as confirmed by the owner his fate remains unknown

Reports that the old chap was at sea over the weekend apparently in a Kayak …

… listen to the closedown 2013 in the Catch up Player for the full story

Thursday 22nd August 2013 a sharp eyed photographer snapped this picture …

Bill Spied?

Bill Spied?

… could it be that Barnacle Bill has returned from the Canary Islands? 

Like Barnacle Bill at

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Big Jump 2013 Mon 22/07/13

Friend of the station and sponsor Stewart Neame came in to talk about one of his pet projects The Big Jump. The Rotary Club of Herne Bay are holding an abseiling event at St Anne’s Court in Herne Bay on Saturday 24th August. This is one of their charity events, and they are looking for “Jumpers”

David & Stewart from Herne Bay Rotary Club

David & Stewart from Herne Bay Rotary Club

Fellow Rotarian David Curtiss stressed how safe the event is.  They have qualified ex-army lads to supervise and control the actual jumps – they had over 88  hardy people last year including a 74 year old lady! He told Bob that this was the third year of The Big Jump, with last years’ event raising an incredible £20,000. Anyone who takes part can support the charity of their choice.  There is a small fee to cover costs

For more information email: or phone 01227 372 128

Connaught Bingo's Red Sands Radio Banner

Connaught Bingo’s Red Sands Radio Banner

Or pop in to The Connaught Bingo, Central Parade Herne Bay and get yourself a registration form

"; } else { $count=0; echo "

"; } ?> Geoff Laurens Antiques Mon 22/07/13

Bob popped off today to have a quick chat with local antiques dealer, Geoff from ‘Geoff Laurens Antiques’

Originally from Sevenoaks, Geoff has been trading in Whitstable since 1970.  At that time there were between 16 – 20 antique dealers but Geoff cited high rents and “DFL’s” buying property as a couple of reasons for their demise.  He also commented how antiques come in and out of fashion, and although it is tough today, he is confident there will be a revival

Geoff Laurens Antiques

Geoff Laurens Antiques

Geoff is a well established character in Whitstable

Geoff Laurens

Geoff Laurens

He welcomes the tourist industry but has noticed that what they like to do best is eat, so, perhaps he’ll start serving his own fresh woodworm sandwiches …

If you want a mooch around, Geoff is based at 2 – 3 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG

T: 01227 261 940

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Founded by John Budgen in 1872, Budgens is believed to be one of the oldest supermarket brands in Great Britain. Initially a small, local grocer, the company has expanded and over time the Budgens name appeared on a number of stores throughout the South of England, establishing a reputation for servicing the local communities around England’s high streets and suburban towns with quality products.  

Binny Amin & Joel Goss

Binny Amin & Joel Goss

Bob met manager Binny Amin and Joel Goss from Froggies to discuss their collaboration.

Joel Goss from Froggies at The Timber Batts is so impressed by the quality of Budgen’s stock that he is sourcing some of his produce from their for his family-run restaurant, Froggies at The Timber Batts.  He is also planning to set up some cookery demonstrations from the store, so keep your eyes open for dates.  The Timber Batts Inn is located in a charming 15th century building in the beautiful Kent countryside in Bodsham Green.  The pub has a cosy, atmospheric bar, low beamed ceilings for a guaranteed hearteningly cosy dining experience.

For more information on Budgens or Froggies, check out their websites:

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Today Bob met Julia & Glen from Homing Park.  The couple, happily married for 36 years, originated from Durham, relocated to Alicante, Spain where Glenn ran a bar and Julia worked as an estate agent.  They then saw the job advertised at Homing Park, luckily were recruited, and have been managing it for the last year and a half.  They both love Whitstable and it was part of the the reason they took the job.  Julia & Glenn stressed how important it was to them to maintain the high award status the park has achieved and also to keep it as rural and natural looking as possible.

Friendly couple, Julia & Glenn

Friendly couple, Julia & Glenn

Homing is the friendly family run five star awarded holiday park.  The park stands in about twelve and a half acres and comprises 195 plots for holiday caravans and 43 for tourers and tents.  They are about 3/4 of a mile from Seasalter beach, and Whitstable and it’s harbour is just over two miles away.

For 2012 the Tourist Board inspectors awarded them a Five Star rating and they have a 4 Pennant AA rating. They’re also the proud holder of  a Silver David Bellamy award for conservation on holiday parks, and the loos have been awarded Gold status in the Loo-of-the-Year Awards!

They have caravan holiday homes for sale or  to hire or alternatively have a touring and camping park.   All their pitches are grassy and level, and have the benefit of free electric, water, grey-water drainage and a TV connection.

For more information take a look at their website: or call: 01227 771777.