Meet the Team

Red Sands Radio broadcasts to the Thames Estuary Basin & North Kent Coastal Towns. The non-profit making organisation promotes & supports the region, its people & events, whilst at the same time acknowledging it’s beginnings on the Offshore Forts where free radio began. Red Sands Radio’s core team remains but grows to include more local people annually. We’re grateful for the contribution of all our staff, supporters, sponsors and advertisors without their support we wouldn’t be on-air

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi has been in radio virtually all his working life; from the mid 60’s as a youngster on Radio City, throught to Radio Caroline, the BBC, Private, & ILR Radio to winning a licence for his own ILR station. He’s run stations overseas, writes, produces and voices commercials. The highly successful Red Sands Radio was Bob’s brainchild which since forming in 2007

Sandy Le-Roi

Sandy Le-Roi

When Red Sands Radio first took to the airwaves in 2007, Sandy was a regular working girl managing the Forensic Laboratory at Police Headquarters in Maidstone, but somehow she was pulled into the project as ‘Mission Control’

The first two years of broadcasting from Red Sands Fort brought unique challenges for ‘Mission Control’ in terms of transporting personnel and consumable supplies by tender to and from the Forts, often in difficult weather conditions

Down the line, and having retired from full-time work, Sandy is now an accepted member of the team with responsibility for arranging Presenters’ lodgings, maintaining supplies (including home baked cakes), organising timetables, and trying to keep the boss under control – the hardest bit by far!!

Roy Gooderson

Roy Gooderson

Roy has been a supporter of the station since the Fort days, and fan of offshore radio since visiting Radio Caroline & Laser ships back in the 80’s. A familiar face in Whitstable as proprietor of R.G. Electronics in Oxford St. which in 2011 celebrated its 30th anniversary

Roy is a founder member of Canterbury Harriers running club and can be found starting and commentating at the Whitstable 10k & supplies P.A. for Whitstable Festivals and local events. Whitstable Castle is one of many local businesses that rely on a phone system installed by Roy and most local Schools have sound systems and 2 way radios from the shop

As well as running, Roy water ski’s and has been a keen drag racing fan, having riden in a special 2 seater dragster doing 169mph in 7.9 seconds!

David Phillips

David has spent most of his working life in Radio and Television engineering. Starting in private mobile radio, moving onto BT and later satellite broadcasting with Arqiva

He’s worked in radio broadcasting for Radio Windy in Wellington, Austaralia and WDMJ in Mitchigan USA

Through a mutual friend John Ross Barnard from 60’s offshore radio, and his return to the Fort broadcasts of Red Sands Radio, he offered his experience to the station from 2009

Tony Pine

One of the original Offshore Radio engineers, Tony built the 200′ radio mast on Radio City, at the time the tallest Pirate Radio antenna. Tony & his lads as he calls them, went on to erect two antennas for Red Sands Radio in 2007 & 2008 on the Red Sands Fort

More recently he’s constructed the catwalk joining the Southern Gun Tower to the Control Tower on Red Sands, a feat he last undertook in 1966 on Shivering Sands

Peter Chicago

His broadcast technician reputation goes before him as one of the mainstays of Radio Caroline as Radio Engineer on the Mi-Amigo, a spell on Radio Northsea International and very much the man that brought Caroline back from the Ross Revenge

Peter in recent years has been working for Alice Soundtech maintaining transmitters throughout the UK and overseas, he’s been Red Sands Radio’s senior radio engineer since we began in 2007

Matt Smith

Matt Smith with his cuppa!

Matt Smith the Red Sands Radio I.T guru relaxes with an ever-present mug of tea. He’s been with Red Sands Radio since 2007 when we first operated from the Forts, and was instrumental in providing links and the webstream from the Towers

Matt’s day to day work takes him from looking after the I.T at a number of colleges and schools to designing and proving operating systems. He’s quite a handy man too having just refitted a friend’s motor cruisers. For relaxation he’s quite a dab hand at playing rock guitar

Richard Amos

A Whitstable Native, Richard came to Red Sands Radio in 2011. Studying at Simon Langton Grammar School then City University to become a professional electronics engineer in the defence industry. After 44 years service with GEC-Marconi (BAE Systems) at Rochester he’s a retired programme manager responsible for US and world-wide aircraft military avionics projects. With this background he gladly assists behind the scenes editing What’s On, and in a number of technical and administrative roles

Kate Harris

Kate Harris

Kate joined us after reading about Red Sands Radio in the Whitstable Times in 2013. She’d previously worked in television production for 17 years booking celebrities and musicians for various television programmes. ‘Shooting Stars’ and ‘Celebrity Master Chef’ were two shows she particularly enjoyed working on

She retrained as an interior designer and has lived in Whitstable for two years

Amiee Hawkins


Completing her degree in Graphic Design Amiee learnt about Red Sands Radio from the Whitstable Times. At home with computers she joined us in 2014 & can be found most days administrating aspects of the website

She’s also out & about on her Dutch style bicycle gathering ‘Shop Watch’ candidates

Phil Hyland

Phil Hyland - HOLD

An employee of Connaught Bingo in Herne Bay Phil volunteered help from 2013. He’s proved invaluable in help build his sponsorships ‘Live Lunch’ webfeatures 

Bass guitarist in the band ‘Full Circle’ he along with the other members of the group sang the bingo clubs jingle that’s aired by Red Sands Radio

David Badby

20140729_161302athumbnail (2)

Retired business man and Tankerton resident David foolishly offered to help out behind the scenes in 2014

Comfortable in the I.T environment, David proved an asset researching background features, guests and features for the Hot Breakfast

Joe Kelly


Joe or ‘Rockin’ Ronnie’ as we call him, is something of a dance music fan. We auditioned him for making a music sweep for Saturdays but it tunrned out he was to edgy for core time. Ronnie’s Out and about across the Coastal Towns he’s gathered a good number of our ‘Shop Watch’ business’s

Angie Northern

Angie Northern

Angie helped in 2013 when she saw a vacancy advertised in the Whitstable Times. Formerly Editor of Swiss News, a monthly magazine targeting ex-pats living in Switzerland, and English Editor of Swiss Business Society. Between jobs as an English Teacher she’ll be helping out behind the scenes gathering local information, organising guests, visiting businesses for Shop Watch. Fielding phone calls and emails and making vast vats of tea and providing suitable refreshments as and when required

Fiona Glendinning

Fiona Glendinning

Fiona is the daughter of the late John Glendinning one of the senior engineers on Radio 390. In 2009 you’ll have seen her out and about in the Red Sands Radio car looking after the stations unique ‘Shop Watch’

In her own words “Whilst I’m no engineer I was thrilled to be part of Red Sands Radio, something I know my dad would have been surprised but delighted about” You can find out more and see some exclusive never before published photographs of Fiona’s father John here

Stewart Neame

Stewart Neame

Stewart Neame is a well known local businessman, and former owner of Connaught Bingo in Central Parade Herne Bay and ‘The Oxford’ in Whitstable now ‘The Peter Cushing’

Stewart’s long championed local causes and charities and became a Red Sands Radio sponsor in 2012-2013

Phil Hadler

Phil Hadler

Formerly with the Herne Bay based communications company ICOM. Phil literally came aboard with amateur radio GB0RSL which also operated from the Red Sands Fort in 2008

Commitments with his own business Hadler Guitars saw Phil step down to a support and background role at Red Sands Radio from 2012

Sean Reilly

Responsible for developing the Red Sands Radio website in 2011-2012

Sean has worked within sales and marketing for many years with brands large and small. Now working as a  marketing consultant his company ‘CanMarket’ is helping local businesses and organisations get the most out of the digital world

Sean lives in Chartham with his wife and two kids, runs for the Canterbury Harriers as well as being on their committee, he likes to get out and have adventures whenever he can!

Tony Bose


Helped out at Red Sands Radio part time from 2009 – 2012 Tony training locally he spent time at Whitstable’s Tele Radio (Now Deco 5) under Nobby Arnold, before going to Canterbury Hi-Fi

Up until the 1980’s he ran a highly successful Disco Roadshow boasting top London Hotels as clients in addition was a senior engineer at Bose (UK) based in Gillingham