Bob’s 60’s Splash

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With more musical memories than you can possibly handle! Listen in to the programme that plays the widest selection of songs from what was probably the most influential musical decade ever: Hear the Groups, Soloists, the facts and tracks with extra texture from a records played from original vinyl

The way it was through the 1960’s on ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ promises to gets Solid Gold Sunday off to a great start 

Sprinkled with regular What’s On bulletins it’s the only way to start your Sunday morning

Bob Le-Roi in the 60's

1960’s Bob Le-Roi

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Fort Antenna Wed 07/02/18

The ferocious gales of early 2018 have brought down the second of two antennas built by Red Sands Radio. The fist single dipole mast proved inadequate shearing at the base insulator during erection over two weekends. Whilst only designed for the 2007 broadcast, the popularity of the station encouraged a return the following year

Sourcing a fibre glass lattice mast, a second antenna was erected and has since been fully maintained. Unfortunately, unauthorised boarders made a fire on the top of the G1 Tower, resulting in damage to the lattice base and weakening several insulators. This damage was hastily repaired, and in April 2017 new stainless guys and several new insulators fitted

Exposed to the rigours of the weather and prevailing westerly winds, funnelling down the Thames Estuary, it’s understandable why the Forts have deteriorated to such an extent. To give an indication, I recall in 1965 we lost galvanised steel buckets filled with sea water, and even a small boat overboard!

Red Sands Radio came ashore in 2009 and broadcast from Whitstable Harbour until 2014. But we’d always hoped to make further broadcasts from the Fort. Sadly the high winds of 2018 were the final straw for the antenna which had stood for over ten years. Finally, it’s testament to designer Guy Maunsell who said with proper care the Forts would stand for 200 years. However, built by largely unskilled labour in 1943, and without structural maintenance since 1958 it’s remarkable that the Forts have stood so long

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"; } ?> New Features October 2017 Sun 01/10/17 is back with another mammoth website update

SS Southern Buoy 1969 3a

‘Scrapbook’ has a new Radio City feature with transparencies (slides) taken of Shivering Sands in the late 1960’s

Much lengthy research has produced a fairly comprehensive list of programme and DJ theme tunes from all of the stations that have broadcast from the Red Sands Fort

Whilst on the Oxford Canal earlier this year we took a stroll to the Old Clifton Hall at Clifton-Upon-Dunsmore, home of Reg Calvert’s 1960’s ‘School of Rock & Roll’

Catching up with John Edward aka Johnny Flux at the 50th anniversary of the 60’s Offshore Stations, we’ve finally completed a feature on Johnny’s long and interesting career

Whilst across in the ‘Personal Pages’ by request pictures of the inauguration of Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Plus a leisurely look around the Crich Tramways Museum, woodlands walk, memorial grounds and tower

This times ‘One Subject One Link’ has a contribution that talks about the many new small community stations coming on-air and the quality of some presenters

Enjoy your visits to

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"; } ?> Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration Sun 01/10/17

Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration …

Vattenfall Inauguration

Guests & Vattenfall Staff aboard the MV Balmoral

The Swedish Power Company Vattenfall invited guests to the offic1al inauguration of the Kentish Flats Windfarm that had been extended from 30 to 45 turbines

Sailing from Ramsgate on 1st Junbe 2016 around the North Foreland to the eastern edge of the windfarm and afterwards to Whitstable Harbour

For the full feature visit

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"; } ?> Bob’s 60’s Splash Sat 27/08/16

1st on air in 1988 & on various stations since. It’s back ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ from 13.00 BST this afternoon on Maritime Radio 101.4 FM


Big Splash


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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes Wed 06/07/16

We’ve had a number of enquiries about the Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes so here;s the information:

The Red Sands Radio Themes & Fillers

The Red Sands Radio Station Opening Theme Tune used from 2007 – 2014 is by the French Band ‘Air’ entitled ‘La Femme D’Argent’ (The Silver Woman/The Money Girl)

This comes from their album ‘Moon Safari’ recorded in Paris between April – June 1997 & released on the 19th January 1998, in the UK by Virgin Records: 7243 8 44978 2 8

I was given an advanced copy by Fiona at Virgin when running Medway FM where we promoted the track ahead of it becoming popular to a wider audience. It was included daily during the ‘Medway FM Café Live Lunch’

Red Sands Radio Closedown Theme Tune is by ‘Franck Pourcel’ entitled ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’. The track from the Musical of the same name was composed in 1929. ‘Robert Goulet’ also recorded it in 1965 for his ‘On Broadway‘ LP which Offshore Radio Essex used as a Tender call

Red Sands Radio Fort

We played it in tribute to the original Radio 390 theme, which was a KPM library piece by the ‘Telecast Orchestra’ called ‘Sentimental’, sounding very similar & often confused with ‘On A Clear Day’ There’s no evidence, although many think Frank Chacksfield recorded the track

The late French Orchestral leader ‘Franck Pourcel’ recorded the track originally in 1965 with vocals for the ‘Overture’ LP

Re-recorded, it appeared again in France on a 1977 compilation Music Cassette called ‘Unforgettable Melodies’ featuring the orchestras of Franck Pourcel, Ron Goodwin, Geoff Love & Manuel & His Music Of The Mountains

‘Unforgettable Memories’ on CD was released in UK on the EMI Music for Pleasure Label: CD-DL-11- 1120 in 1991 & Readers Digest included it on ‘Melodies Moods & Memories’ an 8 vinyl LP set in 199 GMMM-A-215

Both tracks, as well as the 30+ Red Sands Radio fillers were edited to suit, & remixed with ‘live’ atmospheric recordings of the resident Fort Seagulls, the Redsands North Buoy, & waves lapping around the Forts legs

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 13/07/15

Red Sands Radio 2015 …

RSR Antenna

Red Sands Radio Antenna

With many people disappointed that Red Sands Radio isn’t on-air for what would have been our 9th year, we reiterate the reason(s) we’re not on-air as usual this summer

Whilst we’ve sighted a shortage of competent professional presenters: Press Release #2 2015

In tandem we have a deficiency in funding with both KCC (Kent County Council) & CCC (Canterbury City Council) no longer contributing towards the project

In the background the Local Authority have plans to redevelop our harbour studio building so we’ve had to vacate the premises

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"; } ?> Staff Shortages hit Local Radio Station Fri 01/05/15

Red Sands Radio Staff  Shortages

Red Sands Radio Flag b

Red Sands Radio Flag

Based in the historic harbour at Whitstable, Red Sands Radio originally broadcast from the Offshore Forts and this year is suffering a severe shortfall in staff

“Red Sands Radio Founder MD and Programme Director Bob Le-Roi said; “With a small core of dedicated key members it’s always been difficult to juggle life-work commitments with running Red Sands Radio”

“We strive to achieve a high standard at Red Sands Radio with core daytime programmes hosted by professional broadcasters. However, when they become indisposed or indeed things go wrong we don’t have sufficient quality back-up”

“This coupled with a shortfall at weekends; we haven’t the resources to provide the quality of service the Coastal Towns expect of us. Consequently with regret, it’s unlikely Red Sands Radio will be on-air for its 9th successive year in 2015”

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"; } ?> Coastal Towns Events Sat 11/04/15

 Run by Red Sands Radio and relaunched the Coastal Towns Events Website


Coastal Towns Events

The definitive listing of what’s going on along the coast: The Coastal Towns Events Website came about in trial format after a number of Whitstable and Herne Bay Liaison Group Meetings 

Run experimentally by Red Sands Radio and powered by Koolwebs, the site quickly proved popular, and at the trial peak listed more than 700 events 

With Local Authority approval and a positive reaction from the Community and business, the site has re-launched in a more appealing and user-friendly format

 It’s easy to use and simple to get your event added quickly

 If it’s going on Locally it should be in the Coastal Towns Events Website from Red Sands Radio  

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"; } ?> Manfred Mann Sun 03/08/14

Initially the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers came together with South African keyboardist Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg who’d had a house band in Clacton-on-Sea forming a new British Rhythm  & Blues band with Jazz leanings

Manfred Mann were chart regulars in the 1960s, and the first group from the south-of-England to top the US charts

In addition to Manfred Mann on the keyboards, Mike Hugg took care of Drums, Vibes & Piano, Mike Vickers on Guitar & Alto Sax & Paul Jones out front singing and playing the Harmonica

Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann

Their debut July 1963 release an instrumental ‘Why Should We Not’ failed to chart but got them noticed

In 1964 the group provided a new theme tune for the ITV pop programme Ready Steady Go, with weekly television exposure their song “5-4-3-2-1” rose to No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart

The band then struck gold with “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” which topped the UK, US and Canadian charts

In 1966, Paul Jones was replaced by Mike d’Abo and the group had  their third UK No 1 with Bob Dylan’s “Mighty Quinn”

Paul Jones went on to a career as radio DJ focusing mainly on Rhythm & Blues

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"; } ?> Pink Floyd – Relics Sun 03/08/14

Eventual Super Group of the next decade Pink Floyd first formed in 1965 in London

Founder members Sid Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and John Wright played on the underground scene, just  before cutting their first single – ‘Arnold Layne’

David Gilmour joined in December 1967 to complete their classic line up

They recorded their first album, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, with “See Emily Play” being their second top ten hit


‘Relics’ cued on the Radio 390 turntable

Sid Barrett left the band after well documented problems with drugs and alcohol

By the turn of the decade the record buying public had turned to albums

Pink Floyd became a “Stadium Band”, always at the forefront of current technology and innovation, including the biggest and best light displays at their concerts

Record Companies anxious to recycle their catalogue  regularly released compilation albums, “Relics” came out in May 1971, tracks were included from “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, “Saucerful of Secrets” and “More” a score for a film dealing with drugs on Ibiza

The formitable “Dark Side of the Moon” came out in March 1973, to date is a classic of classic albums selling over 50 Million copies worldwide

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"; } ?> Early Morning Splash Sat 02/08/14

We make the most of the sea with a daily dip, sailing or cycling or walking the prom’


East Quay Mooring

Swim – This early – A little cool yet


Cormorant drying

Bob’s 60’s Splash with the songs that made the decade memorable

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"; } ?> The Who Sun 27/07/14

Formed at about the same time as 1964 Pirate Radio came on the scene, the Who’s line-up had lead singer Roger Daltry, Guitarist Pete Townsend, Bass played John Entwistle & pounding the drums Keith Moon

Starting out as ‘The Detours’ they released a single under the name ‘The High Numbers’, but it was the infectious rock single ‘I Can’t Explain’ that featured the vocal talents of three session men who went on to become ‘The Ivy League’ they made it big as ‘The Who’

The Who

The Who

Several highly acclaimed singles followed: ‘My Generation’, ‘Substitute’ & ‘Happy Jack’, regarded as a hit-singles band they soon evolved into a respected Rock band

The Who’s John Entwistle is said to have loved ‘Cliff’s  ‘Move It’ which decided him to become a guitarist, but he couldn’t afford a guitar

Both of John’s parents were musical, his father played French Horn & his mother Piano, hearing Duane Eddy, John went on to build his own instrument

By 1982 the band called it a day, the Who performed several reunions up until John Entwistle died in 2007, since

In June this year Pete Townsend trawled over 20,000 hours of recording sifting songs for a new album & has said the last ever tour by ‘The Who’ will be 2015 marking 50 years, not a bad run

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"; } ?> Gerry & the Pacemakers – How Do You Like It? Sun 27/07/14

Yet another of those Liverpudlian bands that built a following overseas in Germany’s Hamburg

The apprenticeship paid off under Brian Epstein’s Management & recording, making them the 1st band to reach the top of the chart with three successive singles, a record not equalled until the 1980’s

Gerry Pacemakers

Gerry & The Pacemakes 1st LP How Do You Like It?

Sitting on one of the Radio 390 original Garrard 301’s ready to roll

Brothers Gerry & Fred Marsden with Les Chadwick & Arthur McMahon formed as Gerry & the Mars Bars in 1959

Pianist Arthur Mac as  he was know departed & replaced by Les Maguire, the chocolate company complained about their name so they became Gerry & the Pacemakers

Mitch Murray wrote a song turned down by Adam Faith produced by George Martin  ‘How Do You Do It’ became the 1st hit

The early success began to wane after ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ with a disappointing #15 placing for ‘I’ll Be There’, and an even worst result at #33 for ‘Walk Hand In Hand’

Gerry & the Pacemakers will remain musically immortal after the adoption by their native ‘Liverpool Football Clubs’ use of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ 

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"; } ?> Disc Dress – 33 or 45? Sun 27/07/14

Getting in the mood for the ’60’s Splash’

Disco Dress

Diva Dress

This striking dress was spotted outside, wonder what turntable speed I should set 33 or 45 rpm?


‘Noa Noa’ in Harbour Street

Sell a very colourful selection of fashion and vintage retro items

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"; } ?> Tasty Sun 27/07/14

Brief visit to the Food Fair last night we spoke to Gary of ‘Taste of the Wind’ to get a flavour of the event


Gary & his team at ‘Taste of the Wild’

Based in Manchester you can catch 07925 928 997

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"; } ?> It’s Early in the Morning Sun 27/07/14

… will you hear the song of ‘Early in the Morning’, em not today maybe next week, but here are some early shots around the harbour …


 Lovely colours as fishing sit on the ebbing tide


Harbour Basin

Peace & quite won’t last on Harbour Food Festival day two

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"; } ?> Herman’s Hermits Sun 20/07/14

Formed in Manchester in 1963 and produced by Mickie Most, ‘Herman’s Hermits’  had a clean cut image personified by their lead singer Peter Noone, with immaculate suits and perfectly groomed hair

They picked up their name in their local Manchester pub when the landlord made the comment Peter looked something like Sherman in the Rocky & Bullwinkle Cartoon

Dropping the ‘S’ from Sherman Peter became Herman

Music played an influence on a young Peter, his Irish Grandfather’s said to have encouraged his singing 

The first hit Herman’s Hermits biggest, and their only number one was their debut single – “I’m Into Something Good” which top the charts in August 1964

Success took them to the USA to appear on the then virtually compulsory Ed Sullivan TV Show

Herman's Hermits

Herman’s Hermits

In the late 1960’s Peter Noone bought the Hotel St George on the seafront in Herne Bay for his parents which they ran independently

The old Hotel established on the site in 1896 closed in 2003 and was demolished with flats built on the site in 2006

The band released successive singles accumulating a total of 20 hits up until 1970

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"; } ?> Freddie & The Dreamers – 1st LP Sun 20/07/14

With a couple of years hits tucked under their belt Freddie & the Dreamers, despite their comic routine were highly accomplished musicians

Their act was based around the antics of lead singer Freddie Garrity, who’d bounced around the stage making silly noises before settling into their set

Their 1st LP is described as providing a cross section of their show-stopping act

Freddie Dreamer

In bed with Freddie & the Dreamers 1st album ‘The Two Faces of Freddie (and the eight faces of the Dreamers)

Originating for Manchester they achieved 4 top 10 UK hits, first with a cover version of James Ray’s hit ‘If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody’, which featured in the film ‘What A Crazy World’

The other chart singles were – ‘I’m Telling You Now’, ‘You Were Made For Me’ and ‘I Understand’

 Highly organised every member of the band worked hard to ensure their act was slick and entertaining

Said once to hanker after buying London’s Windmill Theatre, at least they had ambition

Freddie & the Dreamers remained active until Freddie was diagnosed with a heart condition, playing their final gig at Margate’s Winter Gardens in December 2001, Freddie sadly died in May 2006

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"; } ?> The Fortunes Sun 13/07/14

Originally the Fortunes were known as the ‘Cliftone’s’ named after Reg Calvert’s residential home and music School Clifton House

Birmingham based group, managed by Reg Calvert also owner of  Radio City that broadcast from the Shivering Sand Forts off our coastline, came to prominence after recording the song ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’ a track used by the station to hail a tender

The song made number 2 in the UK and was a world wide hit making the top of the charts in Canada & the top 10 in the USA


The follow up single ‘Caroline’ was adopted  by rival Radio City station Radio Caroline as their signature tune

The singles ‘I Like The Look Of You’, ‘Look Homeward Angel’ ‘Here It Comes Again & finally ‘This Golden Ring’ made the charts despite recording other songs these were their last 60’s hits

In the early 1970’s they had success again with ‘That Same Old Feeling’, ‘Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again’,  Freedom Come, Freedom Go, ‘Storm In A Teacup’ but over to Willie Morgan for the Fortunes 1970’s tracks

The Fortunes  had the compliment of being  asked by the Coca Cola company to sing on one of their jingles, which you’ll hear on the ‘Through Midnight’ programme here on Red Sands Radio  

The Fortune are part of the ‘Solid Gold 60’s Show’ at Margate Winter Gardens on 18th October 2014

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"; } ?> In The Hollies Style Sun 13/07/14

Dating from Primary School, friends Alan Clarke & Graham Nash played together in the Skiffle craze in the late 1950’s, their duo sound was modelled on the Everly Brothers, teaming up with members of the ‘Fourtones’ they became the Hollies

Ron Richards the sleeve narrator, made the point the pace of the LP is set from track one

A medley of ‘Nitty Gritty & Something’s Gotta Hold On Me’

Hollies Style

‘In The Hollies Style’

Record in 1964 the 12 track long player ‘In The Hollies Style’ is the groups second offering, seven of the tracks are Hollies compositions

Amongst the gems the Big Dee Irvin song ‘What Kind Of Boy’ which he wrote the track especially for the Hollies whilst on tour with them

Ending the Hollies Style  with one of the bands old faithfuls is ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ which they’ve been performing since they first formed

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"; } ?> Thanet Marathon Sun 01/09/13

Organised by the Thanet Road Runners the Kent Coast Marathon & Half Marathon took place from Palm Bay School, Cliftonville at 09.30 on Sunday 1st September 2013

Kaddy & Roy

Kaddy & Roy

Canterbury Harriers Founder and part of Red Sands Radio Roy Gooderson (RG Electronics) ran the PA joined by TV South East freelance weather girl Kaddy Lee-Preston

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"; } ?> British Water Ski Racing Thu 08/08/13

The North Kent GB National Round 6 was held off Whitstable on Sunday 4th August 2013

British Water Ski Racing

British Water Ski Racing

Formula 1 favourite Skier Market Trader aged 48 from Chigwell in Essex in Boat number 47 driven by 50 year old Martin Wiles MD of a Peterborough Haulage Company with navigator 23 year old Sean McCann a Cambridge Chartered Accountant romped home first

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Undeterred by the furious action at sea this bumble bee gets busy collecting pollen from plants on Tankerton Slopes

Slope Huts

Slope Huts

The western beach huts on Tankerton slopes

Harbour Street

Harbour Street

Harbour Street, a few seconds later a bus made it’s way through what is the main thoroughfare, lorries including Bretts from the Harbour have no alternative route leaving town

A disaster waiting to happen, yet nothings being done to make an alternative safe route, or ease congestion in the town centre, hampered by parking bays both sides of the High Street free to use at weekends

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"; } ?> Hot 60’s Jock Carlos Sun 21/07/13

Catch up with ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ this weekend as Spanish speaking  Carlos visits Red Sands Radio …



… Carlos says he’s a great Rolling Stones fan any chance of a tune by the ‘hip herbal’ 

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"; } ?> Pretty Bob’s Nashville 60’s Splash Sun 21/07/13

Hitting the record stores in 1965 the band said to be the alternative Stone released ‘The Pretty Things’ album on Wing Records a subsidiary of the Phillips Records

Nashville's @ 33 1/3 rpm

Nashville’s @ 33 1/3 rpm

Other albums on Wing at the time,  featured artists last week ‘The Merseybeats’, ‘Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders’, ‘The Springfields’, Dusty being featured a couple of weeks ago & ‘Frankie Vaughan at the London Paladium’

Tobacco Road Single

Tobacco Road Single

Featured this week the band formed in Weybridge, Surrey in 1962 ‘The Nashville Teens’

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"; } ?> Bob’s 60’s Splash – Kink-Size Merseybeat Sun 14/07/13

This week on ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ finds the Kinks classic album ‘Kink-Size’ spinning at 33/3rd rpm …

Kink Size

Kink Size

… along with top Fontana record label Liverpool recording group ‘The Merseybeats’ as the featured band

David says - It's great listening to these un-heard of tracks, like being there again and the 4 track stereo is so wide,
stuff that was released but even back then never played, re-discovering the sixties when you only ever hear the ones
that made it
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"; } ?> Freddie & the Dreamers in the Yard Sun 07/07/13

Bob’s 60’s Splash featured the long lost album by Freddie & the Dreamers ‘Two Faces of Freddie (and eight faces of the Dreamers) once an hour

Freddie & the Dreamers

Freddie & the Dreamers

Spun in traditional Red Sands Radio style from the original album, you try and find it in a digital format? 

Plus a pencil profile & tracks from the ‘Yardbirds’ 

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"; } ?> Vintage Vinyl Sun 30/06/13

In our never ending endeavors to be different we pressed the last turntable to come ashore from the Red Sands Fort

32' 17" of Cliff

32′ 17″ of Cliff

It’s first spin on-air in ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ we had Cliff & The Shadows 32′.17″ unavailable in digital format played

The Garrard 401 brought ashore by Senior Engineer Lawrence Bean has been refurbished buy our Studio Engineer David Phillips & is being used in our programmes

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"; } ?> 60’s Splash – Rusty Springboard Sun 30/06/13

You might not be old enough to remember her nick name ..

Dusty Springfield by Chris How

Dusty Springfield by Chris How

… Rusty Springboard aka Dusty Springfield crwned the Queen of White Soul and one of the greatest artists of the 60’s she’s our featured artist in the return of ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ on 30th June 2013

Dusty Springfield by Dargate Artist, Chris How 

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"; } ?> 60’s Splash – Chris How Sun 30/06/13

The artist with a very human touch …

Chris How

Chris How

… Hailing from Dargate many of his works can be viewed and puchased from the Duke of Cumberland Hotel High Street, Whitstable

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"; } ?> Early Bob’s 60’s Splash Sun 30/06/13

Before most sensible people popped their heads above the duvet …

Dead Mans Corner

Dead Mans Corner

… ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ popped out to take a few photographs around the harbour

Greta Bows

Greta Bows

Greta catches the first sun rays of a great Sunday

Early Sunday

Early Sunday

Cockle Dredgers

Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Cluster of Fishing vessels

O' Danny Boy

O’ Danny Boy

Now that would make a good song title

Anchors Away

Anchors Away

Whelk pot anchors

Box of Delights

Box of Delights

Box of delights fish boxes on the stern

Greta Bows

Greta Bows

Greta close up

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"; } ?> 60’s Splash – Splash Mon 17/06/13

Get ready for the return of Bob’s 60’s Splash ..

Tankerton Beach

Tankerton Beach

Every Sunday morning from 7 – 10am hear the big ones along with a few lesser know gems from that oh so influential decade

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"; } ?> Sunny Sunday Sun 15/07/12

Of late a rare sunny morning to start ‘Solid Gold Sunday’ – Amanda on leave so 60’s Sunday, a bit shaky with Bob having spent part of the night with a temperamental PC

Middle Wall

Middle Wall

Cottage at the Junction of Island Wall with Terry’s Lane and the Slipway

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"; } ?> Union Pluto Sun 08/07/12

Saturday Brunch with the Union Pluto arrived in the early hours at the East Quay Ballast Berth

Union Pluto

Union Pluto

Pictured above at 06.12 am on 8th July 2012

Amanda McKean

Amanda McKean

Entertaining the crew of the Union Pluto the Coastal Towns and the world with 60’s Sunday

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"; } ?> Early Start Mon 25/07/11

Mo Joslin

Mo Joslin

EPICentre Food & Drink Fair starts early

Farmhouse Kitchen owned by Mo’ produces preserves with a taste of times gone by

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Based in Deal more at

Kathia & Oliver

Kathia & Oliver

Little Kathia aged 4 & Oliver 6 tucking into biscuits & jam

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"; } ?> John Nurden Sun 17/07/11

John Nurden

John Nurden

Times Editor John Nurden is petrified at the prospect of driving the desk on his first 60’s Sunday on 17th July

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"; } ?> 60’s Sunday Sun 10/07/11

Amanda McKean

Amanda McKean

Early start up at 5.30 Amanda was in at the Red Sands Radio studios at 6.15 unheard off!

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"; } ?> 60’s Sunday Sun 03/07/11

Amanda McKean returned to host her first show since last year, plenty of mails welcoming Amanda back