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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Fort Antenna Wed 07/02/18

The ferocious gales of early 2018 have brought down the second of two antennas built by Red Sands Radio. The fist single dipole mast proved inadequate shearing at the base insulator during erection over two weekends. Whilst only designed for the 2007 broadcast, the popularity of the station encouraged a return the following year

Sourcing a fibre glass lattice mast, a second antenna was erected and has since been fully maintained. Unfortunately, unauthorised boarders made a fire on the top of the G1 Tower, resulting in damage to the lattice base and weakening several insulators. This damage was hastily repaired, and in April 2017 new stainless guys and several new insulators fitted

Exposed to the rigours of the weather and prevailing westerly winds, funnelling down the Thames Estuary, it’s understandable why the Forts have deteriorated to such an extent. To give an indication, I recall in 1965 we lost galvanised steel buckets filled with sea water, and even a small boat overboard!

Red Sands Radio came ashore in 2009 and broadcast from Whitstable Harbour until 2014. But we’d always hoped to make further broadcasts from the Fort. Sadly the high winds of 2018 were the final straw for the antenna which had stood for over ten years. Finally, it’s testament to designer Guy Maunsell who said with proper care the Forts would stand for 200 years. However, built by largely unskilled labour in 1943, and without structural maintenance since 1958 it’s remarkable that the Forts have stood so long

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"; } ?> New Features October 2017 Sun 01/10/17 is back with another mammoth website update

SS Southern Buoy 1969 3a

‘Scrapbook’ has a new Radio City feature with transparencies (slides) taken of Shivering Sands in the late 1960’s

Much lengthy research has produced a fairly comprehensive list of programme and DJ theme tunes from all of the stations that have broadcast from the Red Sands Fort

Whilst on the Oxford Canal earlier this year we took a stroll to the Old Clifton Hall at Clifton-Upon-Dunsmore, home of Reg Calvert’s 1960’s ‘School of Rock & Roll’

Catching up with John Edward aka Johnny Flux at the 50th anniversary of the 60’s Offshore Stations, we’ve finally completed a feature on Johnny’s long and interesting career

Whilst across in the ‘Personal Pages’ by request pictures of the inauguration of Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Plus a leisurely look around the Crich Tramways Museum, woodlands walk, memorial grounds and tower

This times ‘One Subject One Link’ has a contribution that talks about the many new small community stations coming on-air and the quality of some presenters

Enjoy your visits to

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"; } ?> Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration Sun 01/10/17

Kentish Flats Windfarm Inauguration …

Vattenfall Inauguration

Guests & Vattenfall Staff aboard the MV Balmoral

The Swedish Power Company Vattenfall invited guests to the offic1al inauguration of the Kentish Flats Windfarm that had been extended from 30 to 45 turbines

Sailing from Ramsgate on 1st Junbe 2016 around the North Foreland to the eastern edge of the windfarm and afterwards to Whitstable Harbour

For the full feature visit

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes Wed 06/07/16

We’ve had a number of enquiries about the Red Sands Radio Theme Tunes so here;s the information:

The Red Sands Radio Themes & Fillers

The Red Sands Radio Station Opening Theme Tune used from 2007 – 2014 is by the French Band ‘Air’ entitled ‘La Femme D’Argent’ (The Silver Woman/The Money Girl)

This comes from their album ‘Moon Safari’ recorded in Paris between April – June 1997 & released on the 19th January 1998, in the UK by Virgin Records: 7243 8 44978 2 8

I was given an advanced copy by Fiona at Virgin when running Medway FM where we promoted the track ahead of it becoming popular to a wider audience. It was included daily during the ‘Medway FM Café Live Lunch’

Red Sands Radio Closedown Theme Tune is by ‘Franck Pourcel’ entitled ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’. The track from the Musical of the same name was composed in 1929. ‘Robert Goulet’ also recorded it in 1965 for his ‘On Broadway‘ LP which Offshore Radio Essex used as a Tender call

Red Sands Radio Fort

We played it in tribute to the original Radio 390 theme, which was a KPM library piece by the ‘Telecast Orchestra’ called ‘Sentimental’, sounding very similar & often confused with ‘On A Clear Day’ There’s no evidence, although many think Frank Chacksfield recorded the track

The late French Orchestral leader ‘Franck Pourcel’ recorded the track originally in 1965 with vocals for the ‘Overture’ LP

Re-recorded, it appeared again in France on a 1977 compilation Music Cassette called ‘Unforgettable Melodies’ featuring the orchestras of Franck Pourcel, Ron Goodwin, Geoff Love & Manuel & His Music Of The Mountains

‘Unforgettable Memories’ on CD was released in UK on the EMI Music for Pleasure Label: CD-DL-11- 1120 in 1991 & Readers Digest included it on ‘Melodies Moods & Memories’ an 8 vinyl LP set in 199 GMMM-A-215

Both tracks, as well as the 30+ Red Sands Radio fillers were edited to suit, & remixed with ‘live’ atmospheric recordings of the resident Fort Seagulls, the Redsands North Buoy, & waves lapping around the Forts legs

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 2015 Mon 13/07/15

Red Sands Radio 2015 …

RSR Antenna

Red Sands Radio Antenna

With many people disappointed that Red Sands Radio isn’t on-air for what would have been our 9th year, we reiterate the reason(s) we’re not on-air as usual this summer

Whilst we’ve sighted a shortage of competent professional presenters: Press Release #2 2015

In tandem we have a deficiency in funding with both KCC (Kent County Council) & CCC (Canterbury City Council) no longer contributing towards the project

In the background the Local Authority have plans to redevelop our harbour studio building so we’ve had to vacate the premises

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"; } ?> Radio Forts in Colour Tue 02/06/15

The Radio Forts in Colour Exhitition


Colour Photographs & Drawings of the Forts

We present an exhibition of colour photographs and superb drawings of the Forts & Towers of the Thames Estuary by Gerry Pitcher

The FREE EXHIBITION is on from 2nd – 21st June at Beach Creative, Beach Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5PT (United Kingdom)

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"; } ?> Staff Shortages hit Local Radio Station Fri 01/05/15

Red Sands Radio Staff  Shortages

Red Sands Radio Flag b

Red Sands Radio Flag

Based in the historic harbour at Whitstable, Red Sands Radio originally broadcast from the Offshore Forts and this year is suffering a severe shortfall in staff

“Red Sands Radio Founder MD and Programme Director Bob Le-Roi said; “With a small core of dedicated key members it’s always been difficult to juggle life-work commitments with running Red Sands Radio”

“We strive to achieve a high standard at Red Sands Radio with core daytime programmes hosted by professional broadcasters. However, when they become indisposed or indeed things go wrong we don’t have sufficient quality back-up”

“This coupled with a shortfall at weekends; we haven’t the resources to provide the quality of service the Coastal Towns expect of us. Consequently with regret, it’s unlikely Red Sands Radio will be on-air for its 9th successive year in 2015”

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"; } ?> Coastal Towns Events Sat 11/04/15

 Run by Red Sands Radio and relaunched the Coastal Towns Events Website


Coastal Towns Events

The definitive listing of what’s going on along the coast: The Coastal Towns Events Website came about in trial format after a number of Whitstable and Herne Bay Liaison Group Meetings 

Run experimentally by Red Sands Radio and powered by Koolwebs, the site quickly proved popular, and at the trial peak listed more than 700 events 

With Local Authority approval and a positive reaction from the Community and business, the site has re-launched in a more appealing and user-friendly format

 It’s easy to use and simple to get your event added quickly

 If it’s going on Locally it should be in the Coastal Towns Events Website from Red Sands Radio  

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"; } ?> Gatefield Sounds Sat 02/08/14

Mike Winch has been trading from the High Street Shop for 34 years & in Herne Bay for 42 years this year


Mike Winch

The fortunes of retail music shops has change greatly since their heyday in the 1960’s & 170’s but with a willingness to adapt Gatefield Sounds has remained in touch with today’s music buying public’s demands

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"; } ?> Whites of Kent Sat 02/08/14

With branches on Whitstable, Faversham, & Cliftonville Whites offer a traditional shopping experience to discerning customers, with a strong emphasis on service and quality


Karen White with Katherine & Teresa 

The business is still run by the White family; Nigel, Michael (Karen’s Husband) & Maria

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"; } ?> Swale Barge Match Sat 02/08/14

Saturday 2nd August 2014 6am anchors away start for the immortal giants that battle to be first back round the Sand End Buoy in the 42nd annual barge match


At 07.13 good progress, picture from under East Quay end


At 07.15 good progress, picture from the top of East Quay end

The course starts in the East Swale at the Sand End Buoy out to where the old Spaniard Buoy lay towards Herne Bay returning to the Swale to the Finish near the entrance to Faversham & Oare Creek

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"; } ?> Saturday Harbour Early Morning Sat 26/07/14

Day one of the celebrations start here…


Thames barges await the tide for the Whitstable Smack Race

An early start with pictures around the harbour


More historic vessels in the Harbour Basin


The Swiftstone

Built in 1952 Thames Lighterage tug was comprehensively restored in 2001 by the Swiftstone trust, an ongoing process

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"; } ?> Sharp as … Sat 12/07/14

Dave Daly returns to Red Sands Radio since a few changes in his life

He met a girl via the station, married her, they bought a house, opened a High Street Shop, and now have a baby,

Kayaks Long Beach

Kayaks at Long Beach

Dave ‘The Razor’ you sure you’ve time for this radio thing?

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"; } ?> Brunching Sat 13/07/13

Paul likes his food topics included best breakfast with ‘Marmite’ being mentioned a fair bit …

St Mary's Hall 1

St Mary’s Hall 1

… in our What’s Going On Guide we always mention the Farmers Markets at St Mary’s Hall …

St Mary's Hall 2

St Mary’s Hall 2

… here are a couple of photographs from today’s market early this morning

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"; } ?> Kings Hall Centenary Sun 07/07/13

100 years of the  Kings Hall celebrations in Herne Bay, Red Sands Radio Saturday Brunch presenter attended the Titanic ball on 6th July

With it’s very own Captain Smith guests were treated to Champagne, the evening raised money in support of the RNLI

Paul Beard & Sidney Hearne

Paul Beard & Sidney Hearne

Paul Beard with Sidney Hearne, grandson of Harry Corn, a passenger on the famous Titanic ship and his great grandaughter

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"; } ?> Saturday Brunch Launch 2013 Sat 29/06/13

The day began grey & gusty but bringing a welcome smile to proceedings … The first show the Red Sands Radio Saturday Brunch …

Paul Beard - First Brunch

Paul Beard – First Brunch

… with Paul Beard

Never good to do a programme on empty …

Bacon Rolls

Bacon Rolls

Big thanks to Doe, Jamie & Owen from Elliot’s Cafe in Whitstable for feeding us Breakfast

Bob & Sandi

Bob & Sandi

Cool but Sandi Toksvig braved the open deck for the official launch of Red Sands Radio 2013 talks about her incredible & varied career

Red Sands Radio opened at 07.00 on 29th July 2013 – Listen here to the 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

First Day Group

First Day Group

Pictured Kate Harris, Sandi Toksvig, Roy Gooderson, Bob Le-Roi & Angie Northern

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi

Bob goes into interview mode

Mike, Julie & Roy

Mike, Julie & Roy

Mike Elwood, Julie, Roy

Mike, Marion & Paul

Mike, Marion & Paul

Mike & Marion Ware with Paul Beard



Deborah Mylcrist with Savo, a Geologist who once resided in Africa



Maisie, Sue (voice of Community Matters) Sam & Martin

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"; } ?> Community Matters, Debra EB, Herne Bay Wed 12/06/13


Louise - Debra

Louise – Debra

Louise from Debra EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) Herne Bay, talks on ‘Community Matters’

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"; } ?> Community Matters, Sue Ryder, Tankerton Wed 12/06/13


Tim - Sue Ryder, Tankerton

Tim – Sue Ryder, Tankerton

Tim – listen to him not only here at Sue Ryder – but also with his band, ‘Full Circle’

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"; } ?> Community Matters, Diabetes, Tankerton Wed 12/06/13


Ken, Diabetes - Tankerton

Ken, Diabetes – Tankerton

Local volunteer Ken – listen to him on ‘Community Matters’

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"; } ?> Community Matters, Dog’s Trust, Canterbury Wed 12/06/13


Lara Murphy - Dogs Trust Canterbury

Lara Murphy – Dogs Trust Canterbury

Lara Murphy of Dog’s Trust Canterbury on ‘Community Matters’

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"; } ?> Community Matters, RSPCA, Herne Bay Wed 05/06/13


Shirley RSPCA - Herne Bay

Shirley RSPCA – Herne Bay

Shirley a volunteer of The RSPCA Herne Bay Branch takes part in Community Matters

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"; } ?> Community Matters, Diabetes, Herne Bay Wed 05/06/13


David Hall & Paul Beard

David Hall & Paul Beard

Paul Beard records a Community Matters piece with David Hall of Diabetes, Herne Bay

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"; } ?> Young Musicians at Whitstable Harbour Garden Café Sat 21/07/12

Talents of Young Musicians at Whitstable Harbour Garden Café



The Dixielanders from the Simon Langton Boys Grammar School performing on Saturday 21st July 2012 and on-air at Red Sands Radio

This is unique opportunity for under 18’s to show their talents on stage performing in front of a live audience

If you’ve got what it takes book a place and show your skills. All genres welcome. Pop into the Harbour Garden Café on the South Quay for more details 01227 271199

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"; } ?> Melissa Sat 07/07/12

Before Saturday Brunch a stroll round the habour …

The Melissa E was built by the late Bob West who worked at Anderson’s boat yard and Colin Mantle, his son-in-law in Cromwell Road, next to Bob’s back garden in Reservoir Road

Melissa E

Melissa E

She left Whitstable for the waters of the Medway for 15 years but has now returned to her home port

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"; } ?> Red Sands Radio 390 Two Sun 01/07/12

In 1967 it was planned to commence Radio 390 Two from the Bristol Channel, some tentative steps were made but the venture foundered

Studio Radio 390

Studio Radio 390

Radio 390 had by this time constructed two studios in Gun Tower 3 on the Red Sands Fort. Built within the Fort the wooden box modules contained similar equipment (Note Xylophone foreground see and end of page)

First ever spin of one of the turntables after 45 years in David Phillips video 

Radio 390 studio reincarnate

Radio 390 studio reincarnate

Some equipment was squirrelled  before being confiscated in lieu of fines. Auctioned by the GPO a pair of turntables appeared in a Folkestone nightclub but failed & like the Fort were abandoned

Given to Red Sands Radio some years ago they languised in a studio until our studio engineer David Phillips decided he’d rebuild one for the station

David Phillips

David Phillips

This project mushroomed bring in friends both Garrard 301’s were completely refurbished to the paint match the original colour

By now the project developed to a full scale construction, David scoured the World for sourcing parts to built the mixer

A corner monitor speaker was constructed & the wooden ‘Live Box’ a transformer with a VU meter & pilot light that showed the presenter the TX was radiating

Ferrograph Six

Ferrograph Six

A few other items have miraculously appeared, long term family friend & Senior Radio 390 Engineer Lawrence Bean had a Radio KING Vortexion, one of the Radio 390 Ferrographs and the magic Xylophone announcers used to identify the station. 

Since the 30th June we’ve been promised a third Radio 390 studio turntable and have been presented with the turntable from the library

Oo Er

Chris West

Chris West juggling station output, live interviews & lots of people in the Red Sands Radio studio



Radio Invicta, Radio KING & Senior announcer on Radio 390 John Ross-Barnard prepares to officially open Red Sands Radio 390 Two!

Launching with a nautical track John introduced a typical Radio 390 family favourite Pet Clark’s Sailor

With grateful thanks to our studio engineer David Phillips we played an obscure record found by David in a used record store

Dave Phillips Hot Rod Gang

Dave Phillips Hot Rod Gang

‘Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang with a cover of Tainted Love’

The tracks on Rockhouse Records number SP8303 in 1982

Video Clip above by Janice Phillips

And this Video Clip by Rockin’ Roger Dilley:

Geoff & Deborah

Geoff & Deborah

Guests Geoff & Deborah Mylcrist of Mylcrist Builders & Hillcross Estates

BLR - Brian Tyrell

BLR – Brian Tyrell

Brian Tyrell the first mate of The Mallard supply vessel to Radio Invicta – Radio 390 from 1964 – 1967

Lawrence - JRB

Lawrence – JRB

Lawrence Bean with John Ross-Barnard overseeing proceedings

BLR - Vic Davies

BLR – Vic Davies

Skipper owner of Faversham registered F19 The Mallard berthed at Whitstable, became the tender to the Forts through the 1960’s serving all three stations on Red Sands Radio

Carolyn & Stephen Parry

Carolyn & Stephen Parry

Carolyn & Stephen Parry great supporters of Red Sands Radio & sponsors of the What’s Going on Guide

Howard 'Mike Raven' Barker

Howard ‘Mike Raven’ Barker

Howard Barker of ABC Aerials & Denise christened ‘Mike Raven’ by John Ross-Barnard with Dave Daly

The late Mike with wife Mandy were very much part of the Fort family working through its various radio phases

Tony Pine Carolyn, Stephen & Pete

Tony Pine Carolyn, Stephen & Pete

Tony Pine Senior Engineer on Radio City (299) on Shivering Sands Fort has a chuckle ‘that 1960’s gear will never work surely?’

Pride & Joy

Pride & Joy

David justly proud of his creation warming up the valves!



Pete the guy climbs like spider man was in Tony Pines team was employed to erect the Red Sands Radio antenna on the Fort

John - Tony

John – Tony

John Allan John Alan of Temple Foods with Tony Bose having a sip of orange juice – right!

It's a goer

It’s a goer

Radio 390 studio goes to air for the first time in over 45 years John Ross-Barnard & Vic Davies impressed seeing & hearing the Radio 390 studio



Pictured above the original Radio 390 Xylophone which will be properly used in the station close down on 27th July 2012

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"; } ?> Reflections Thu 28/06/12

Weekends are ideal for finding a great piece for the home, how about this ‘little mirror’

Warehams Reflections

Warehams Reflections

Origianally a fixture in a central London Hotel this enormous mirror is at Warehams Antiques in Oxford Street with an estimated value of £8,000

You’ll need something bigger than a family car to get it home

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"; } ?> EPICentre Sun 24/07/11

Early Saturday

Early Saturday

Lovely light over the Habrour Basin welcomes in the first day of the EPICentre Festival of Food & Drink



Early bird Laura set-up & ready to go with Laura’s Emporium of fine cooking oils

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"; } ?> Gray n Grim Sat 16/07/11

Whitstable Harbour 5

Whitstable Harbour 5

We’re having some interesting weather over the North Kent Coast & Thames Estuary Basin this summer; With temperatures souring to over 25 degrees one day & plummeting to below 12 degrees the next

Pictured ‘Our Sarah Jayne’ which in the late 80’s helped maintain the Radio ship ‘Ross Revenge’ moored & silent off the South Falls Head. Ahead of her the ‘SB Greta’ & in the background the Red Sands Radio Tender ‘X-Pilot’

Whitstable Harbour 6

Whitstable Harbour 6

This was Whitstable at just after 07.30 am on Saturday 16th July

The small Bridgetown registered coaster ‘Torrens’ on the repair berth of the Harbour outer West Quay

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"; } ?> Paul’s here… Sat 09/07/11

Whitstable Harbour 1

Whitstable Harbour 1

Oly, Ray & Cardium II owned by John Gilson of Cardium Fisheries pictured on Saturday 9th July at 06.14

Whitstable Harbour 2

Whitstable Harbour 2

Tranquil Harbour basin on Saturday 9th July at 06.14

Whitstable Harbour 3

Whitstable Harbour 3

 SB Greta on Saturday 9th July at 06.16 after a week of high winds, rough seas & squally showers skipper Steve hopes to get under sail this weekend

Whitstable Harbour 4

Whitstable Harbour 4

The MCS Elly pictured on Saturday 9th July at 06.16 built in 1997 as a Dredgehelp vessel owned by Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd she’s worked in La Havre, Dunkerque & at the time of publication off the west coast of Ireland

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"; } ?> Today’s Saturday Brunch Sat 02/07/11

Big launch party with guests: Lord Mayor – Ian Thomas, KKC’s Mark Dance joined the Red Sands Radio team of over 60 Sponsors, Advertisers, supporters at the Whitstable Harbour studios