The Red Sands Radio Presenters 2007 – To date

Bob Le-Roi 2007 – To date

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi has been in radio virtually all his working life; starting in the mid 60’s as a youth on the Shivering Sands Fort on Radio City, this led to work at the BBC, Caroline, ILR and private stations. In the 90’s he won a licence for his own ILR station. He’s produced many specialist programmes, had a spell running overseas radio before launching his brainchild Red Sands Radio in 2007

Bob serves up the original ‘Hot Breakfast’ weekdays and ‘Bob’s 60’s Splash’ on Sunday 07:00 – 10:00

James Day 2009 – To date

James Day

James has a maritime ticket so was an ideal Offshore candidate, spending time with both Radio Caroline and looking after the Laser ship the Communicator whilst at sea. Returning to proper work with the Dover Coastguard Station, since leaving looks his family

He worked in Europe on Contact 94 and at Medway FM. James’s first introduction to Red Sands Radio was on a boat trip to the Forts in 2008

Since 2009 James has hosted the ‘Live Lunch’ weekdays from 10.00 – 14.00

Duncan Martin 2011 – To date

Duncan Martin

Duncan’s first job in radio was at BBC Radio Norfolk reading the early morning travel reports

Moving to Siren FM, a community station in Lincoln, he did a weekly local band programme. These days he works in the transmission suite at BBC 1 TV. Duncan has fond childhood memories of North Kent where he lived as a child

Duncan came to Red Sands Radio in 2011 on weekday ‘Afternoon Spin’ and from 2012 the ‘Home Run’ every weekday afternoon 16.00 – 19.00

Guy Starkey 2009 – To date

Guy Starkey

Dr Guy has been with Red Sands Radio since 2009 and works as a busy popular lecturer at the University of Sunderland

As a broadcaster he’s been on a number of Northern UK ILR stations and British Forces Radio (BFBS) in Gibraltar

He indulges his love of music on ‘Red Sands Non-Stop‘ every evening from 19.00 – 23.00

Chris West 2009 – To date

Chris West

Chris is the Coastal Towns Manager and responsible for many colourful events staged across the area, in particular Classic Car Shows

He worked as a presenter for Mellow 1557 in Frinton-on-Sea Essex when part of the Invicta Radio Group

He was to join Red Sands Radio in 2009 presenting the Saturday morning ‘Coastal Towns Round Up‘ from 10.00 – 13.00

Martin Smith 2009 – 2013

Martin Smith

Martin has long been in radio beginning with Hospital Radio in Maidstone, he had a spell helping on BBC Radio Medway’s Rock Show

Involved in the early days of Medway FM, before a brief spell on Caroline’s satellite service and more recently Radio Seagull in Holland

Martin joined Red Sands Radio in 2009. With a love of 70’s music he usually presents ‘70’s Magic‘ on a Sunday morning from 10.00 – 13.00 due to health reasons he’s taking a rest in 2014

Paul Rutters 2011 – To date

Paul Pearson

Paul earned his colours from being at sea on Cruise Ships. Always involved with radio he’s covered local radio shifts for some years

Paul joined Red Sands Radio in 2011 and can be heard on the ‘80’s Power‘ programme on a Sunday from 13.00 – 16.00

Stephen Wright 2007 – To date

Stephen Wright

Stephen talked himself into Invicta Radio, by producing a glossy high format portfolio and bombarded us with letters and telephone calls until we gave in!

He went on to join the team at Medway FM, and has been with Red Sands Radio since it began in 2007. Steve has worked as a record promoter and runs the highly successful ‘Playback Disco’

You’ll hear him on ‘Steve’s Saturday Night‘ from 16.00 – 19.00

Glyn Richards 2008, 2009, 2014

Glyn Richards

An old hand at Red Sands Radio, Glyn was with us on the Fort in 2008 & again in 2009

Previously he’d been with Caroline in the late 80’s, CD603, Medway FM & various stations since

‘Sunday Soul’ 13th & 20th July 2014 on a Sunday afternoon from 16.00 – 19.00

Dave Daly 2011 – To date

David has a TV and Radio Production degree from Salford University. Spending time with Radio One in Oxford Road mainly editing and writing, before hopping off to Canada for a 5-Live feature on the “Up All Night Show”

David’s been with Kit-Kat Blackpool and Vixen in Hull before turning to TV production. He’s been on Chrysalis’ Gazzetta Football Italia and ran his own language school teaching Europeans. These days he runs local shop ‘Tomic & Daly’ with his wife

David was with us on the ‘Afternoon Spin‘ in 2011 this year, 2014 he’ll be on the ‘Saturday Brunch’ from 07.00 – 10.00

Geoff Fitch 2009

Geoff Fitch

Former sea going radio man from the Voice of Peace off Israel. Coming ashore Geoff went to the Invicta Radio Group, staying some years before going to Neptune in Dover

Living in Margate, these day a responsible man being a fully qualified Paramedic serving the East Kent region

Geoff presented a couple of ‘Saturday Brunch’ in programmes in 2009

Paul Beard 2011 – 2013

Birmingham ‘Beardy’ lives in Herne Bay with partner Julie. Involved in music from an early age Paul worked with rock band called ‘Tarot’ as a lighting jock. Weekend DJ’ing for a working man’s club between acts, he was hired for private parties and weddings. Paul then went onto the hospital radio station Radio Lolly Pop, then became resident DJ and guest DJ for Browns, Sam Wellers and the Power House nightclubs. Paul was a guest presenter on an English community radio station in Spain, he joined us in 2011-2013 for ‘Saturday Brunch’ from 07.00 – 10.00

Mike Elwood 2011 – To date

Mike Elwood takes his stage name from the famous Blues Brothers Band member ‘Elwood Blues’Masquerading as plain Mike during the day as a company MD. Mike’s an accomplished singer and harmonica player having played in the ‘Blues Brothers’ tribute band. He came aboard in 2011 presenting ‘Red Sands Radio Music Scene’ every Saturday evening from 19.00 – 21.00 and ‘Sunday Soul’ on a Sunday from 16.00 – 19.00 work commitments forced Mike to take a background role in 2014

Sarah Weller 2011 – To date

Sarah joined us in 2011 and has worked hosting in the media for sometime. Currently she’s at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and performs her own Doris Day tribute actIn the past she’s been heard on London’s Jazz FM. Along with Danni B at the weekends, you can hear Sarah on ‘Red Sands Radio Night Ride’ from 01.00 – 04.00 weekdays

Danni B’ 2011 – To date

Danni B Danni B’s a ship mate of our very own Paul Rutters and she’s covered a good few nautical miles as a tour manager aboard cruise linersIn her own words “In a moment of madness I was talked into becoming one of the voices of the night”She’s been with Red Sands Radio since 2011 and can be heard on ‘Red Sands Radio Night Ride‘ from 01.00 – 04.00 weekends

Michelle 2011 – To date

 Michelle Michelle studied at Canterbury College for English and History. She’s worked as a Dental Technician in Whitstable before Moving to London to begin a City Rolls Royce Silver Spur chauffeur business. Michelle now has a City and Guilds qualification in dog grooming and plans to start her own business. She joined Red Sands Radio in 2011 so if you’re up and about before most people, begin your day pleasantly with Michelle is our ‘Early Bird’ with minimal chat maximum music from 04.00 – 07.00

Barnacle Bill 2011 – 2014

 20140126_130752a Barnacle Bill first appeared as a voice on the Herne Bay Heritage Trail commercial. He grew to be come a legendary character at the station even getting his own Facebook PageAt the hight of his popularity, he sabotaged presenters show openers even giving them nicknames. Somehow in 2014 he persuaded the team to let him introduce the 50th Anniversary weekday Offshore Radio Fort commemorative tapes  ‘Afternoon Spin‘ 15.00 – 16.00

Willie Morgan 2014

Wille Morgan

Seasoned presenter Willie was a familiar voice on the Coast AM Rock Show, which came from the Earl Street Maidstone Studios. He moved to Chiltern Supergold the sustaining service taken by several UK stations including Invicta Radio

Sitting in for Martin in 2014 you’ll hear Wilie on ‘70’s Magic‘ on a Sunday morning from 10.00 – 13.00

Simon Carter 2014

 Simon Carter

These days living in Southampton Simon was one of the original presenters on the I.L.R Medway FM

Heard in the early hours, Simon honed his skills to become one of the most respected presenters on the station

Simon’s sitting in for ‘Sunday Soul’ (2014) on a Sunday afternoon from 16.00 – 19.00

Bill Rollins 2007 – 2009

Bill Rollins

One of the original Tower Radio team, he was out on the Sunk Head Fort as a 17 year old youth in 1966

An Essex boy he was on Mellow 1557 from Frinton, then Dream 100. These days (2014) he’s producing an oldies show for US radio

He produced recorded programmes for Red Sands Radio from 2007 – 2009

Ian Damon 2014

Ian Damon

Ian is one of the origial Radio London (Big L) D.J’s of the 1960’s he’s worked around the UK on I.L.R

Hanging up his headphones, he lives in Maidstone and is only persuaded to occasionally return to radio

Ian’s also sitting in for ‘Sunday Soul’ (27th July & 3rd August 2014 on a Sunday afternoon from 16.00 – 19.00

John Allen 2014

John Allen

The face behind Temple Foods, the Whitstable catering business that John runs with his wife Sue. Buxton Boy John was an avid Pirate Radio fan, especially Radio City (299) the Tower of Power

Advertiser & friend of the station, in 2014 the 50th anniversary year of the start of the Offshore Stations, he talked us into letting him make a weekly show covering the formative years 1964-1967

Kevin White 2013

Kevin White Kevin White cut his teeth in London on Hospital Radio writing and producing a number of specialist documentary style programmes. He came to us for 2013. Living in middle of Whitstable Kevin’s an avid local music fan and can often be found at all the local music haunts. He hosted the ‘Red Sands Radio Cafe’ on Saturday afternoon from 13.00 – 16.00

Amanda McKean 2010 – 2012

Amanda McKeen

Amanda is Development Manager of the Canterbury Festival

She cut here teeth in radio whilst living in Italy, being away from the microphone for so long, found the prospect returning to broadcast with Red Sands Radio both exciting and daunting

She was heard on ’60’s Sunday’ from 2010 – 2012

Ian James 2009

Ian James

Wildly into dance music Ian worked as a club DJ, moved into Hospital Radio in the Medway Towns and picked up experience as a backroom boy at BBC Radio Kent

He was to be the afternoon ‘local boy’ on Medway FM before leaving the industry for a job as a Police Constable

He hosted the ‘Red Sands Radio Cafe’ on Saturday afternoon from 13.00 – 16.00in 2009

Roger Dilley 2010 – 2012

Roger Dilley

English by birth, Welsh by education! Came down South more years ago than I care to admit and settled in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable where he works as Retail manager for AD3000 Computers

While I was studying at Christ Church College, Canterbury for a degree in Radio, Film and Television Studies I was unleashed upon the airwaves on C4 Campus Radio with The Predominantly Rock Show, featuring popular classic rock from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He was with Red Sands Radio on ‘Red Sands Rocks’ from 2010 – 2012

Alan King 2010 -2011

Alan King

Alan has been in and around radio for some years, his involvement encompasses Hospital Radio and the ILR station Medway FM where he presented the Saturday Sports Show

These days Alan is one of the team at Meridian Radio and was with Red Sands Radio on the ‘Afternoon Spin’ in 2010 and 2011

 John Nurden 2011

John Nurden

John, former editor of the Whitstable Times indulges a passion for music by staging the odd mobile disco and in the band the Wrikles

A participant in Red Sands Radio in a journalistic role, along with Liz Crudgington John’s hosted two ’60’s Sunday‘ shows in 2011

 John Kenning 2009

John Kenning

Very mucha radio man founded with the late Crispian St John (Howard Rose) Gold format Radio Sovereign in Twickenham, closed in 1984 the operation moved to Italy as Radio Sovereign International

John became involved in the early days of setting up Laser 558 see for the features

He presented two ‘Live Lunch’ shows for Red Sands Radio in 2009

Dan Brasby 2009

Dan Bransby
A lively presenter had worked at Harlow Ten-17 which became Mercury (DMG) and Oasis before getting involved with Radio London Big L in 2001
He joined Red Sands Radio in 2009 presenting the ‘Home Run’ Subsequently he worked diligently on building audience for a local RSR which became a Community Station as station manager until his untimely death in April 2012

Dave Foster 2007

Dave Foster
Dartford boy Dave progressed from club DJ to hospital Radio Dart before making it to 1980’s Caroline, he was with European Klasic Rock from the Maidstone TV studios at Vintners Park and back with Caroline when the took over the satellite link
He now works at BBC Bush House for VT Communications as a control room engineer. He provided recorded programmes for Red Sands Radio in 2007

Paul Dennis 2009

Paul Dennis
With a great interest in radio from a young age Paul supported Radio Caroline in a background capacity. Technically competent he’s refurbished a number of classic broadcasts desks and supplied equipment for the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’. When the former ex-Laser 558 ship the MV Communicator moved to the Orkneys for the Superstation, he and his brother Roy refurbished much of the ship. He Presented ‘Afternoon Spin’ for Red Sands Radio in 2009

Kevin Turner 2007 – 2008, 2010

Kevin Turner

Appeared on Radio Sovereign, Austria’s Blue Danube Radio & Caroline in the 80’s alos on ILR stations including Medway FM. Semi-retired on leaving his last full-time gig on BFBS apart from the occasional voice overs

Kevin came to the Fort in 2007 & 2008 last heard on Red Sands Radio in 2010

Karen Curtis 2010

 Karen Curtis

Came from a background as an air hostess. With some radio experience gained assisting Pat Marsh on his BBC Radio Kent programme, Karen brought a femine twist to afternoons

These days (2014) she presents the essential ‘Trolly Dolly’ guide to holidays, see Karen Curtis

Karen presented the Red Sands Radio ‘Home Run’ in 2010

Rob Ashard 2008

 Rob Ashard

Primarily a technician his audio business has provided sound for ‘I’m A Celebrity’, ‘Dancing on Ice’ and a raft of other TV programmes

Assisting Caroline in the backgound he can be heard occassionally on air

Not afraid to get his hands dirty he joined Red Sands Radio in 2008

Bob Preedy 2007 – 2009

Bob Preedy

Bob has worked at the BBC and a number of ILR stations. He’s written several books including some on the Offshore stations Radio Caroline North and Radio 270

Bob’s passion is Country Music and you heard his selections on ‘Red Sands Country‘ which was broadcast by Red Sands Radio from 2007 – 2009

Eric Martin (Richard Lee) 2008

Eric Martin

A youthful 18 years old he joined Radio City in 1966 staying until the close in February 1967

Coming ashore he turned his back on radio until his retirement, these days he’s on Community Radio Ukfield FM7

Part of the original Suzy Radio (London) he produced a Country Music show  for Red Sands Radio in 2008

Doug Wood 2007 – 2009

Doug Wood

Doug has amazed the industry with 30+ years in the employ of the same radio station (now a group of course) Like many of the team began Offshore on the Voice of Peace off Israel

These days he’s on Moorlands & runs his own internet station . A great supporter of Red Sands Radio came aboard to present a retro-chart show at the start in 2007

Ian MacRae 2007 – 2008, 2014

Ian MacRae

Began his career as a panel operator in his native Australia. Making the grade he had his own show, but up rooted to travel finding him self on Radio City in 1966, then briefly Caroline South before returning home

A popular DJ in the UK he was a welcome addition to the team at Red Sands Radio

Jack Daniels 2007 – 2008

Jack Daniels

The alter ego name adopted by Tony James has experience on ILR & BBC local Radio & these days (2014) can be heard on Lakeland Radio

Ever an Offshore Radio fan he recorded a number of short programmes for Red Sands Radio

John Aston 2007, 2008

John Aston

John had been with KING Radio, Radio 390 as John Stewart, Radio Essex as Chris Stewart, Caroline North & Britain Radio as John Aston so had served the Offshore apprenticeship

After the Pirates he went into the Film industry creating a number of wizard pieces of kit including the Enigma Machine

These days he’s retired but still voices a few links for radio. A great supporter of Red Sands Radio he came aboard at the start in 2007

Tony Christian 2007 – 2008


A former London FM Pirate Tony went to Caroline in the mid-1980’s. After that adventure he Roadshow DJ’d throughout the South East. A period overseas found him on both Dutch then Spanish Radio

He helped out Hastings Rock, TNI & a number of other stations before coming to Red Sands Radio in 2007

Sietse Brouwer 2007 – 2008

Sietse Brouwer

The man behind Caroline Netherlands a project that evolved into RadioSeagull, a semi-progressive alternative music station that took air-time from Radio Waddenzee

Radio Seagulle uses the old Light Vessel 8 as a cultural center & base. Progrmmes can be heard, some in English via internet & occassioanlly AM

Sietse came to Red Sands Radio in 2007

Black Printz (Holman) 2008

Printz Holman

Printz joined Radio City in 1966 spending just a week on the Fort presenting the Reg Calvert idea ‘Flying Dutchman Show’ as an anonymous DJ

His next stink was in on the Voice of Peace, going to the Mebo II after Radio Northsea International (RNI) had closed & the ship was in Libya

He came back to the Forts for a week in 2008

Ray Copeland 2007

Ray Copeland

Ray began at Hospital Radio Maidstone was involved with the Country Towns landbased Radio Atlantis, Medway FM & more recently Caroline on-line

With a desire to be part of Red Sands Radio Ray provided some recorded programmes in 2007

Richard Neville 2011

Richard Neville

With Caroline at the end of the last ship’s period at sea in the 1990’s

Richard was involved with Thanet Local Radio (TLR) & later provided an independent local news service for Red Sands Radio from his Margate home

Robin Banks 2007 – 2008

Robin Banks

Principle at Project-redsand since 2003. Robin had previously worked Offshore on Caroline & Radio Northsea International (RNI) as a radio technician & DJ. He assisted Red Sands Radio during its period on the Forts 

His drive now is working towards preservation & a future for the Red Sands Forts

Tony Gillham 2007 – 2010

Tony Gillham

Tony has been in radio many years beginning in Hospital Radio, and the infamous United Biscuit station to become a familiar voice on the BBC Network with ‘Gillham’s Gold

He’s now one of the team at Black Cat Radio in St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Tony was with Red Sands Radio from 2007 – 2010

Norman Barrington 2011

DJ’d in London with his ‘Hullabaloo’ disco graduating to Hospital Radio. Progressive rock love led to Radio Atlantis & Seagull on the Radio Caroline Mi-Amigo. Worked in the North East on Waves FM with former Seagull colleague & friend Brian Anderson. Appeared on the LV18 of the coast of Essex on Radio Northsea International. Left radio to run his own I.T business in Aberdeen, Scotland where he lives with his Dutch wife & their children. Presented special programme on the history of the Red Sands Radio jingles on Sunday 24th July 2011 at 19.00 – 21.00