Press Releases

Staff Shortages – Press Release #2 2015 Fri 01/05/15

Based in the historic harbour at Whitstable, Red Sands Radio originally broadcast from the Offshore Forts and this year is suffering a severe shortfall in staff

“Red Sands Radio Founder MD and Programme Director Bob Le-Roi said; “With a small core of dedicated key members it’s always been difficult to juggle life-work commitments with running Red Sands Radio”

“We strive to achieve a high standard at Red Sands Radio with core daytime programmes hosted by professional broadcasters. However, when they become indisposed or indeed things go wrong we don’t have sufficient quality back-up”

“This coupled with a shortfall at weekends; we haven’t the resources to provide the quality of service the Coastal Towns expect of us. Consequently with regret, it’s unlikely Red Sands Radio will be on-air for its 9th successive year in 2015”

A Lot Going On – Press Release #1 2015 Sat 11/04/15

The definitive listing of what’s going on along the coast: The Coastal Towns Events Website came about in trial format after a number of Whitstable and Herne Bay Liaison Group Meetings

Run experimentally by Red Sands Radio and powered by Koolwebs, the site quickly proved popular, and at the trial peak listed more than 700 events

With Local Authority approval and a positive reaction from the Community and business, the site has re-launched in a more appealing and user-friendly format

It’s easy to use and simple to get your event added quickly

If it’s going on Locally it should be in the Coastal Towns Events Website from Red Sands Radio

Open Sesame Fay! – Press Release #9 2014 Sat 05/07/14

English actress and accomplished recipe book author Fay Ripley will officially open Red Sands Radio at 09.30am on Monday 7th July 2014 

Revealing all from her career begun as a children’s entertainer, to star of top TV series ‘Cold Feet’

 Now filming a second series of the unscripted drama ‘Suspects’ and promoting her third cook book, ‘100 Delicious Recipes To Impress With No Stress’

 Fay will no doubt be expounding the delights of her second home and Whitstable’s local shops

You can hear Fay on Monday 7th July 2014 on ‘The Hot Breakfast’ (Monday-Friday 07.00 – 10.00)

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

New Voices – Press Release #8 2014 Wed 02/07/14

With a number of the team indisposed Red Sands Radio has some new voices

Coming aboard for the first time Willie Morgan with his infamous box of singles from the top of his wardrobe, pays ‘70’s Magic’ on a Sunday morning from 10.00

It’s welcome back to Kent to Willie who cut his teeth on Invicta’s Coast AM Rock Show from the Earl Street, Maidstone Studios, before moving on to the Chiltern Supergold

Last heard on Red Sands Radio in 2009, Glyn Richards makes a welcome return to share ‘Sunday Soul’ from 16.00. Herne resident Glyn’s an old hand at nautical radio!

Talking Offshore Radio, former Radio London 266 (Big L) Ian Damon man who lives in Counties Capital, Maidstone will also be on ‘Sunday Soul’

Finally, Southampton’s Simon Carter, one of the original Medway FM presenters retruns to Kent to cover the Red Sands Radio Café show on a Saturday from 13.00

The new voices of Red sands Radio, we hope you’ll like them

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

We Want To Hear From You! – Press Release #7 2014 Sat 28/06/14

Everyone has a story, a tale, maybe a book, a song, business, charity or organisation to promote

Live, work or play in the Coastal Towns? Then Red Sands Radio wants to hear from you!

Informal chat’s in the James Day ‘Live Lunch’ are normally broadcast from the deck of the Harbour Garden Café and offer an ideal opportunity to get your message across to the audience that counts; the people and business of Whitstable & Herne Bay

With just 2-3 spots a day slots go quickly, so get in touch soon and who knows perhaps you’ll be heard on Red Sands Radio

You can hear more ‘The Live Lunch’ weekdays from 10.00 – 14.00

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Play the Game – Press Release #6 2014 Wed 18/06/14

Stuck out in the middle of Thames Estuary miles from land the Offshore, or to give them their proper name the Maunsell Sea Forts have stood the rigours of time and tide

During WWII the Forts were coastal front line defences, keeping the shipping lanes safe, ever vigilant for enemy aircraft, submarines and surface vessels, but have the Forts finally met their match?

With spacecraft overhead defend the Red Sands Radio Forts against invading aliens in exciting new on-line game

Designed by local I.T company ’Koolwebs’, ‘Defend the Forts’ can be played from the Home Page of the Red Sands Radio website

It’s addictive, it’s fun play today and Duncan Martin will be looking out for the high scorers during his daily ‘Home Run’ throughout July

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Getting in a Spin – Press Release #5 2014 Wed 11/06/14

A return to how radio used to be on Red Sands Radio’s ‘Afternoon Spin’

It’s 50 years since radio first broadcast from the Forts on Red, Shivering & Knock John Sands, visible from our coastline were first used as bases for Offshore Radio

The scramble to use the Towers begun with Screaming Lord Sutch on his fledgling Radio Sutch, which took to the air from the Shivering Sands Army Forts on 197 metres medium wave on the 27th May 1964

Many will remember that Red Sands Radio broadcast from the Forts for a couple of years. Founder MD and Programme Director of Red Sands Radio Bob Le-Roi said ‘I began my broadcast career on the Forts, and have a number of period studio recordings in my archives which we’ll be playing, tightened up a bit to suit today’s audiences!’

‘Graciously one of the original senior DJ’s has offered to present some new programmes too, so overall we’ll be giving listeners a feel how radio used to be exciting in these programmes’

You can hear more ‘Afternoon Spin’ weekdays from 3 – 4pm

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

New Blood – Press Release #4 (2014) Mon 02/06/14

The Coastal Towns very own Red Sands Radio is back again in July and wants to hear from anyone who’d like to volunteer help:

Typical daily tasks include: Fielding telephone calls, text messages Emails and monitoring ‘What’s on’ information

Greeting guests, taking their photograph and compiling copy for the station website. Visiting local business to encouraging participation in our free ‘Shop Watch and, publishing feedback on station website

With a dedicated team of presenters, including input for our very own local Newspapers the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Times, Red Sands Radio is truly locally focused

If you’ve heard and like the station, think you’ve got what it takes and really want to be part of the Red Sands Radio team we’d like to hear from you

Send us an email with a little bit about yourself, and why you’d like to get involved 

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

On The Lookout – Press Release #3 (2014) Tue 27/05/14

Since it’s inception and first broadcasts back in 2007 Red Sands Radio has showcased 100’s of unsigned, new artists and emerging talent, and is on the lookout for more!

Musician and Red Sands Radio producer Phil Hadler said, “There’s so much unsung talent around, some of which is never heard. Last year we even played songs by ‘bedroom singers and players’ as always we’re pleased to broadcast new material”

He went on “We don’t confine unsigned tracks to dark out of hours times, but showcase tracks during peak listening times in the James Day ‘Live Lunch’”

“We’d love to hear from established and budding artists of any genre, send your audio files, or drop us a CD, then listen out for your songs on the ‘Live Lunch’ on Monday – Friday from 10-14”

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Trawling for Oysters – Press Release #2 (2014) Mon 19/05/14

Red Sands Radio plans to catch a few Oysters when it returns in July for it’s annual summer broadcast

One of the stations mainstays Roy Gooderson of RG Electronics, Oxford Street said

‘Red Sands Radio actively promotes everything going on, both in programmes and our twice hourly ‘What’s On Guide’

‘This year out broadcast will take in the whole of the Whitstable Oyster Festival, so we’ll be providing listeners with a flavour of the event, and encouraging people from further a field to come to Whitstable’

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Coastal Towns Events – Press Release #1 (2014) Sat 10/05/14

 With probably the most comprehensive listing of what’s going on, Red Sands Radio listed and broadcast just about every local event taking place

 During a number of local meetings it became apparent that outside of the Red Sands Radio broadcast period, Whitstable & Herne Bay Towns themselves weren’t aware of what was going on in one another’s patch!

 To overcome this obstacle, we’ve formed a brand new Website to list and promote everything going on along the coast from Seasalter in the West, to Reculver in the East

From Boot Fairs to Gigs, Regatta’s, Car Shows, Festivals and Fairs  

Built by Tankerton based ‘Koolwebs’ the non-profit making site promises to freely promote absolutely everything going on

You’ll want to be listed, send details today and your event will be included

Radio Red Sands launches on 7th July 2014 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Sandi Toksvig – Press Release #4 (2013) Fri 21/06/13

Press Release #4 (2013)

Red Sands Radio is launching at 7am on the 29th June for a seventh season serving the Thames Estuary basin and North Kent Coastal Towns

We’re delighted to announce that local lady Sandi Toksvig will be joining us to officially bring Red Sands Radio to air at 9am with an informal chat on the ‘Saturday Brunch’ with Bob Le-Roi

Sandi – comedian, novelist, actor, broadcaster and national treasure, will be chatting about all things local and her prolific career.  She will be continuing her smash-hit, sell-out solo tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and will then continue to tour all over the UK

Sandi is passionate about ‘live performance’ and a prolific writer, having written more than 20 books and is also a regular contributor to various publications.  Sandi has written drama and a number of films for her own ‘Sprout Pictures’, an independent film and television production company, with co-owners Stephen Fry and Gina Carter

She recently appeared in the BBC4 drama ‘Up The Women’, playing Emily Pankhurst and was the proud winner of the 2013 ‘Voice of the Listener & Viewer Award for Excellence in Broadcasting’


Radio Red Sands launches on 29th June 2013 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

New Presenter – Press Release #3 (2013) Fri 24/05/13

Press Release 3 (2013)

Presenter Opportunity

Red Sands Radio is looking for a new presenter for the daily ‘Afternoon Spin’ programmer

With a simple uncluttered format it’s an ideal spot for candidates to demonstrate their potential. You will though need to be able to read what’s on, weather, and tide scripts, back time to advertisement and news junctions, a piece of cake!

If you think you’ve got what it takes and are available for a couple of hours each weekday in early July, we’d like to hear from you. Send a recent short mp3 demo to the station and who knows you could be on Red Sands Radio


Radio Red Sands launches on 29th June 2013 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Shop Watch – Press Release #2 (2013) Sun 12/05/13

Press Release 2 (2013)

Shop Watch

It’s not very often you get something for nothing, as the saying goes ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ but the Red Sands Radio Shop Watch is absolutely free

Shop Watch is the Red Sands Radio scheme that gets you and your business mentioned on-air and yet doesn’t cost a penny

Look out for the Red Sands Radio team who will be popping into local businesses over the coming weeks

We’ll ask you a little about your business, then simply listen out for the mentions of your business during our programmes

‘Shop Watch’ all day, every day on Red Sands Radio, the only local radio choice


Radio Red Sands launches on 29th June 2013 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Get Involved – Press Release #1 (2013) Wed 01/05/13

Press Release # 1 (2013)

Get Involved

The Coastal Towns very own Red Sands Radio is back again in July and wants to hear from anyone who’d like to volunteer time to help out:

Typical daily tasks include: Fielding telephone calls, text messages and Emails. Updating ‘What’s on’ information, assisting compilation of travel, weather and tide times

 Greeting guests, taking their photograph and compiling copy for the station website. Visiting local shops and business encouraging participation in the free ‘Shop Watch’, publishing feedback on station website

 Having an input to social networking, assist load local musicians bios/photographs onto station website and helping out during outside broadcasts

With a dedicated team of presenters, including input for our very own Newspaper The Whitstable Times, Red Sands Radio is as locally focused as ever. Come and join us and help make your local station even better

Send us an email with a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to get involved

Radio Roots – Press Release #7 (2012) Sun 24/06/12

Red Sands Radio goes back to its humble roots as Radio Invicta, K.I.N.G Radio & Senior Radio 390 Announcer John Ross-Barnard officially opens the station on Saturday 30th June

John who has many memories of his time on the ‘stations on sticks’ out on the Forts, some pleasant and some he’d prefer not to mention

Said John ‘I’m chuffed to bits at being asked to open the station. I was last heard on Red Sands Radio during its broadcasts from the Forts’ ‘The station’s moved forward a long way since establishing itself as a proper Community station for the Thames Estuary Basin and North Kent Coastal Towns’

Senior Radio 390 Engineer Lawrence Bean and first mate, Brian Tyrell of the stations original tender ‘Mallard’ and perhaps owner/skipper Vic Davis will join John

Radio Red Sands launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable,Kent,CT5 2PF




Radio Gear – Press Release #6 (2012) Sun 17/06/12

When commercial radio broadcasts began from the high seas, high tech equipment comprised record turntables, tape recorders, and if you were lucky a tape cartridge machine for playing out commercials and jingles

Things have come a long way since the 1960’s with seldom a CD let along a record being seen in a modern radio studio!

Red Sands Radio, which began broadcasting on the old WWII Forts in the Thames Estuary, followed in the wake of Radio Invicta who started their operations in June 1965, later becoming K.I.N.G Radio then Radio 390. This year Red Sands Radio goes back to the early watery wireless days

Whilst most of the Forts studio equipment has been scrapped or lost, a pair of the original Radio 390 record turntables survives. Given to Red Sands Radio some years ago, they remained dilapidated and untouched until Red Sands Radio engineer David Phillips lovingly restored them

When the station officially opens, the turntables along with the reconstructed mixing desk that formed the original working Radio 390 will be powered up again for the first time in 45 years

Red Sands Radio launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Live n Local – Press Release #5 (2012) Wed 13/06/12

James Day of the Red Sands Radio ‘Live Lunch’, & new guy Mike Elwood of the ‘Red Sands Music Scene’ programme want to hear from local musicians to feature in their programme

Said James ‘We began playing local music a few years ago, I have to say that we’ve been knocked out by the quality of some of the material received.’ The Coastal Towns are a hot bed of talent, there are so many great bands and soloists out there’

To get your music on Red Sands Radio simply send a mp3 together with a short biography and gig listing and you’ll go onto the station website, be in the What’s On Guide & could appear on the ‘Live Lunch’ or Saturday evening ‘Red Sands Music Scene’

Send mp3 recordings with bio & gig list to

Red Sands Radio  launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Van Man – Press Release #4 (2012) Tue 05/06/12

Premier local car and van hire company Victoria Hire are flying the flag for Red Sands Radi

This year the Victoria Hire fleet of vans will be embellished with ‘Follow us & listen to Red Sands Radio 87.9 FM’ logos

Said Victoria Hire Managing Director Edward Bollen “Victoria Garage has been centre of the coastal towns community servicing locals vehicles since 1950”

“The Victoria Hire wing of the business started in 1985 and it makes perfect sense for us to support what is now the only local radio option in the coastal towns”

Red Sands Radio launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Footnote Victoria Garage also own All Tyres at the Belmont Arches Whitstable

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Who’s That Lady? – Press Release #3 (2012) Tue 05/06/12

Following the item published in the Whitstable Times on Thursday 26th April 2012 seeking a lady presenter for the ‘Red Sands Night Ride’ programme, a deluge of calls and emails were received by the Coastal Towns radio station

Local Herne Bay girl Sarah Weller is a performing musician and amongst other things stages a Doris Day tribute act. Sarah’s had a little radio experience contributing to Jazz FM and will look after the weekday ‘Red Sands Night Ride’ programme from Monday – Friday 01.00 – 04.00

Meanwhile at the weekends you’ll find Danni B who lives in Regent Street, Whitstable with her Master Mariner husband, Giovanni. A true Maid of Kent East Kent born and breed Danni’s spent time travelling working aboard cruise ships, where she met and fell for her husband

Red Sands Radio say’s “It’s great to welcome these girls aboard, with musical and nautical connections they were natural choices“

Red Sands Radio launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line at

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Red Sands Radio is looking for a special lady, is it you? – Press Release #2 (2012) Wed 18/04/12

Must have a pleasant disposition and a nice voice for the ‘Red Sands Radio Night

Ride’ programme broadcast everyday from 01.00 – 07.00

Don’t worry, the successful applicant won’t miss a moment’s beauty sleep as their

voice will be recorded and played throughout the early hours

If you think you might be that special lady we’re looking for and would like to be part

of the Coastal Towns very own local radio station send us a short recording of your

voice together with a recent photograph to or call us

direct on 07711 512 991

Who knows you could be our special lady

Red Sands Radio launches on 30th June 2012 on 87.9FM & on-line at

All change at Red Sands Radio – Press Release #1 (2012) Tue 10/04/12

The radio governing body Ofcom has granted the Thames Estuary Basin & North

Kent Coasts Towns radio station a licence to broadcast again this summer

But with a small move of frequency to 87.9 mHz (FM) to avoid any cross channel

interference from another station some distance away

The stations senior engineer said ‘the change makes no difference to listeners who

will easily be able to receive the station both on FM and on-line’

Red Sands Radio in its 6th year continues to grow with support from Kent County and

Local Council and its loyal band of sponsors and advertisers

Red Sands Radio launches on Saturday 30th June 2012 on 87.9 FM & on-line

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

07711 512 991

Happy Warriors – Press Release #6 (2011) Fri 01/07/11

Joining the Red Sands Radio band of ‘Happy Warriors’ this year Paul Pearson, the local lad
whilst not an Offshore Radio man has spent a good deal of time on Cruise Ships, so is
suitably qualified for Red Sands Radio & to look after the ‘80’s Power’ show on Sunday

New to the weekdays ‘Afternoon Spin’ show from 2pm we welcome David Daly a Whitstable
man with useful radio experience. Paul Beard from Herne Bay comes aboard from
Community Radio in Spain on the ‘Red Sands Radio Café’ on 2nd July & ‘Saturday Brunch’ on
9th, 16th, & 23rd July

Guy Starkey previously with ILR in Sunderland and these days has a University Doctorate
looks after evenings on ‘Red Sands Non-Stop’ from 7pm

You heard him briefly last year, Alan King formerly with Medway FM returns for two weeks
looking after the ‘Home Run’, followed by Duncan Martin from Meridian Radio who takes over
the wheel from Alan.

Forever into rock music Roger Dilley of Whitstable’s Computer business AD3000 hosts ‘Red
Sands Rocks’ on a Sunday evening

Also new to the schedule; put that paper down and pin back your ears as Whitstable Times
Editor John Nurden’s guests for ‘60’s Sunday’ on the 17th & 24th July

Finally, we welcome Norman Barrington who’s been on ‘watery wireless’ many years, brings
us a special history of the Red Sands Radio jingles we know and love.

You’ll hear our regular team of Bob Le-Roi on the ‘Hot Breakfast’, James Day in for a ‘Live
Lunch,’ Friday’s it’s Tony Gillham & Saturday evening Stephen Wright on the ‘Wright Stuff’
Solid Gold Sunday morning kicks of with Amanda McKean of the Canterbury Festival with
‘60’s Sunday,’ Martin Smith plays some ‘70’s Magic’ from 10am, with Bob Preedy on ‘Red
Sands Country’ from 3pm

Local Music on Local Radio – Press Release #5 (2011) Thu 30/06/11

Broadcasting from Whitstable Harbour Red Sands Radio continues to champion local talent. Thanks to the local press the station attracted many offers of assistance and a number of recordings by local bands, but they’d like more. This year a new daily spot in the ‘Live Lunch’ and a brand new programme ‘Red Sands Rocks’ on a Sunday evening will showcase the best music from Local composers and musicians

Spokesman Roy Gooderson said, “We’re supporting this years ‘Bands at the Belmont’ and we want to hear from local composers, bands, solo artists who’d like to hear their songs on the station”

Already lined up: The Flame Pilots, Dave Emm, The Trouser Trumpets, Masque, The Scimitars, The Keytones, Hullabaloo, Jazz Police, Rubber Biscuit, Wasabi, Malcolm Holland, and Mel Harris

Red Sands Radio will also be playing songs from established and Classic local Bands like Caravan, The Maroon Dogs & Fantasi.During a live lunch we will interview Jim Leverton, Bass player with Caravan.

Like to hear your songs on your local station? Then Email your mp3’s or send in an audio CD with a brief biography to Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF.

We also need your events to add to our ‘Whats On Page’ These can be around the coastal towns and Canterbury, mail to studio as above.

Radio Red Sands launches on Saturday 2nd July 2011 on 87.7FM & online.

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF

Proper Local Radio – Press Release #4 (2011) Thu 30/06/11

Red Sands Radio is looking forward to a 5th year serving the Thames Estuary Coastal Towns and perhaps longer term becoming a permanent fixture
Red Sands Radio is the only true local station: Invicta has had its heart torn out! CTFM is no more, and its replacement does little for the CT area and actually transmits from Ashford, hardly local!
The BBC’s Radio Kent, itself under threat seldom does much for the Coastal Towns, maintaining a small satellite studio manned by a journalist in Canterbury. Their programme content and music is aimed squarely at a more senior audience, testament to the callers heard on-air
In contrast Red Sands Radio is fresh and vibrant, playing a wide selection of ‘feel good music’ aimed at a wide demographic. With a balance of focused local and topical information, news, travel, features, interviews, local music and the promotion of local events. Red Sands Radio is the only proper local option for the Thames Estuary basin and Coastal Towns
Radio Red Sands launches on 2nd July 2011 87.7FM & on-line at

Toe in the Water – Press Rlease #3 (2011) Thu 30/06/11

The former Offshore Station Red Sands Radio still has a foot in the sea; based at Whitstable Harbour.

Phil Hadler MD of FSC Music and one of  the team behind Red Sands Radio said “we’re looking forward to the 2011 season, operating from the very centre of Whitstable, 2011 represents our 5thyear on-air and it’s a real opportunity for the people in the Community to get involved with what is the only real local radio station for the area”

“There are opportunities behind the scenes for engineers, I.T technicians, administrative staff and experienced on-air personnel, so we’d like to hear from you”

Radio Red Sands launches on 2nd July 2011 on 87.7FM & on-line

Done Deal – Press Release #2 (2011) Thu 30/06/11

The former Offshore Radio station that broadcast from the Sea Forts off The Whitstable, Herne Bay coast has gained sufficient revenue to assure a return to the air throughout July 2011

Returning for a 5th year Red Sands Radio will operate from studios at Whitstable Harbour, providing listeners a balance of ‘feel good music’, topical local information, news, guests with a light sprinkling of local music

Spokesman Roy Gooderson of RG Electronics, Oxford Street, Whitstable one of the team behind the station said, “It’s been a tough job securing sponsorship and advertising, and we’re grateful to a whole raft of local businesses that recognise the value of the station and have invested in Red Sands Radio”

“We’re looking forward to providing the Coastal Towns Red Sands Radio with what these days is the only proper local radio option”

Radio Red Sands launches on 2nd July 2011 on 87.7FM & on-line

Comeback – Press Release #1 (2011) Thu 30/06/11

With more than 90% of interested listeners polled saying Red Sands Radio should be a full time entity, we’re planning a come back in July 2011 giving us 5 years history and chance to build up the resources and personnel before considering a full time licence

In the delicate financial climate it’s not easy to predict how much further we might take the Community station for Coastal Towns & Thames Estuary basin. Over the last four years we’ve had to underwrite a significant proportion of our operating costs.

The small-dedicated team behind the station are driven to continue. But we need more support and not just from wanna-be DJ/presenters: I.T sales, marketing, promotion & publicity, and financial backing.

Incredibly licence fees to operate a short term costs about the same as running a Community Station for a year! You have to question if the Government actually want short-term stations or see them as just revenue spinners?

As far as listeners are concerned they make no distinction between a National, Regional, Local or Community Station, irrespective of the resources behind them. Since the demise of the ‘Promise of Performance’ Regional and Local stations have ditched their local identity and provide scant local information, unlike Community Stations that are forced by their licence to provision this costly service

Red Sands Radio has proved it can be successful through it’s own blend of music, local information, interviews and features.We’re back in 2011 as part of your local Community

If you would like to support us in anyway we’d love to hear from you


Radio Red Sands launches on 2nd July 2011 on 87.7FM & on-line