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a casa mia

160 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5AJ

Finest Italian cuisine, wood fired pizza, eat in and take away

Contact 01227 372947 and on facebook

Hi from Gennaro

Herne Bay Domestics

89 High Street, Herne Bay CT6 5LQ

Herne Bay Domestics  is an independent family run business specialising in the sale and repairs of domestics appliances, stocking a large range of electrical appliances ranging from washing machines, fridge freezers to cookers. We also supply Televisions, DVD players and home theatre systems

Contact 01227 361536 and online

Hi from Jake

Trutek Computers Ltd

147 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5AQ

Your friendly one stop shop for all your computer needs

Contact 01227 375088 and online

Hi from Paul and Mark


The Bay Floral Centre

87 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5LQ.

Your local Interflora florist at 01227 364440 and online

Hi from Jo and Barbara

Stanleys Fishmongers

41 High Sreet Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AP 07789 593 061

Suppiers of fresh fish

A big hello fpm Susan Harman

Global Cleaning Supplies

86-87 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Whitstable CT5 3QY
01227 2664 26 or online

Scott Gibbons

Carole Ridley

32 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AJ 01227 275 713

Rather nice ladies clothes

Hello from Carole

Flory & Black

54 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AQ 01227 504 034

Extended premises with all sorts of desirable goodies

Hello from James Marsh

Whiting Post

57-58 harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG 01227 772 192

Stylish wear, vintage sheik home accessories

Hello from Karl & Louise

Adam Whitaker

Adam Whitaker, Woodturner 07592 278 123

Great station – Adam


11 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CVT5 1AQ 01227 278 568

For a wide and wonderful selection of fashion accessories



16 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AQ 01227 637 573

Children’s Boutique

Hello from Mary Jane-Higginson

Pearl & Hemingway Vintage!

14 Harbour Street, Whitstable,Kent, CT5 1AQ 01227 770 000 : 07818 071 208

Fairtrade Fancy Dress Steam Punk Burlesque for Gals & Chads


David Brown Delicatessen

Delicatessen and private catering services 

28 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AH

Peekaboo Kids

49 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AQ

A Hair salon for kids, professional shoe fitting and boutique





65 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG 01227 262 500

British based graphic art, prints and books

Hello from Mary Claire Smith



Samson & Coles Ltd

13 Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1DB 01227 277 985

Beautiful bespoke hand-crafted jewellery designs.  Hi to Teresa & Madeline

Just Shoes etc

20 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AQ 01227 770 555

For a wide selection of high quality women’s shoes

Hi from Louise Crush



Waltshaws Kentish Pantry

19 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AQ 01227 771 917

They sell a wide selection of Local, seasonal food and drink

Pop in and say hi to Becca Walton and Libby Bradshaw


Red Gate Arts

Pop up shops located in Harbour Street, 07821 180 382/07845 299 140

Ruth, Kate and Adam who make Wooden Bowls using traditional methods, vintage theme arts, prints and cards





8 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG

Quality British Design lead menswear

Hello from Shelly & Garroie Keeys


Harbour News

43 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AH 01227 272 582

Harbour News has been in Harbour Street for circa 100 Years, New Papers, Sweets, Cold Drinks and  Alcoholic Beverages

Pop in and say hello to Mr Patel



Jessica Hawkins Make Up Artist

Jessica Hawkins Make Up Artist
07858 653743 


Ebbage Photo

Ebbage Photo
Weddings/Commercial/Portraiture/Fashion Editorial Photography

Chris & Matt Ebbage


Julie’s Cafe

Unit 81 John Wilson Park Chestfield CT5 3QT
01227 771720



Mark Russell Glazing Limited

Unit 53 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable, CT5 3QT
01227 772205 or online

Mark Russell

Phase Electrical

131-132 John Wilson Park, Whitstable, CT5 3QY
01227 282386 or online


Drakes Plumbing Supplies LTD

56/57 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, CT5 3QY
01227 770192 or online

Andy Syrett

N&S Carpet Supplies

121 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Whitstable, CT5 3QY
01227 771170 or online

Neil Gridley

Tender Loving Carers

108-109 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable CT5 3QT
01227 772515 or online

Kim & Britt Grutzmascher

Wholesale Plastics

114-116 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable, CT5 3QY 01227 772724

Ian Lithgow

Communicar Vehicle Security

91 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, CT5 3QT
01227 770556

Phil Lewis

Allbits Plumbing Supplies

Unit 60, John Wislon Business Park, CT5 3QT
01227 281649

Hello from Kenny Johnson

Howards Blinds & Curtains

Unit 128b, John Wilson Business Park, Thanet Way, CT5 3QP
01227 772779

Hello from Barry Howard

Kent Laptops

Unit 49, John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Whitstable, CT5 3QY 
01227 200321 or online


The Ship Centurion

111 High Street, Whitstable 01227 264740

Hi from Roland and Jan

Granny Smiths

91 High Street, Whitstable 01227  273233 and online

We pride ourselves on having 25 years experience servicing the local communities and business’ with all their fresh fruit and vegetables

Hi from Mark, Claire & Cloe

Nail Nail

12 William Street, Herne Bay 01227 363839


Denture UK

Unit 20, Roper Road, Canterbury 01227 762175 and  online


Tudor Tea Rooms

29 Harbour Street 01227 273167 and online

Jane & Tim

Jane @ Graham Greener

27 Harbour Street 01227 277100 and online

Carrie, Sophie, Jane

Arsenic & Old Lace

17 Harbour Street , Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AQ 01227 262 770

Selling toys and clothes for babies and children

Hello from Dean Evans


1 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 276608

Josh, Wes, Dave, Ollie


64 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 261 870

Nursery Interiors & Accessories

Hello to Alix

Birdies Restaurant

49 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 265337

Hi from Phil, Sue and the rest at birdies

Whitstable Produce

41 Harbour Street, Whitstable 07767615458 and online

Steve, Hannah, Bev, Owen, Hazel, Hayley

What’s Up Cupcake

64 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 746045 and online

Tracey, Tor

Whitstable Lavender

33 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 280065 and online

Barbara and Colin

Mountain Warehouse

High Street, Whitstable 01227 266020 and online

Mark Barry

Staines Farm Shop

61 High Street, Whitstable 01227 262949

In season fruit and veg locally grow

Joe, Kim, Karen, David

This ‘N’ That

106 High Street, Whitstable 07888945340


George’s Mini Market

15-17 High Street, Whitstable 01227 261524

A family owned business established in 1970 that takes pride in offering a wide range of goods at value for  money prices along with a customer service that is second to none


Tea and Times

36a High Street, Whitstable 01227 262639

Delicious selection of hand made cakes, sandwiches & breakfasts. Hi from Veronica & family

V. C. Jones Fish & Chips

25 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 272703 and online

Mat, Dan and Sam



Sundays, 152 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 366040


Interiors Direct

Interiors Direct, 186 High Street, Herne Bay, 01227  749200


Brockmans Farm Produce, Canterbury

Perry Court Farm, Garlinge Green, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 4RU

60 years of Organic Heritage from Brockmans Farm Produce Order On-Line

Paul Vesey-Wells – Production Manager

Willbee & Son Estate Agents

105-107 Mortimer St, Town Centre, Herne Bay CT6 5ER
01227 374010



21 Bank Street Herne Bay CT6 5EA 07927396896


Nut Cutters

18 Bank Street Herne Bay CT6 5EA 01227 373200

Nut Cutters

Kevin Almond

The Studio

122 Mortimer Street Herne Bay CT6 5EB 01227 744441

The Studio

John & Daniel

Seaview Cafe

103 Mortimer Street Herne Bay CT6 5ER

Jade & Connor

Heavenly Home

91 Mortimer Street Herne Bay CT6 5ER 01227 369191


Summer House Alterations

93 Mortimer Street Herne Bay CT6 5EB 07768571643

Launa Summers


100 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EB 01227 367100


RSPCA Mortimer Street

96 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EB 01227 362749

Shirley, Dee, Tracey, Pat, Lou & Chris


Grainger’s Sandwhich Bar

92 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EB 01227 741448

Jackie, Claire & Chris

Ace Shoe Repairs

17a William Street Herne Bay CT6 5EG
01227 741012

Simon Magar

Kids Korner

98 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EB 01227 365 591

To our best customers the young one’s from Melvin, Sue, Liv, Pauline, Ali & Olly

Sweet Magic

115a Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EX

Chris & John


Times 2nd hand shop, Unit 2 & 7 Bank Street, Herne Bay 07790 035 133

Greeting from Dave Saunders

Bike Warehouse

The Bike Warehouse, 117 – 119 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay 01227 373 736

Wheels we have plenty, bikes n trikes for everyone from Marvin & Matt

David Clarke

50-52 Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DG, telephone 01227 266644 and online

David Clarke Estate Agents is an independent family company specialising in the sale of residential and commercial property in Herne Bay, Whitstable, Canterbury and the surrounding areas Established since 1968

The Royal, Tankerton

Marine Parade, Whitstable, Kent CT5 2BB
Telephone 01227 272 008 and online

The pub has a good reputation for a warm welcome and friendly surroundings with spectacular views across the bay.

Chris, Evie, Rob, Stefan and all the staff will be glad to see you.

Alimos Moroccan Restaurant

The Railway Bridge, Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent,  CT5 1DG
01227 272 725
Alimos Restaurant

Moroccan food prepared & served by Ali & Mo’

The Owl & The Pussycat

139a Tankerton Road, Tankerton, CT5 2AW
07590 464272

For charming Cards and Gifts, visit Yasmin at the shop.

Fox Dry Cleaners, Tankerton

111 Tankerton Road, CT5 2AN
01227 273 282

Need a Suit or a Dress dry cleaned, pop in!

Toys ‘n’ Trends

106 Tankerton road, Whitstable, CT5 2AJ
01227 2727141 

Great selection of pocket money crazes, toys and the latest trends from toddlers to the big kids. You can also have your Lego parties at the shop.

Pet Stop

123 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AN
01227 266 812

Robert and Anne have a great store for all your pet needs be it a Cat or a Dog. Pop into the Shop


91/93 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, CT5 2AJ
 01227 770601  

For all your Stationery, Birthday cards and gifts, visit Sheila, Trudy, Sue and Colin.

Emanuel’s , Tankerton

Emanuel’s  117 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AN
01227 770 039
01227 277 269

Soft Furnishing Interiors offer a wide range of flexible and bespoke services.

World Of Hair

109 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AN
01227 272228

Ring Debbie for appointments or visit the salon.

Oasis Hair Salon

142 Tankerton Road, Whitstable,
01227 277 840 

Visit Alistair, Amanda and Frankie at the Salon.

Whitstable Native

Hut 12 Whitstable Harbour

For printed logo tee shirts, visit Paul.

Caffe Eighty Nine

89 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AJ

If you fancy a Coffee, Tea or a Breakfast or a light lunch, visit Julie.

Headquarters Hairsalon

133 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AW
01227 637  678

“HQ offers the highest standard of hair services but with the enjoyment and relaxation of being right on the seaside”

Simon & Harley say thanks to all their clients.


67 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DA
01227 634138 

Pop into French for “Contemporary classic interiors” plus interesting stuff from France.

Tankerton Flowers

137 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, CT5 2AW
01227 770 831

For all your floral requirements “Helping people make life prettier”

Give me a call, or pop in to see us we’re always happy to help – Hayley

Quite Contrary…..

150 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, CT5 2AW,
01227 634202

Cupcake Parties, Art & Craft Parties for your kids.

Tomic & Daly

37 High Street Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AP
01227 273 016

“David & Karolina have the most beautiful things for your home in the perfect place to buy those very special presents –right in the heart of Whitstable High Street and online too.  Running 20% off all LSA products while Red Sands Radio is on air!”

Listen to Red Sands Radio while shopping as we have it on in the shop

Venessa Field Services

Sea Cottage, East Cliff Parade, Herne Bay, Kent  CT6 5HU
01227 375 375
07901 934 141

Venessa Field Services, (House Clearances)  Hugo Lee-Jones of the Old Firm.

Herne Bay Business Club

Herne Bay Business Club meet for breakfast at
128 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay at 7.30 sharp on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday monthly.

Trading in the Coastal Towns, you’re welcome to come along.

Hatfield & Co Solicitors

Kent Enterprise House, The Links, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 7GQ
01227 844497

Have a great day from Gideon Scott.

Mortimers Restaurant

128 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5EB
01227 741 098

Richard & the Team locked into 87.9

Wilby & Son Estate Agents

105-107 Mortimer St, Town Centre, Herne Bay CT6 5ER
01227 374010

Greetings to a hot rocking Peter Goodwin

Herne Bay Locks

Herne Bay Locks, 100 Spenser Rd, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5QP
01227 749494

Bob Whatley

Beach Creative

Beach Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5PT
01227 637 525

Red Sands Radio fans: Mandy Broughton, Dr Gill Wilson, Sue Austen

Grass Media Web Design

43 Ashbee Gardens, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6TX
01227 364659
07525 013 666

Web Designers & E-Marketing

Nigel Hancock & Suzy the dog

RKDO Sound & Light

Unit 8F-8L, Hillborough Business Park, Sweechbridge Road, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6TE
01227 638085

Into the Red Sands Radio music are Damon Oldacre & Kenny Stokes

Jelf Insurance Brokers

 45 William Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5NR
01227 369 876

Hello to John Cox, Jane Lawrence & Jane Hook

The Offy

The Offy, 5 High Street, Whitstable CT5 1AP  01227 272 114

A great little offy right in the heart of Whitstable.  They stock a diverse selection of chilled wines and champagne and have  over 70 different real ales in store

A big hello to Julie and all the staff

Whitstable Charcoal Grill

Oxford Street, Whitstable, 01227 265 888

Hello to David, Mike, Simon & Ezid


9 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable,  01227 271 271

Named brand clothing, Micro & Extreme Scooters, also Flip-Flops & summer wear

Hello to Jason, Wendy & Ian

Old Neptune

Marine Terrace, Whitstable,  CT5 1EJ,   01227 272 262

The pub on the beach, perfect to watch the sunset & have a bite to eat.  Also check out their live bands.

Hello to Darren & his loyal girls, of the bar variety of course

Quba & Co Ltd

22 Harbour Street, Whitstable  CT5 1AQ,   01227 770 203

British nautically-inspired women’s and men’s clothing, jackets, bags and accessories.

Hello to Ellen, Catherine, Lauren and Katie!

Harbour Books

21 Harbour street, Whitstable,    01227 264 011

Browse this local book store for all your favourite authors and latest novels.

We provide new and discontinued books, gifts, cards, stationary and an ordering service.

Hi to Keith, Liz & Kirsten and they send a big thank you to all their loyal customers

Seagulls and Flamingoes

12 Harbour Street, Whitstable,  CT5 1AQ  01227 773 065 Come in and see our collection of locally made ceramics arts, crafts, jewellery, gifts & card  Hello to Cathy

Graystones of Tankerton

85, Tankerton Road, Whitstable, 01227 637379

Come and visit us for shoe repairs, key cutting, engraving or to see our range of leather goods.

China Chef

79, Tankerton Road, Whitstable, 01227 282688

A small and cosy family-run restaurant offering great food in an intimate atmosphere.

Dine in, order a take away or treat yourself to a home delivery!

Chatsfield Motors

Unit 10, Westbook Industrial Estate, 227 Sea Street, Herne Bay, CT6 8LF, 01227 374 444

Motor Vehicle repairs listening in to Red Sands Radio the workers Kevin & Dan

Duke of Cumberland Hotel

High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AP, 01227 280 617,

Bar, Restaurant, Room & Live Music hello to Sarah, and music man Adam


21 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 01227 281 224

Hello to Mick & Karen.  We stock lovely vintage pieces of furniture and items for your home

Whitstable Marine

Sea Wall, Whitstable, 01227 262 525

 Hello to Jeremy, Zack & Shannon.  We provide everything you need for your sailing and powerboat needs

Whitstable Galleries

The Old Sail Loft, Sea Wall, Whitstable, 01227 280 780

Open every day – 11 till 5 pm.  A little bit of everything beautiful for the home

Goodness Grace

43 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 07927 922 881

High quality clothes exchange.  Hello to Irene and Jo

Clark’s Flower Shop

64 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 01227 274 765

Flowers for all occasions delivered in the UK.  Hi to Debby & Bridget

Emotive Studios

82 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 275 744

Potrait photographer of the Year.  Hi to Jack and Nick

Tony Sanders Chimney Sweep

Whitstable, Mobile 07719 324 751

Fully qualified chimney sweep with over 30 years experience at caring for your chimneys.  Also provider and fitter of high quality wood-burners and  stoves. Hello to Tony

Charlotte Seeburg Window Cleaning

Whitstable, Mobile, 07525 090 151

Shout out to Charlotte


102 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AZ, 01227 265 800

Lovely Thai restaurant and takeaway.  Hello to Sirinda & Nattawut

DJL Hair Studio

6 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BQ 01227 280 452

Jane, Sharah, Rayna, Carly, Sam, Nic & Janin

Spoon Web

39 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DB 01227 276 718

Video games, Comics & DVD’s – Russ, Paul, Freanbk & Bob listening to Red Sands Radio in their own Nerdvana

Hair Studio

68 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BB 01227 261 907

Rocking with Red Sands Radio Liz, Karen, Bev, Holly & the two Emma’s

Cancer Research Shop – Whitstable

32 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BQ

Sharnna Mount & all the volunteers say a big thank you to all their customers

Howards Kitchen

Gladstone Road, Whitstable, CT5 1JG 07954 194 000

Anneka, Rachel, Hearty no frills home cooked food we also cater for private functions & parties 

Pauls of Whitstable

42 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BQ 01227 264 965

Paul, Malcolm, Val & Jane the local butcher, delicatessen for fresh meat cooked pies & cheeses 

Herberts Cycles

103 – 105 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AY 01227 272 072

Keith & Graham happy listening to Red Sands Radio

Harbour Cars

Whitstable, Kent 07545 215 468

For all your taxi needs call George & Lewis

Caprice Hairdressers

59 Canterbury Road, Whitstable, CT5 4HQ 01227 273 126

Jo, Loarraine, Stella & Helen listening in to Red Sands Radio

Antiques & Vintage

3 Canterbury Road, Whitstable, CT5 4HJ 07850 092 038

Christine & Michael for all antiques bought & sold we also do house clearance

Firkin Frog

Micro Pub, 157 Station Road, Herne Bay, CT6 5QA 07460 895 527

Hello to Mark Parker

RG Electronics

66 Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 262 319

He to Graham in the shop & Roy out in the field

Oxford News

29 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 01227 281 814

Magazines, confectionery, greeting cards and newspapers delivered to your door.  Hi to Noorul

Champs Bakery

19 Oxford Street,Whitstable

Posters up in the shop thanks to Jeff, Jane, Geri, Melony, Sue

Jim’s of Whitstable Family Butchers

99a High Street, Whitstable 01227 272 120

Red Sands Radio Rocks from James, Craig & Stewart

Great range of our own sausages, a deli, pies even grandma’s brawn!

Granny Smith

91 High Street, Whitstable 01227 273 233

Thanks for the shout Mark

Reppin & Jones Jewelers

77 High Street, Whitstable 01227 272 747

We do gold n silver you do great music Kurt & Hayley

Stains Farm Shop

61 High Street, Whitstable 01227 262 949

The proper farm shop in the High Street, thanks Red Sands Radio from the team

Cafe Rio

47 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AP 01227 266 141

Claudia’s Lovin’ Red Sands Radio

Longs Butchers

19 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AP 01227 272 478

They tell us they’re the friendliest butchers in town

Harbour News

43 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AH 01227 272 528

Hello to all Red Sands Radio listeners from Bavic

Sewing Machine Shop

59 Harbour Street, Whitstable 01227 264 271

Hello to the boys brothers Fred & John

Whitstable Coffee Company

39 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AP 01227 280 844

Rick & Kate Neame say a big hello to Red Sands Radio

Castle Road Stores

1 Church Street, Whitstable, CT5 1PJ 01227 272 611

Thank for your support we’re listening from Chris

Sue Ryder Charity Furniture Shop

107b Tankerton Road, Tankerton-on-Sea, Whitstable,  01227 282 446

Thanks for your support of both the shop & our band ‘Full Circle’ from  Tim

Tankerton Kebabs

140 Tankerton Road, Tankerton-on-Sea, Whitstable 01227 280 222

Thanks to Mr Sadikia a Red Sands Radio supporter

Village Family Food Store

76 Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable

Thanks to our local shoppers: Sharon

Busy B’s

126 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 372 696

Hello Red Sands Radio from Stuart

Herne Bay Models

Unit 4, The Mall, 116 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 365 761

Everything the serious modeler ever wants of  Dave Jenkins

RSPCA – Herne Bay

104 High Street, Herne Bay

Hello from John

Good As New

82 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5LH 01227 364 724

Check us out for great vintage & second-hand goods – Paul

Herne Bay Health Food Centre

“The 12 O’clock Shop” 12 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 372 252

Thanks to our customers Birol & Azad

Hampton Inn

72 Western Esplanade  Herne Bay CT6 8DL 01227 374 576

You’re all welcome from Graham & Brenda

Vincent Nurseries

Vincent Nurseries, Eddington Lane, Herne Bay, CT6 5TS 01227 375 806

Hello to all our lovely customers from Christine, Steve, Karl, Kev, Mark, Shane, Dee, Ann, Ava, Toni, Kath, Aaron & Jess

Cats Protection

28 William Street, Herne Bay

Hello to Phil Young

Claybrookes Jewelers

36 William Street, Herne Bay 01227 742 641

Hello to a sparkling Lorraine

RSPCA Furniture Store – Herne Bay

102 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Thanks volunteers


113-115 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Make it a special one with Fraya, Kerry, Kelly, Debbie, Sandra, Carol

Taylor’s Meats

124 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay 01227 367 962

A big shout to  Scott

The Pantry

159 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay 07557 476 045

Hello from Liz, Nikki & Lynda

Demelza Book Shop

165 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Hello to all of the volunteers

Tankerton Antiques

136 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable

Hello to all collectors everywhere from Paul

The Old Firm

146 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay 01227 375 375

Hello Red Sands Radio from Rachel & Lexie

Music Bay

144 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay 01227 373 364

The musical instrument man Graham Harmsworth

Through the Loop

169 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 742 224

Sarah & Julie are happy listening to Red Sands Radio

Bay Wine

167 High Street, Herne Bay

Come and buy your favourite tipple from  Gana

Beside the Seaside

176 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 360 400

Hello to Sam

Britannia Fish Bar

174 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 639 712

Hello to Ismail the happiest fish fryer in the Bay

West Bay Charity Shop

83a Sea Street, Herne Bay

Thanks for your donations and purchases  from Jackie, Joan, Tina & Chris

Matts Cutting Room

99 Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 360 856

Matt & Jack – Slick with the scissors & clippers

Premier Herne Bay Stores

103 Sea Street, Herne Bay

Red Sands Radio thanks for supporting us Rich


4a Poplar Drive, Greenhill, Herne Bay 01227 372 538

Hello from Nirosh

Poplar Stores

4 Poplar Drive, Greenhill, Herne Bay

Thanks for your custom from Del


84 Greenhill Road, Herne Bay 01227 373 551

Thanks to all our customers from Phil, Bet

Communicar Whitstable

Unit 91, John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable, CT5 3QT 01227 770 556

Car audio and entertainment, supplies, software upgrades repairs

Thanks to all our customers from Phil Lewis

Tankerton Arms

Tankerton Arms Frontage

The Tankerton Arms, 139B Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent CT5 2AW 07532 025 626

Reviving the name of the former Hotel on the crest of Tower Hill the Tankerton-on-Sea micro pub puts fine ales first, run by Nigel Ranger and son Alistair

Dazlin Enterprises


Call Darren in Herne Bay on 07706 800 373 or Linda on 07922 782 211

For General Property Maintenance and licensed waste disposal

Wests Whelks

West Whelks, West Quay, Whitstable Harbour, Kent, CT5 1AB 01227 266 873 (8am – 1pm) 01227 273 710 (1pm – 6pm)

Trading in fine cockles and fresh seafood for 150 years from the centre of Whitstable Harbour come and try some your self

Mad Cat Brewery

Brogdale Farm, Brogdale Road, Faversham, ME13 8XU 07960 263 615

Hello from Peter & Mike

Peter Jackson Architects

Harbour Offices,Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable, CT5 1AB

Hello from Peter

Homing Park

Church Lane  Whitstable, Seasalter, Whitstable, CT5 4BU 01227 771 777

Hello from Graham & his team

St Alphage Church

High Street, Whitstable 01227 272 798 a warm friendly welcome & coffee mornings in the week & at the weekend

Thanks from Racheal & all the hard working team

Oyster Press

Unit 110  John Wilson Business Park, Chestfield, Whitstable, CT5 3QY 01227 772 605

Hello & thanks to all our clients from Clive, Andy & Glenn

The Peter Cushing

Wetherspoons, at the Old Oxford Cinema, Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1DD 01227 284 100

Thanks to all our customers from Grant, Vicky, Debs, Daryl, Tony, Jess, Amy B, Ashlie, Calum, Christie, Grace, Dan, Laura

Liam, Lilli, Lucy, Robert S, Ruby, Simon, Steven, Tara, Tilly, Wesley, Alex, Amy J,Andy, Becky, Samual, Mollie, Robert H

Joshua, Tracey, Owen, Callum, David, Emma, Jeny, Jon, Keith, Kerry, Robert Sum, Sophie & Steven (43 staff)

Friends of the Downs

Herne Bay

Hello from Phil Rose & all the active members

Waterfront Club, Bar, Restaurant

Beach Walk Whitstable CT5 2BP 01227 265 500

Hello from Faye & her team

RNLI Whitstable

The Boat House, Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable,01227 282 135

Hello & thanks to the crews, members & supporters

Kent Limos

Kent Limos, 21 Colewood Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2RP  01227 794 452

Hello to Norma & Sue

Wilbee Estate Agents

Wilbee Estate Agents Logo

105-107 Mortimer St  Town Centre, Herne Bay CT6 5ER 01227 374 010

Hello to Peter & all the team

Tax Assist

154 Mortimer St  Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5DU 01227 370 077

Hello to Peter & Claire

Connaught Bingo

98 Central Parade  Herne Bay, CT6 5JJ 01227 372 128

Hello to Tony, Phil and all the team of happy warriors

Mylcrist Builders

224 Tankerton Rd  Whitstable, Kent CT5 2AY 01227 277 883

Hello to Geoff & the gang

Hillcross Estates

 224 Tanterton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AY 01227 273 318

Hello to Deborah & the crew

Harbour Garage

Tower Parade  Whitstable, Kent CT5 2BJ 01227 261 477

Greetings to Richard, Claire, Jenny, Spencer & Graham

Evolution Health

45 Oxford St  Whitstable, Kent CT5 1DB 01227 273 821 

Hello to Liz & the team

Hungry Horse – Wheatsheaf

Hungry Horse – Wheatsheaf, Herne Bay Road,  Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2LU 01227 792 310

Hi to Tammy, Tyler, Jay & all the team who say thanks for eating with us!

Herne Bay Pier Trust

 81 Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5JQ 01277 280 529

Hello to Julian & all the team

Kentish Traders

Whitstable Harbour Village

Hello to Stuart, Sarah & all the fabulous hut traders

Kent Estate Agents

Kent Estate Agencies Logo

Hi to Niel, Andrea & Mark at the Whitstable Office at 10-12 High Street Whitstable CT5 1BQ 01227 272 302

Hello to Evonne, Nikki, Sophie & Caroline at the Tankerton office 94-100 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, CT5 2AH  01227 274 220

Whitstable Improvement Trust

34 Harbour St  Town Centre, Whitstable CT5 1AJ 01227 770 060

Hi to the team at the shop and all the active members in the field

Canterbury Rock

12 Whitstable Rd  Canterbury CT2 8DQ 01227 458 393

Hello to James Hampshire (Jim)

Herne Bay Town Partnership

Council Offices, William Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5NZ 01227 868 515

Hello to Peter Goodwin, Chris & all the active team members

Golding Surplus

167 – 169 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5HE 01227 749 141

Hello to Paul, Melanie & Dave

South Eastern Caravans

Unit 1-3, Old Coal Yard, Belmont Road  Whitstable, Kent CT5 1QP 01227 772 373

Hello to Dave Gardiner, Mary & All the team

About Trees

About Trees, 11 St Swithens Road, Whitstable, CT5 2HT 01227 273 16 2

Hello to Wayne & Vanessa

Whitstable Castle

Whitstable Castle, Tower Hill, Whitstable, CT5 2BW 01227 281 726

Hi to all the hard working teams & don’t forget the gardeners & groundsmen

Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre

11 Horsebridge, Whistable, CT5 1AF, 01227 281 174

The Horsebridge Centre - Monday to Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm (later for classes and events).

The Horsebridge Cafe - Monday to Saturdays 9am – 5pm,  Sunday 10am – 5pm.  Bar open during events.
A rich mix of fantastic events, activities, classes and exhibitions.  We guarantee you will find something to see and do every day of the week and you can always drop by for a bite to eat in our cafe.
Liz, Hannah, Steve, Sarah, Paula, Doug


Age UK

Hello to all the fantastic teams working at Age UK in Whitstable & Beltinge

Coast Watch

Local division of National movement they are the eyes along the coast

Crab & Winkle Line

Trust set up to preserve & maintain the Canterbury Whitsable Old Railway route

B&S Moulders Ltd

I have just heard that Red Sands might not continue :( We have listened to Heart, kmfm, radio 2 in our factory and none of these kept everyone happy and all are sooo repetitive. I think we heard ‘Call Me’ maybe 5 times in one day!

We put Red Sands on one a day after launch and everyone is loving the mix of music and the down to earth DJ’s

We have a big age variation in our factory and it’s hard to find something everyone likes

Please keep on air we’ll all miss u if u go

Love you and Red Sands from the people at B&S Moulders Ltd

Unit14-15 Joseph Wilson Ind Est, Millstrood Rd, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3PS

Tel: 01227 262 599         Fax: 01227 770 767


44-48 High Street,Whitstable, CT5 1BQ  01227 272 070

Hello to Daniel Monk & the team always working hard & listening to Red Sands Radio


The Village Store at Clocktower Parade, 7 Tyler Hill Road, Blean, Canterbury, CT2 9HP

Binny & Reena say thanks for making Londis Blean  an award winning store

Jo Jo’s

On the junction of Marine Parade overlooking Whitstable Bay at 2 Herne Bay Road, Tankerton-on-Sea, Whitstable, CT5 2LQ 01227 274 591

Hello to Hannah, Emma, Holly, Jane, Harry & Suzy

Jaguar Home Carpeting

Jaguar Home Carpeting, Herne Bay 01227 744 415

Hello to Keith the frantic fitter & Lorraine

UK Mobility Services Ltd

2 Broadway, Herne Bay 01227 374 400

Hello to Rob Bradshaw

Cocketts Mattresses

31-34 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 375 618

Hello to Dylan Hampshire

The Ministry of Ink

1a Avenue Road, Herne Bay (01227 743 133)

Fish Inn Two

24 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 374 394

Thanks to Red Sands Radio for the music

Broadway Butchers Ltd

13-15 Broadway, Herne Bay (01227 375 905)

Herne Bay Food Centre

12 High Street, Herne Bay (01227 372 252)

Herne Bay Motorcycles

9-11 The Broadway, Herne Bay (01227 362 346)

Broadway Veterinary Group

1 The Broadway, Herne Bay (01227 375 978)

Trueden Disability Care

1 Avenue Road, Herne Bay (01227 749 830)


Sea Street, Herne Bay (01227 368 544)

Penfolds Reptiles

Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 366 700

Hello to Terry Matthews

The Local

Sea Street, Herne Bay

Hello to Mr Sing

Steve & Roy’s Autos

Selsea Street, Herne Bay 01227 368 002

& at 118 Mortimer Street 01227 368 003

Hello to Steve & Roy


81 Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 370 048

Enjoying the programmes thanks – Charlotte, Bev, Jodie, Marie, Sarah, Mark  & Katherine

Herne Bay Stores

Sea Street, Herne Bay (01227 371 544)

Royal Dry Cleaners

Sea Street, Herne Bay (01227 367 756)

Passion Hair

Sea Street, Herne Bay (01227 375 449)

Adz Thrift

3 High Street, Herne Bay

Seaside Charity Shop

Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 742 573

Thanks to all of the staff that help free of charge

Pearsons Cafe

Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 364 754

Hello to owner Maureen Seeley

Right Choice Off License

137 High Street, Herne Bay

With Red Sands Radio Posters in our windows

Gatefield Sounds, Herne Bay

163 High Street, Herne Bay

For the songs you hear on Red Sands Radio

Bay Wines

167 High Street, Herne Bay

Sip a superb vintage whilst listening to the only proper local station on the dial

Mortimer’s Restaurant

128 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

Listening & loving it

Scotts Newsagent

High Street, Herne Bay

The corner newspaper shop in the middle of Herne Bay, thanks to all our loyal customers

Family Pizza & Kebab House

97 Sea Street, Herne Bay, 01227 749 993

Hello to all our staff & drivers

Rudolf Car Factors

Rudolfs for Motor spares & tools at 107 Sea Street, Herne Bay, 01227 375 207

Thanks to all our loyal customers from Colin, Rob & James

Herne Bay Floral Centre

87 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 364 440

Pretty posies and flowers for every occassion

Ron Edwards Fishing Tackle

50 – 52 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 372 517

Tight lines boys, tight lines from Roli

Pound Plus General Stores

Pound Plus General Stores, 109 Sea Street, Herne Bay 01227 374 389

Thanks to all our customers for their support from Karen & Barry

Foreshore Services

Foreshore Services, Harbour Office, Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable CT5 1AB 01227 266 719

Be safe by the sea

Hello from the team & the important seasonal Lifeguards

Whitstable Harbour Office

Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable, CT5 1AB 01227 274 086

Good day to Mike Wier, Liz Mount & Glyn Hall-Edwards & the new seasonal guys Roger Stewart and Gerry Aitkin

Parry Law

Parry Law 12-14 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DE 0127 276 276

Hello to Stephen, Carolyn, David, Liz, Sue, Graham, Mike, Emma, Nikki, Gill, Maria, Rita, Freda, Lou, Elaine, Jacqui, Lou Lay, Gez & Ben

Surmans the Butchers

Surmans the Butchers, 152 Tankerton Road, Tankerton-on-Sea, Whitstable, CT5 2AW 01227 272 047

Thanks to all our customers from manager Brian Cooper & his team Alan, Terry, Dan, Les, Frazer & lovely pie maker Sharon

Keep your stripes clean gang

Ron Willis News

86 Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2LX 01227 792 315

Hello to the boss Kevin & Pauline, their staff June, Gill, Helen, Karen, Mike, Linda, Kathy, Daphenie, Barbara, Niki & not forgetting Bill

Whitstable Estates


82 Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2LX – 01227 637 758

Tuned in to Red Sands Radio it’s Francis Annoot, Roger Taylor & Lisa Taylor Kes

Eclipse Insurance Services

Eclipse Insurance Logo82 Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2LX 01227 793 666


Hello to big boss Johnathan Hurdwell, Jamie Sultana & the one that the ladies love Spencer Neilly

Len’s Barber Shop

86 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AZ 01227 274 245

Trading for over 40 years ‘Len’s’ is thought to be the longest established remaining barbers in town

Open 7 days a week, wet shaves by appointment.  Hello to Len


Locate Estate Agents & Surveyors, 1 The Bakery, 47 Broad Street, Canterbury, CT1 2LS

Listening on-line hello to Phil

Pinkies, Pamper Yourself, Whitstable

5c Tower Parade, Whitstable. 01227 274 519

Hello to Kelli Waldock and thank you to all our customers.

Mr Chips Fish Bar, Whitstable

5a Tower Parade, Whitstable  (01227 277 598)

Hello To Mr Narwinda & Jaswinder Singh

Harbour Gallery, Whitstable

47 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 277 044

Hi to David.

Kodak Express, Whitstable

4 Oxford Street, Whitstable. 01227 772 203

Hi to Kim.

Whitstable Framing, Whitstable

9 Oxford Street, Whitstable. 01227 272 333

Hi to Andy Mawson (Morseson)

Whitknits – Wool and Crafts, Whitstable

5 Oxford Street, Whitstable. 01227 282 271 www.whit

We stock a wonderful selection of wools and other materials for knitting and craft making.  Hello to Linda, Anne & Janice

Canterbury Rock, Canterbury

12 Whitstable Road, Canterbury. 01227 458 393

Hi to Jim


Herbalist & Gift Shop, 27 Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 277 799

Belinda & Deirdre for  Wholefoods, herbs and herbal consultation it’s a wonderful little shop full of healthy treats

Pearl & Hemingway Vintage, Whitstable

14 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 770 000

Fairtrade Fancydress Tweed, Steampunk Burlesque, winners of the coverted “Best Dressed” window award

Hi to Lesley, Lillyanna, Zoe, Sam, Guy, Hayley, Cherry and Polly

Harbour Books, Whitstable

21 Harbour street, Whitstable, 01227 264 011.

(New & discontinued books, ordering service, gifts, cards and stationary)

Hi to all our staff and thank you to all our customers

Sense Shop, Whitstable

21-23 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AP 01227 773 118

Hello to Charlotte & all the staff

Broadway Veterinary Centre, Tankerton

108 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable 01227 264 605

Hi to Sarah and Gill

James Baldwin Opticians & Opthalmic, Tankerton

130 Tankerton Road, Whitstable 01227 272 217

Hi to Dan

CENTURY 21 estate Agents, Whitstable

105 Tankerton Road Whitstable Kent CT5 2AJ  01227 266 644

Hi to Mark & Emma

Mylcrist Builders Ltd, Tankerton

224 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AY 01227 277 883

Hi to Jeff, Deborah & Mark

RSPCA – Tankerton

143 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable CT5 2AW

Hi to Elaine

Sue Ryder, Tankerton

118 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, 01227 262 781

Hi to Kim and Leslie

Strode Park Charity, Tankerton

139 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable

Hi to Sandy, Reeta & Sue

Pet Stop, Tankerton

123 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AN 01227 266 812

Hi to Robert

Caffe Eighty Nine

89 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable 07751 327 587

Hi from Claire

Mosaic Boutique, Whitstable

30 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AH 01227 276 779

Thank you to all our customers

Shernaz Dinshaw & the festival friends

Urbanista, Whitstable

24 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 282 852

A gorgeous selection of jewellery, clothing, art and items for your home.
Hello to Samantha!

The Sugar Boy (Everybodys favorite sweets), Whitstable

23 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 282 202

Hi to Christy, Lauren, Abi, Gilly and Mary.

Party Zone, Whitstable

Party Zone, 1 St Johns Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2QT

Hi to Shane, Robin and Freddy the dog

Kent and London (Hand made quality furniture), Whitstable

Unit 66 Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable. 01227 275 500

Hi to Luke, Gary, Chris and Jacko

Wheelers Oyster Bar, Whitstable

8 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 273 311

Hi to Delia Fitt, Mark Stubbs & Gavin (head chefs) Sid (2nd chef) Adam (pastry chef) and Leanne

Churchfield Homecare, Tankerton

Home Care And Help Services, 146 Tankerton Road Whitstable CT5 2AW 01227 772 525

Hi to Carol, Karen & Angela

The Cakery, Tankerton

150 Tankerton Road, Whitstable CT5 2AW 07725 032 429

Hi from Claire in the Tea room

CBS County Business Systems, Whitstable

Unit 68, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable. 01227 274 040

Thank you to all our customers from Vance and Pauline

Garden Furniture and Cane Warehouse, Whitstable

Unit 44 Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate. Millstrood Road, Whitstable. 01227 280 988

Hi to Tim, Aaron, Bill, Steve (The Boss) and not forgetting Flora!

Ambrose Jones Dog Emporium & Grooming Salon, Tankerton

156 Tankerton Road, Whitstable 01227 280 010

Hi to Woffs

Crossed Threads, Tankerton

168 Tankerton Road. Tankerton. Whitstable. 01227 772 282

Hi to Jane

Dunn’s Bakery, Tankerton

121 Tankerton Road, Whitstable CT5 2AN 01227 264 500

Hi to Gainer & Janice

Wine Room

104 Tankerton Road CT5 2AJ Whitstable 01227 773 141

Hi to Henry & Simon

Tankerton Video

106 Tankerton Road, Whitstable 01227 276 956

Hi to Paul

Snappys Adventure Play Centre, Whitstable

Unit 45b, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable. 01227 282 100

Thank you to all our customers.

Victoria Garage, Whitstable

Unit 45, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable. 01227 274 089

Hi to Gordon, Phil, Stuart and Gary.

Mattress Next Day, Whitstable

Unit 7-8 Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable.  08443 411 222

Hello to Micky and all at Mattress Next Day

The Coach and Horses, Whitstable

37 Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DB 01227 264 732

Hi to Jenny and Staff

Stocks of Whitstable

114-118 Cromwell Road, Whitstable. 01227 273 066

Thank you to all our staff and our customers and a Hi to the three labradors.

Castle Road Stores, Whitstable

1 Church Street, Whitstable. 01227 272 611

Thnk you to all our customers

Stores Stores, Swalecliffe

96 Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Whitstable. 01227 792 060

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support.

Cobios (computer repairs), Chestfield

43 Chestfield Road, Chestfield, Whitstable. 01227 793 00o

Hi to Andrew and thank you to all our customers.

Kites & Things, Whitstable

3 Oxford Street, Whitstable. 01227 264 722, & at the Whitstable Harbour Village on the South Quay

Hi to Andy, Suzy and Ed Thomas and all their friends and customers.

Lyre Studio (Art Gemstones and Crystal Gifts), Whitstable

20 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 280 998

Hi to Petra and Zoe (The photographer)

Taking The Plunge, Whitstable

26 High Street, Whitstable (01227 264 678)

Hi to Nicola, Mags

Keams Yard Studio, Whitstable

Keams Yard, Horsebridge, Whitstable. 07970 633 112

Thank you to all our customers

Jim Ingram’s

83 Tankerton Road, Whitstable CT5 2AH. 01227 263 114

Hi Angela

M & P Fruiterers, Tankerton

134 Tankerton Road, Whitstable CT5 2AN 01227 262 647

Hi to Matt

Emm Gee Sports, Tankerton

124 Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AJ 01227 276 581

Sports wear, equipment and accessories

Hi to Mike

Harbour Garden Cafe, Whitstable Harbour

South Quay, Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable, 01227 271 199,

Hi to Michael, Sian, Will looking after everything. Josh & Jack behind the ba

Waitresses Joni (Sian’s Sister) Asti, Carmen, Lauren (Carmens Sister) Olivia, Anna

Washing up Schiel, Rhys & Oscar

Don’t forget ‘Taff’ out the back always slaving over a hot PC

Whitstable Nutrition Centre, Whitstable

81 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 278 550

Hi to Sue, Michael and Michelle

Marina, Whitstable

5 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG 01227 779 032

Thank you to all our customers from Sue

Identity Gents Hairstylists, Whitstable

73 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 282 811

Hi to Chris and Shaun

Victoria Hire, Whitstable

Unit 45, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Whitstable. 01227 274 089

Hi to Edward, Andy, Ian and Darren

Marine, Whitstable

4 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 266 123

Hi to all our family and friends

S. Sundin Jewellers, Whitstable

43 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 773 165

Hi to Sue and Marcus.

Whitstable Lavender

7a High Street, Whitstable. 01227 280 065

Hi to Barbara and Colin

Copperfields, Whitstable

93 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 273 519

Hi to Kim and Gemma Foster

Cheese Box, Whitstable

60 Harbour Street, Whitstable (01227 273 791)

Thank you to the stars of the show. “The Cheeses”

7th Avenue Unisex Hairdressers, Tankerton

196 Tankerton Road, Whitstable 01227 265 958

Julie sends best wishes to all customers

Aerial Services, Tankerton

203 Tankerton Road, Whitstable,  CT5 2AT 01227 262 491

Paul says ‘hello’ to all

Ossie’s Cafe & Restaurant, Tankerton

207 Tankerton Rd, Whitstable, CT5 2AT, 01227 772 481

Hi to all from Aytac

Greta Thames Sailing Barge, Whitstable

South Quay, Whitstable Harbour 07711 657 919.

Hi to Steve, Penny, Alfie and Ludo.

Mr Snips, Tankerton

119 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable 01227 264 939

John and Gordon at your service

W. Holden Jewellers, Whitstable

84 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 272 033

Hi and thank you to Michael, Ann, John and Silvia

Sundae Sundae, Whitstable

62 Harbour Street, Whitstable.

Hello to Chris & Gemma Conway and all those great flavoured cones!

Whites of Kent, Whitstable

50 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 2BB 01227 274 342

Household, linens and lingerie, hello to  Teresa, Katherine, Lisa, Karen, Cathy, Kelly, Michael

Flex Appeal Gym, Tankerton

107 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable 01227 771 979

Hi from Matthew and fellow trainers

Tankerton Pharmacy, Tankerton

99 Tankerton Road, Tankerton, Whitstable 01227 272 336

Sheena gives a warm welcome

The New Inn, Whitstable

30 Woodlawn Street, Whitstable 01227 264 746.

Roy and Rebecca and staff welcome locals and visitors alike to this traditional local pub with no Sky TV in the heart of Whitstable. Enjoy the selection of real ales and the popular pub speciality of 20 home-produced flavoured vodkas. Also a good selection of malt whiskies, pool table and wheel-chair access.

Woolleys Menswear, Whitstable

58 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 272 572

Hi and thank you to Colin and Frances Woolley & Karen

Bridge House Art, Whitstable

10 Oxford Street, Whitstable

Hi to Lynda and Keith

Johnnys Florist, Whitstable

96 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 263 083

Hi to Liz & Roz and thank you to all our customers

Gatefield Sounds, Whitstable

70 High Street, Whitstable 01227 263 337

Local record shop for your cd’s & dvd’s. Hello to all our customers from Mike

Pets Pantry, Whitstable

76 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 771 883

We provide all your pet could want, and all theatre, concert and sports tickets for you.  Hello to Roger & Tony

Emotive (Photographic Studio), Whitstable

82 High Street, Whitstable. 01227 275744

Hi to Nick Moore, award winning photographer

At Your Service, Whitstable

112 High Street, Whitstable, 01227 264 008

Specialist in sporting trophies, corporate awards & engravings.  You can also get keys cut or your shoes repaired.  Hi to Sanjay

AD3000 (computers), Whitstable

112 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable  01227 272 378

Thank you to all our customers from Kevin, Roger & team

Skin Illustrations, Whitstable

34 Oxford Street, Whitstable. 01227 264329

Hi to Dave, Emma and Stu (see us on Facebook).

Caroline Kitchens, Tankerton

 2 St Annes Road, Tankerton, Whitstable CT5 2DN, 01227 264111

Paul says Hi

The IT Company

78 Middle Wall, Whitstable, CT5 1BN 07791 588 142

Hello to Bill Brade the man for computer & network solutions

Flooring Supplies UK, Whitstable

Old Bridge Road, Whitstable 01227 273663

Thank you to all our customers

Debs Cafe

58 Canterbury Road,  Whitstable, CT5 4HD

Deborah, Sara & Jude serving up good old fashioned food

Prince Albert Pub, Whitstable

Sea Street, Whitstable 01227 273400

Hi and a Big thank you to all my locals

Cloud Nine Hairdressing

75-77 Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DA 01227 261 333

Thank you to all my staff and customers from Paul & the girls

Clarks Flower Shop, Whitstable

64 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 01227 274765

Hi and thank you to all our loyal customers that have supported us over the past thirty years.

Oxford Street Mobiles, Whitstable

49 Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 263368

Hi to Rob and thank you to all our customers

Oxford Street Books, Whitstable

20a Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 281 727

Thank you to all our regular customers & readers Brian & Kaen Hitcham

Whitstable Stamp Craft, Whitstable

21a Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 264 303

Everything you need for card making.  Hi to Chris, Jan & Margaret

RSPCA – Whitstable

67 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DA 01227 264 609

Hello to all our hard working volunteers and a big thank-you to our customers

Barcham Sewing Machinery, Whitstable

59 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 264 271

Hi to everybody and thank you to all our customers, from John & Fred

The Whiting Post, Whitstable

57-58 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 772192

Hi to Kara, Louise, Helen, Ava and a farewell to Pru

Clothes Horse, Whitstable

38-39 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AH  01227 275 900

For women’s clothing and stunning accessories

Thank you to all our lovely customers and visitors alike

Noa Noa, Canterbury

24 Sun Street, Canterbury. 01227 784477

Hello to Milda, Sarah and Fleur

She Sells, Whitstable

38 Harbour Street, Whitstable (01227 263 613)

Thank you to all our customers for their support

Rock Bottom Records, Whitstable

37-38 Harbour Street, Whitstable. 01227 277438

25 years old and still here for you, Mike & Gordon

Chris Lewns Implant & Dental Centre


Cromwell Road, Whitstable, CT5 1NA, 01227 273593

Hello to Chris, Kate, Ash, Emma, Debbie, Matt, Katie & the rest of the team

Harry & Co Whitstable

42 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AH 01227 263 005

Trading for 40 years selling Hardware & all the bits n pieces you need under one roof

Thank you from Maureen Richardson & Chris

Cove, The little Shop with Fab Stock, Whitstable

53 Harbour Street, Whitstable.

Hello and thank you to all our customers

Whitstable Furniture Workshop, Whitstable

Unit 74, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Whitstable. 01227 771388

Hi to Chris, Jane and Oscar.

E Revel Ltd. Whitstable

Unit 1b Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate. Whitstable 01227 277020

Hi to Nicola, Richard, Karen, Nikki and Estelle

The Two Brewers Pub, Whitstable

Canterbury Road, Whitstable CT5 4HD, 01227 272 140

Hi to Pippa, Nick, and staff Tabatha, Mike & Lucy who invite all to join them for fine ales at this old coaching inn with a large garden. Food served and music at weekends (details under What’s On)

Ernies Plaice, Whitstable

Old Thanet Way, Whitstable, CT5 3DA, 01227 261 339

Our first Shop Watch visitor to Red Sands Radio is Ernie’s Plaice; Kye, Kien, Summer & Cem

The Ship Centurion, Whitstable

111, High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1YA, 01227 264 740

CAMRA award winning pub with fine real ales, good food, and live music every Thursday evening. Hi to Kate, Mat, Cadi, Elaine, Tony H, Vicki, Sasha, Graham, Lisa, Maureen, Pauline, Tony L, Alice, Jan, Roland & Lucy

The Royal Naval Reserve, Whitstable

28-30 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BQ, 01227 272 068

Home Cooked food from 12-3, booking for private functions

Landlady – Sheila Luke, John, Chuckles, Kate, Sue, Kelly, Ann & John

The Monument, Whitstable

32 Church Street, Whitstable, CT5  1PH, 01227 264155

Landlord – Tom, Sarah, Leah & Sam’ All the best to the Red Sands Radio team – Thank You

Temple Foods (Outside Catering), Whitstable

Canterbury Road, Whitstable, CT5 4HD, 01227 274601

John and Sue invite you to join them at Whitstable Farmers’ Markets on Saturdays 9th and 23rd July – mention you listen to Red Sands Radio to get a 10% discount! Plus they’ll be at the Food EpiCentre at Whitstable Harbour during the Oyster Festival on 23rd and 24th July. Further details and sample menus at

Burford Bridal, Herne Bay

23 High Street, Herne Bay. 01227 362855

Hello to Katherine Burford and Susan Lennard and a thank you to all our brides

Victoria Gayle Interiors, Herne Bay

27 High Street, Herne Bay. 01227 373557

Hello to Rachel and Gayle

Bluebells, Herne Bay

45-47 High Street, Herne Bay. 01227 366652

First for fashion, handbags and jewellery. Hello to Mary

Rainbow Crafts

90 – 94 High Street, Herne Bay01227 364 310

Flying Red Sands Radio colours

Thank you to all our customers Pauline, Jakie & Buttons the dog

Dolcies, Herne Bay

25 William Street, Herne Bay 01227 361133

Hello to Dolcie & Richard & thank you to all our customers

Pets Corner

22 William Street, Herne Bay 01227 372 624

Hi to Paul

Bay Angling and Aquatics, Herne Bay

82 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay. 01227 367526

Hello to Chris and Theresa

Dust in Time Domestic Cleaners, Herne Bay

Hi to Lesley, Sue, Michelle and Fi

Sylvias, Whitstable

3 Canterbury Road, Whitstable  (01227 266 680)

For something old or Something New

Hi to Sylvia

Emma Campbell (Florist), Whitstable

21a Canterbury Road. Whitstable. 01227 266955

Hello to Emma Campbell

Electrical Safety Services (Hoover), Whitstable

47 Canterbury Road, Whitstable. 01227 274755
Hi to John Sumner and Kevin Cornell

Warehams, Whitstable

68 Oxford Street. Whitstable

Dave Pascoe thanks all his customers for buying from Whitstable’s finest Emporium

All Tyres & Wheels

The Arches, Belmont Road, Whitstable (01227 266 888)
Hi to Mark, Steve and John

Annie Lous Bootiful Boutique

64a Oxford Street, Whitstable 01227 264499
Hi to Anna and Alex

Canterbury University Estate Department

Hi to Denise and Sarah

Amery Court Farm Shop, Blean

Blean Common (near Whitstable)

Hi to Phylis

Colliers Paint Shop Herne Bay

8a-8b Sea Street, Herne Bay .
Hi to all our customers

Anchor Plastics Herne Bay

34 Sea Street Herne Bay 01227 740666

Hello to Yvonne and Viv, the two Bobs, John, Stu and Paul

Charladys Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Services, Herne Bay

81 Sea Street, Herne Bay.

Thank you to all our customers and staff

Cycle Fix, Herne Bay

81a Sea Street, Herne Bay. 01227 749649

Hello to Chris & Louise the local cyclists friends

Pearsons Sweet & Tasty Home Bakery, Herne Bay

89 Sea Street Herne Bay, 01227 364754

Passion Hair, Herne Bay

95 Sea Street, Herne Bay. 01227 375449

Hi to Charleen, Taylor, Mel, Kelly and Charlotte

Natural Gas Services, Herne Bay

Sea Street Roundabout, Herne Bay. 01227 367864

Thank you to all our customers

T.S King (Coal and Domestic Fuel Suppliers), Herne Bay

22 Richmond Street, Herne Bay. 01227 374262

Hello to Peter the Boss and Tracy

Wades Traditional English Tea Room, Herne Bay

36 The High Street, Herne Bay 01227 741945

Hi to Karen and staff

Fish in Two, Herne Bay

24 High Street, Herne Bay 01227 374394

Hi to Andy and thank you to all our customers

Hampshire Antiques, Herne Bay

(19th-20th Century Furniture & decorative Arts)
32-34 High Street, Herne Bay

Hello to all our customers, have a Fab summer

Cocketts Beds, Herne Bay

32-34 High Street, Herne Bay. 01227 375618

(Specialists in handmade, bespoke matresses)
Hello and thank you to all our customers.

Reculver Cafe, General Store & Amusements

Reculver Country Park, Reculver, Herne Bay

Hi to Lisa & Elwyn Morris, Abby Godden, Tasha and all the crew at Madelz Entertainment