Copperfield of Whitstable

It’s well documented that the site of Copperfields of Whitstable goes back to the 1800’s as a premises for Hardware

Originally it was a hardware store,owned by Maurice May in the 1960’s, selling items like hinges, buckets, net curtain cleaners, kettle de-scourers and silver cleaning materials

It later “modernized” itself concentrating on kitchen bins, dustpan and brushes


Gemma & Kim Foster

It was around the eighties that they moved into china ware and cut glasses,under the ownership of Alan & Carol Tadman

Following on from the Tadmans, were Roy and Dawn Reading, moving towards gifts and fancy goods whilst still maintaining the traditional kitchenware

Kim Foster with daughter Gemma acquired the business in late 2013 and has since spruced up the shop which he and have plans to incorporate the first floor