Live n Local 2013

Live n Local – On the ‘Live Lunch’ the showcase spot of Local bands & unsigned artists

Week # 1    Scarlett Rea & the Cherry Reds, Rubber Biscuit, Screaming Cherry, Frank Mullin, Left of the Dial

Week # 2    Blacksundown, Cockney John, Go Eskimo, Chas Chandler, Chas Rigby,

Week # 3    Fecks, Al Morrison, Chris Gordan, Electric River, David Shepherd

Week # 4    Brad Pittance, Colin Newton, Kamakazi, Keytones, Junior Turner, Fireflys & exclusive 1st play of the first of four new EP’s which make an album by the Trouser Trumpets we play ‘Close to Moi’ 

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