Paranormal Whitstable – Amanda Byram

Reported early in the week on Red Sands Radio, the ghostly happenings at Michael Knowles ‘Whitstable Nutrition Centre’ see Ghostly Whitstable

Hearing the reports we were called by Television Producer Stuart Andrews  about the new programme being produced about occurrences in small towns in England

Presented by Amanda Byram most recently of TV’s ‘Total Wipeout’, in the planned visit to Whitstable we met Amanda and the TV crew on the deck 

Amanda & Bob

Amanda Byram

Amanda vox-popped locals and visitors to hear about their ghost stories and experiences of the paranormal

We're watching you, watching us!

We’re watching you, watching us!

The lively interview covered various experinces including the haunted Bofors Gun Tower on Shivering Sands , which none of the radio DJ’s on Radio City liked to venture

A couple of people suggest the ghostly voice we have on our hour buffers qualifies

John says –  ‘The man on the bench up Borstal Hill – that was young Barnacle Bill that was’!